Rick Scott Dallies As Legislature Melts Down






Blame Gov. Rick Scott.

The Florida House walked out this week, refusing to negotiate with the state Senate. The state legislative process is at a standstill, with important issues like medical marijuana, gaming, ride sharing, aid for persons with special abilities and a massive water bill pushed aside.

And what is Scott doing today?

Below is the news release he sent out yesterday afternoon, as the legislative session was collapsing:


For Immediate Release

April 28, 2015

Contact: media@eog.myflorida.com



Gov. Scott to Attend Grand Opening of the Orlando Eye

ORLANDO, Fla. – Tomorrow, April 29, Governor Rick Scott will attend the grand opening of the Orlando Eye observation wheel, part of Orlando’s new entertainment destination, the I-Drive 360.

WHAT:          Press Conference


WHEN:          7:30AM


LOCATION:   I-Drive 360 Complex

                        8445 International Drive

                        Orlando, FL 32819


It is par for the course for this governor, who has shown an amazing lack of leadership throughout his tenure.

Don’t take it from me.

Here is the words of a veteran Tallahassee lobbyist, who e-mailed this to Browardbeat.com:


So somehow, the Governor thought that bringing in Senators and threatening them that he would veto local projects if they didn’t agree with him and the House on reducing health care funding and not accepting Federal dollars was a good idea.  Perhaps he might have asked some of us who have worked in this process for many years.  Telling former Senate Presidents like Tom Lee, Don Gaetz and Gwen Margolis and future Presidents like Bill Galvano and Jack Latvala that if they didn’t toe the line he would cut their local projects was like waving a red cape at a bull in a ring in Madrid.  These are leaders who work to forge coalitions and get results every day.  The spectacular lack of leadership and understanding of how to win friends and forge those coalitions seems lost on the Governor and his Louisiana staff.  He also took offense at the Florida Senate standing and applauding their very conscientious President Andy Gardiner, when he provided a two-hour fact driven hearing so that all members of the Florida Senate could understand the economic and human impacts of failing to expand Medicaid and fund the Low Income Pool.  Even more unusual is the odd decision by the Governor to impanel a group to question the expenses and profits of the States hospitals.  This from someone who ran the largest hospital company in the country that was convicted of bilking the taxpayers out of more than a billion dollars and rather than explain why, merely insulted the public by taking the 5th under questioning.  How did we re-elect this individual who refuses to answers to any questions put to him by the media or the public?


No budget, certainly no leadership for the Governor, just ineptitude from a small and petty man.


This from a lobbyist who has backed many Republicans.

I believe that e-mail says all you need to know about Governor Rick Scott.



13 Responses to “Rick Scott Dallies As Legislature Melts Down”

  1. Old dem says:

    Bittersweet as a Democrat…

    I smile as these action by the House remind me of the dysfunction of the 90s by the Dems that lead to the over taking by the Republicans.

    Sad, as the reality sets in that on its best day Democrats in Florida today have no bench and even if they did, they always fail due to infighting to get Dems elected.

  2. Dean Ledbetter says:

    Sorry, all anonymous sources are suspect, Buddy. Much of the rant was simply untrue and except that your newsletter is a vehicle to spread Democrat Propaganda, as opposed to real news, I question your willingness to put this sort of unverifiable diatribe in it.

  3. Sam The Sham says:

    Anytime we can get politicians to go home and stop screwing up our lives is a good thing.

  4. Chaz Stevens says:

    Buddy Nevins — long known for spreading the Democrat Propaganda!

    Shit, I’m lucky if I get 1/5 comments approved.

  5. Floridan says:

    Worst Florida governor ever.

    At least when the Democrats ruled the roost we got governors like Leroy Collins, Ruben Askew and Bob Graham.


    You picked probably the three best Florida governors. Please remember that Democrats were also in charge during segregation and when this state was one of the poorest and most backward in the nation.

  6. @5 Is Right says:

    “Floridian Says, Worst Florida governor ever.”
    A wiser and truer statement has never appeared.

  7. freedom says:

    I believe the house members should be held in contempt. Their only requirement is to create a budget and these clowns walk off the job. At other jobs they would all be fired. Hold it, they won’t expand health care to the 800,000 uninsured so does walking off the job stop their health care benefits or they are still getting their paychecks and benefits? I think we all know the answer to that one. How hypocritical!


    Actually, they passed a budget. Their problem is that they refuse to negotiate with the Senate on the budget, demanding the Senate take their version. The hangup is over the Medicare portion of the budget.

  8. Knows for Sure says:

    For Rick Scott, multi-millionaire, flying over impoverished neighborhoods in his very own private Raytheon Hawker 400 jet is as close as this un-indicted conspirator ever gets to the people without health care.

    Meanwhile, he shuns Federal monies, all because he personally does not like Obamacare. Every taxpayer helps pick up the tab for indigent health care, so why should he care? He’s rich, uncaring, selfish and dishonest.

    How many of you out there were stupid enough to actually re-elect this guy?

  9. History Shows says:

    There’s history to party slants toward liberal and conservative. In Lincoln’s day, Republicans were a new liberal party that opposed to slavery and supported big government. Democrats were the conservative, traditionally minded party demanding low taxes and state’s rights. Following the Civil War to present, Republicans have increasingly aligned with business rather than government interests even as Democrats, which began adopting a state’s rights agenda, were marginalized. Slowly, Democrats began attracting leftists as Republicans gravitated further toward the right. FDR picked up the short-lived banner of his cousin TR and established Democrats as the Progressive party, after TR’s short-lived deviation into progressive politics causes Republicans to retreat back to conservatism throughout the Great Depression. Johnson cut ties with Southern Whites with his Civil Rights Act and solidified Democrats as the liberal party. That move caused many in the South to switch to Republicans. By the 1990’s the process of reversal was complete. Republicans had become conservatives and Democrats had become liberals. Race has always been a significant issue in party politics.

  10. freedom says:

    Sorry but until the House and Senate come together on the budget and then it is signed by the Governor, we have no budget.

  11. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    History shows is historically accurate n both praise of three governors as well as Mr. Nevins comments about discrimination against our Black fellow citizens n you could add gays who were legally denied the right even to practice law until recent memory, but the problem today is the failure of liberals to demonstrate how lifting up minorities economically helps everyone which it does or how better schools funding in Black areas cuts crime n lifts the entire economy. The dems have s better program but fail to explain its benefits for all.

  12. Clueless source says:

    “…future Presidents like Bill Galvano and Jack Latvala..”

    Clearly this “Veteran lobbyist” doesn’t know shit about Tallahassee. Latvala is down multiple pledge cards. Everyone knows this.

    Why do I get the feeling this “lobbyist” isn’t as connected as he claims to be.

  13. crabgretch says:

    When is Governor Scott going to begin governing our State of Florida? When is the Florida Legislature going to begin doing the jobs they took a sworn oath to do?

    How many of us would still have a job if we decided to walk off early?

    Governor Scott and his Republican buddies need to resign because they obviously do NOT have the experience to govern in a non-partisan manner.

    Time to say bye bye, oh, forgot, they already left…………