Roger Stone Spotted In New York Recount



Lefty bloggers are hyperventilating after political operative Roger Stone was spotted last week in New York’s 20th Congressional District, which is embroiled in an election recount.

He had an extensive role in Florida’s 2000 presidential recount, helping instigate a pro-GOP riot which halted ballot counting in Dade County.

Stone, a Republican consultant, now works out of Fort Lauderdale as lawyer Scott Rothstein’s political pit bull.



Stone on cell phone in elevator in New York


Stone does “projects” for Rothstein– he helped Sheriff Al Lamberti from behind-the-scenes.

He also free lances extensively for candidates and referendums from the lawyer’s Las Olas Boulevard office.  

He was seen in an elevator leaving the office of GOP candidate Jim Tedisco, who is losing in a recount to Democrat Scott Murphy by 25 votes.

Stone is best known in recent years for the so-called Brooks Brother Riot which stopped the counting of ballots in 2000 presidential recount in Dade County. 

His influence in the Republican Party goes back to Watergate, when he was one of Richard Nixon’s original “dirty tricksters”.

Stone told the New York Daily News: “My parents still live in Northern Westchester. I visited them at the end of last week and then drove up to the Albany area to see some friends…I certainly have no formal role in the recount. I have many friends of long standing who are involved.”

Tedisco has asked state election officials for an additional 15 days so that overseas ballots can arrive and be counted.  A recount has been taking place since the congressional special election was held March 31.

Tedisco just resigned as the New York Assembly’s minority leader.  Murphy is a Glens Falls businessman.  The district stretches from New York City’s northern suburbs through 10 counties.


2 Responses to “Roger Stone Spotted In New York Recount”

  1. Former Rothstein Fan says:

    Doesn’t it say a lot about Scott Rothstein that he uses a guy like Roger Stone?

  2. Stone? says:

    Since he seems to specialize in robbing Democrats of office in a recount, is Stone involved with Norm Coleman in Minnesota? What does Rothstein get out of Stone messing in races thousands of miles from here?
    FROM BUDDY: I don’t know the answer to either of these questions.