Ritter Interviewed For Job With Obama In Washington



Broward Mayor Stacy Ritter was interviewed today in Washington for a job in the Barack Obama administration.

Ritter was asked by officials at the meeting to apply for various jobs. She was not promised anything, according to a source.

Broward’s mayor for just over a month, Ritter flew to Washington after the commission meeting Tuesday.

She attended a party in Georgetown for members of the incoming administration.

This morning Ritter met with officials from the transition team to discuss her future with the incoming administration.

 Stacy Ritter

A source who talked to Ritter described the meeting as “the first round of interviews.  They are creating a short list, refining the jobs available and the people available for them.

Ritter has said that even if offered a job in Washington, she wouldn’t necessarily take it. 

She told Browardbeat.com last month that she was enjoying the prospect of being Broward’s mayor for the next year. 

Ritter and her husband, lobbyist Russ Klenet, were very early supporters of Obama when much of the rest of the Broward political establishment were behind Hilliary Clinton. Using their own money, the couple campaigned for Obama in a number of primary states.



Obama and Ritter at a Broward rally with U. S. Rep. Robert Wexler looking on. 

(South Florida Sun-Sentinel picture)

A lawyer who graduated from Nova Southeastern Law School, Ritter represents northwest Broward on the county commission. She was elected in November by her commission colleagues to serve as mayor for a year.  

Ritter lives in Parkland. 

With a background in Jewish activism, Ritter rollerbladed her way into the Florida House in 1996.  Her campaign skating door-to-door in hot pants attracted a lot of attention, along with her liberal Democratic agenda and her pledge to help seniors.

She left the House in 1996 because of term limits.  Two years later, she won a seat on the county commission.

6 Responses to “Ritter Interviewed For Job With Obama In Washington”

  1. Tommy Boy says:

    Perhaps she’ll be offered a position directly beneath Barack.

  2. Simply Thrilled says:

    I’ve known Stacy for years and I know she is smart and dedicated. She was be a credit to Florida in any job in Washington and I’m sure she will do a great job.

  3. Get Out says:

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, honey.

  4. Barack Obama says:

    When my whole administraton collapses in Democratic debt I want Stacy Ritter with me underneath that pile of IOUs.

  5. BEE GEES says:

    is it true that the new administration’s theme song will be “JIVE TALKING” by the bee dees

  6. Bye Bye says:

    My bet will be. Her husband is picked up by the F.B.I. before they get to D.C.