Rodstroms Prepare For Another Race



The Rodstroms Charlotte and John are such powers in east Broward that their every move is analyzed by the soothsayers of politics.

So when the couple was a no-show at civic activist Mark Ketchum’s recent party, some saw political storms on the horizon for Charlotte.

Charlotte has a tough Fort Lauderdale City Commission re-election in 2009. 

A split with Ketchum could bad.  He is a political power in vote-rich parts of the city like Victoria Park.   

Ketchum says there was nothing sinister afoot.

John was out of town. Charlotte had taken her son out and by the time their dinner was over, it was too late to attend the party, Ketchum says. 

Bottom line:  Ketchum is still supporting the Rodstroms. 

“I’m with her, he says.

That’s good news for Charlotte. 

That’s good news for John, the most uncelebrated but successful political consultant in Broward.

Everybody knows that Rodstrom is Charlotte’s husband and a county commissioner.

What most folks don’t know is that he has managed his own eight campaigns.  He started in the 1980s running for the Fort Lauderdale commission.

He also handled his wife’s campaigns and the first campaign of County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs.

Perhaps his biggest triumph was Jacobs’ surprise victory in the 1998 Democratic primary against incumbent Sylvia Poitier.  

Poitier had more than $230,000 in campaign funds, while Jacobs had $15,000.  

Then there was his two narrow re-election wins — in 2004 and last August.

In August, Rodstrom beat opposition by some key downtown business leaders upset with the commissioner’s slow growth stance on development.  The leaders were also angry with Rodstrom’s opposition to the unbridled expansion of the international airport. 

He also ran his wife’s first campaign three years ago.

His biggest defeat?  A state Senate race in 1990 when he was beaten by Ken Jenne for state Senate.  Rodstrom was still running as a Republican. 

Today, Rodstrom is smart enough to get help from one of Broward’s best professional consultants Judy Stern.

It was Stern that proded Rodstrom into walking door-to-door in Davie and other parts of his district prior to the August primary.  

But the shape and theme of the campaigns were all his.

Rodstrom authored the television and print advertising. He used his own ad folks, and not Stern’s.  

“I’ve been doing this a long time, John Rodstrom says.  “I know what I am doing.

The track record proves he is not just boasting.


3 Responses to “Rodstroms Prepare For Another Race”

  1. if memory serves me.. says:

    Judy ran the Jacobs win over Sylvia

    FROM BUDDY: Judy had a role, but Rodstrom found the candidate and did much of the work and tactics. It was a partnership.

  2. S. Glassman says:

    Charlotte can use Karl Rove and she won’t win. The heiress is out of step with the district.

  3. yale rogers says:

    Charlotte Rodstrom is the true voice against over-building on Las Olas. She will fight development. She must be re-elected.