Rick Scott Gets Early Re-Election Help From Broward



Contributing to Gov. Rick Scott’s re-election might seem like carrying coals to Newcastle.

After all, he is a multi-millionaire who spent more than $70 million of his own to win election in 2010.

Yet Scott’s place in the priviledged 1 percent isn’t stopping him from beginning to raise money more than two years before his reelection.


Rick Scott: Smiling All The Way To The Bank

Of the 38 contributors in the last quarter of 2011, 15 were from Broward.  The re-election effort raised $337,000 in three months.

The list of Broward contributors includes Art Keiser, the Parkland resident and owner of Keiser University private school chain, who gave $10,000.

Also contributing was Dr. Zachariah Zachariah, a noted high-rolling GOP fund raiser who has a cardiac practice at Holy Cross Hospital. Zach gave $5,000.

The biggest contributions to Scott re-election Let’s Get To Work, a committee that allows unlimited contributions, were from Tallahassee special interest groups.  There was $100,000 from the Florida Retail Federation and $50,000 from the Florida Association of Insurance Agents.

Other Broward contributors include:

  • Mayur Manair, Weston neurologist — $5,000
  • Nabil Sanadi, Fort Lauderdale physician — $5,000
  • Criag S. Perry, Plantation business executive — $5,000
  • Eugene Strasser, Coral Springs physician– $5,000
  • Armchem Internation, Fort Lauderdale manufacturer — $5,000
  • Southern Medical Services, Plantation health care company, $5,000
  • Advocate Home Care, Lauderhill health care company, $5,000
  • Anesco North Broward, Fort Lauderdale health care company, $5,000
  • Custom Cuts Printing, Fort Lauderdale printer, $2,500
  • Kennan Properties, Fort Lauderdale real estate company, $2,500
  • Nineteen Hundred Building, Fort Lauderdale real estate company, $2,500
  • Demeter Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale real estate company, $2,500
  • LWR Commons Ltd., Fort Lauderdale real estate company, $2,500


4 Responses to “Rick Scott Gets Early Re-Election Help From Broward”

  1. Local D says:

    People who contribute to this scumbag’s reelection should be ostracized in society and have their businesses boycotted.
    He is a crook of the highest order.

  2. Another Local D says:

    I agree, Local D. Boycott Keiser College…opps, “university.”

  3. please god help the poor bastards says:

    Scumbag? Crook?
    I will not vote for this governor’s reelection because I disagree with his agenda. However, he IS doing exactly what he said he would do when he ran.
    So, the above two posters disagree with the governor’s agenda and he is a crook? Huh?
    Local D wants to boycott Keiser University? How? By not enrolling? Not hiring graduates? Huh?
    Are you two total dip$&%#@?

  4. ultraman says:

    Scott is a douche bag to the tenth power. He is a thief who should have been imprisoned in the health care scam for which he was a part of. His $100,000.00 donation from one of the industries largest bad faith insurers should be a HUGE red flag. This bill destroys THOUSANDS of jobs and makes a lot of people who went to school for massage therapy in the health care industry worthless. His signing of the new PIP bill will destroy the entire industry for which they seek employment. You think we have a epedemic of pill poppers now? Just wait until this bill takes full effect 6/1/12. NO MORE conservative care will be available. It will be MEDS only care. Lock you doors at night and keep your fire arms at the ready because pill seekers know no boundries to get their fix!!