Path Clearing For Charlie Crist’s Gov. Race




The Democratic nomination for governor next year is getting easier for Charlie Crist.

Orlando Buddy Dyer slipped his decision not to run into the end of his “State of the City” address yesterday.  The Democrat told a city hall crowd that too much remained to be done in the city.

Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler, also a Democrat, has been telling supporters he wasn’t running, according to two sources who say they talked directly to him.

Seiler said in an e-mail, “Nothing official yet.”

Alex Sink, the 2010 losing Democratic candidate for governor?   Yesterday’s story.

Former State Sen. Nan Rich of Weston is the only Democrat running so far. Pundits and big-money Democrats don’t give her much chance.

That leaves Charlie Crist, the former governor who clearly wants his job back.

Although hasn’t formally declared for office yet,  Crist now has little real opposition for the Democratic nomination.

How does that leave the Democrats?

Not in the greatest shape, according to a recent poll.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s shift to the middle – embracing Obamacare and recommending more money for education and teacher’s pay – appears to be paying off.

Crist and Scott are tied 41 percent to 41 percent.

Other potential Democratic candidates do worse.  Scott sinks Sink 43-14 percent.

The findings indicate what I wrote previously:  With unlimited resources, endless access to free media and the power of the governor’s mansion, Scott will be hard to beat.

Very hard.

Maybe that’s why Dyer decided not to take him on.   And Seiler is spreading the word he won’t run.

18 Responses to “Path Clearing For Charlie Crist’s Gov. Race”

  1. Dont count Seiler out yet says:

    If Charlie and Sink were out and being left with Nan and Manny Diaz, Seiler would have to seriously look at this. While no one is ever going to have a clear field, Rich and Diaz are about as close as you can get.

  2. Broward Dem says:

    Jack is the only hope Democrats have in winning the Governorship even though we have the Governor with the worst approval rating ever.
    If a southern gal like Sink cannot win Statewide how will Nan Rich ignite the electorate?
    Certainly not with her policy heavy, boring speeches that put even crowds of supporters to sleep.
    It would be nice if Democrats would support an electable candidate.
    Crist is a nightmare for the Dems that would only serve to strengthen an already invigorated base on the right. We need a good middle of the Road candidate.
    There will never be as easy an opportunity for a quality Democratic Candidate to capture the Governor’s office.
    Lets not screw this up.

  3. just one vote says:

    orlando or S FL locals fear resign to run then no seat when the musical chairs music stops and they aren’t in Tallahassee moving into gov mansion
    are there any viable candidates NOT currently in office to challenge these 2?

  4. That poll is baloney and i'm an R says:


    I promise you the head to head is a landslide for Crist at the moment. Scott’s numbers are upside down, even on the GOP side, and Charlie is loved on both sides. Yes we are a long way out and things will tighten up, but Scott has zero chance of beating anything other than maybe Nan Rich at the end of the day. Have you thought that maybe the Dems want Scott to seem strong right now ??? They don’t want anything to do with Rubio/Weatherford/Putnam.

  5. Real Democrat says:

    Right Wing Chain Gang Charlie is not our candidate. Nan Rich is a real progressive.

  6. Plain Language says:

    If the rumor is true that Charlie Crist is teaming up with the likes of Al Lamberti who was a strong Alan West supporter then Charlie Crist will be unable to show anybody convincingly that he is indeed a Democrat. That lift is hard enough to sustain without the likes of Al Lamberti. Crist must be out of his mind to allow himself to be used that way.

  7. If Charlie says no says:

    If Charlie says no, the choices are Diaz, Rich and Seiler, it gets very interesting.

    Of the three Seiler is the only one who could be sold as a moderate democrat with cross over appeal, north of Palm Beach while having the resume of a “real Democrat” south of PB.

    Today Seiler has no name recognition, remember so did a guy named Marco Rubio. Marco Rubio had little or no name recognition and was running against what at the time was a very popular political figure in Florida. It was a situation of where no one else would step up, so Marco did. Same here, if Crist does not run, Seiler would be the only credible candidate FDP has with cross over appeal that plays well in North FLA.

    What does Seiler have to lose in this scenario? Nothing.

    Frist, he would be seen as stepping up when the party needed him. Second, even if he loses with a respectable showing, he would be the front runner when Scott is termed out 2018.

    Of course this is only if Crist says no.

  8. No Fan Of Seiler says:

    Seiler done nothing in Fort Lauderdale or the Legislature to warrant him being governor.

  9. tally insider says:

    Marco is charismatic. Jack is a good guy, but he’s no Marco when it comes to a speech. He’s a policy guy.

  10. just one vote says:

    Siler will be Governor of FL when Margaret Thatcher will be Pope

  11. Kevin says:

    A crowded field helps Crist more than just one opponent. Remember, all that is needed to win the primary is a plurality. It shoudln’t be to hard for Crist to get 35%-40% if he has several opponents. But if he goes head-to-head with a viable opponent, all of the anti-Crist support will be consolidated.

  12. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    Jack Seiler for Governor?

    It’s words like that which warm my black blogging heart.

  13. Boop says:

    @No Fan Of Seiler
    Its always easy to tell when Robert Walsh drags his knuckles across a keyboard due to his abuse of the English language.

  14. sidelines says:

    I would relish a Crist – Scott rout for the Governorship. Crist can smooze and press the flesh like Scott can only dream, Crist is a lawyer and many long for the salad days when he was Gov. It will be a hard fought battle but Crist can and will be forgiven and elected. The rest of the wannabee contenders can stay in their day jobs.

  15. BREC Member says:

    To # 4: Gee, Tom Wheeler, I didn’t know you had this much free time.

    To # 7: Charlie NOT run?? ROFLMFAO

  16. Jim Stevens says:

    Jack Seiler is a sell-out.

    He does not protect the residents of his city and he helps to screw over his honest city vendors, in favor for those who he has close ties to. Go ahead and run Jack – it will give the media an opportunity to dig into your corruption. Your days in power are about to end.

    Jack Seiler is a Sell-out!

  17. no way says:

    highly unlikely he’ll run for governor
    advisors crunching numbers state wide have likely seen a slim chance at a primary win for him and he doesn’t want to not be mayor of something

  18. Erika Anear says:

    Like Reagan it’s hard to remember what Margaret Thatcher was actually for. All she ever was was ‘against.’ Most female conservatives are like this. That’s why they leave such a negligible footprint aside from sourness once they pass on.