Ritter’s Hubby, Others Schedule Inauguration Party



The party invitations are in the mail.

Three Broward firms are among those hosting an inauguration cocktail party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Washington on January 18, two days before Barack Obama is sworn in.

One host is the lobbying firm of Russ Klenet and Associates. Klenet the spouse of Broward Mayor Stacy Ritter, who is talking to the Obama administration about a job in Washington. 

Ritter and Klenet were very early supporters of Obama.

Other hosts include Rothstein, Rosenfeldt Adler…of course. 

Is there a political event that the Fort Lauderdale law firm headed by Scott Rothstein is not involved in?

The third Broward firm hosting the party is The Rubin Group, run by lobbyist Billy Rubin. Rubin and Klenet used to be partners.  

 The invitation to the event is here:



One Response to “Ritter’s Hubby, Others Schedule Inauguration Party”

  1. Duddly Do-Right says:

    I’ll bet Lois Wexler and John Rodstrom are not getting this invitation.