Rick Scott Suspends 11th Grade English Test





Gov. Rick Scott has given 11th Grade students a big gift.

He suspended the 11th Grade Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) for English language arts,  saying students already have too much testing.

The Legislature will consider the future of the test during their 60 Day session, which begins next week.  But any action they take will probably be too late to test students this school year.

The executive order is here.

Scott’s statement on testing is here.


4 Responses to “Rick Scott Suspends 11th Grade English Test”

  1. Big Freaking Whoop De Doo says:

    Totally meaningless gesture, since the kids by that point would have taken (and presumably passed) the 10th grade testing that is required for a “real” diploma.

    This is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic and saying you have “done something”.

    Or more realistically, it’s like a store jacking up their prices 2x and then having a “40% off sale”. In the end, you’re still getting screwed.

  2. s only says:

    Meaningless…11th graders had no intention of taking the test seriously. Christmas Tree anyone?

    Let’s stop lining the pockets of test manufacturers (and politicians that mandate these tests). There are nationally normed standardized tests (Stanfords, Iowas, etc) that could be taken and analyzed and NOT prepped for.
    Let the teachers go back to teaching. Let the teachers decide who passes and who repeats. Let the yearlong grades speak for themselves.
    Let the politicians take the 10th grade FSA and the end of course civics test. Let’s see how they do—then we can give them a grade.

  3. carolina says:

    I agree completely with S Only.
    Let all these politicians take “all” the tests that have been imposed on our students for years. Our education system has “gone to HELL” since all these tests came into existence. The morale of teachers has been destroyed. Actually, the morale of the schools has been greatly impacted also. Is it possible that “money” is the real reason for all the tests? I would love to read more comments.

  4. carolina says:

    I submitted an earlier post but forgot to add this one issue:

    Do you think Governor Scott would take the test or would he plead the 5th?