Ring Decides Not To Run Statewide


State Sen. Jeremy  Ring has decided not to run for higher office.

His announcement ends chances of an immediate political shakeup in northwest Broward.

The Parkland Democrat had been considering giving up his Senate seat to run for Florida Chief Financial Officer.

“The timing is off, Ring says. “My kids are just too young to make a statewide race.

His four children range from ages 8 through 2

Ring’s decision freezes in place a slew of northwest Broward officer holders who had been considering a campaign for the Senate seat.   They include Mayor Scott Brook of Coral Springs and state Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek.


9 Responses to “Ring Decides Not To Run Statewide”

  1. john thomlanson says:

    why cant you and the sun-sentinel get it right, it’s brook

    Thanks so much for pointing it out. Yes, you are right. I made a mistake and corrected it.

  2. Walden says:

    Is Waldman even living in that district? Oh, I fogot. Its Waldman. He doesn’t need to live in his district.

  3. because says:

    Brook is a loser, a DINO at best. Party loyalty means nothing to him as he raised money for Lamberti. People know what an opportunist he really is and will never be anything after Mayor.

  4. TheBrowardRepublican says:

    So if Jeremy Ring is staying put, what will Jim “I Don’t Live In My Million Dollar Mansion” Waldman do when he terms out after this next election?

  5. GOPapa says:

    It is almost criminal that Jeremy Ring, who has no record of achieving anything, would be considered seriously for CFO. Has everybody lost their mind? Has Buddy Nevins lost his mind?

  6. Blue Man Scoop says:

    Nobody seriously considered Ring except Ring

  7. OMGosh!!! says:

    Thank Heaven, I was hoping he wouldn’t and mu wish came true. He’s only been in office a short time and thinks he knows everything, NOT…..

  8. Broward voter says:

    Waldman terms out in 2014, same time as Ring. He could run for that seat, but redistricting could change some timelines there. More likely he’ll run for the county commission. Jacobs will be term limited at that point, although she’s beatable now!

  9. No Friend Of Jim Waldman says:

    Jim Waldman can never win for the county commission because he is a Republican wearing the clothes of a Democrat. He voted to repeal the class size amendment and that was Jeb Bush’s idea.