Retired Judge Rules: Broward School Super Bob Runcie’s Handpicked Cop Intimidated Those Who Disagreed With Her





A teacher appointed to the school police by Broward School Superintendent Robert Runcie  intimidated any one who questioned her, according to a report by a retired judge hired to investigate.

Jillian Haring, who Runcie plucked out of a Cypress Bay High to be an investigator in the school police, had alleged she was being harassed and bullied in her new job.

Intead, Retired Judge Robert Zack decided Haring was doing the intimidation.

Haring alleged in September that School Board members Robin Bartleman and Nora Rupert, Chief Auditor Pat Reilly and Principal Associations Executive Director Lisa Maxwell were among those harassing and bullying her in violation of school rules.

After taking testimony from a retired police major and five officials of the school system including Runcie, Zack found Haring’s charge baseless.

“The testimony does suggest a pattern of confrontation and intimidation on the part of Mrs. Haring towards anyone who questioned or disagreed with her…there must be evidence that she needs the protections due to being harassed, bullied or slandered, and I find no such evidence,” Zack concluded.

The decision is another blow to Runcie’s administration. He testified that he personally appointed Haring to investigate wronging in various schools, despite admitting she lacked of law enforcement training.




20 Responses to “Retired Judge Rules: Broward School Super Bob Runcie’s Handpicked Cop Intimidated Those Who Disagreed With Her”

  1. Browardteacher says:

    Finally the truth is revealed about who is the true bully!

  2. InTheKnow says:

    After reading the entire decision it is still clear and now proven that Runcie continues to mislead and lie. Runcies cabinet members were in deed notifieded of Haring bullying and intimidation tactics of SIU personnel. His quotes in this report do in fact contradict those of the retired major because the major spoke the truth and was never a disgruntled employee as described by Haring in her response to the decision.
    It is now time to move foward and remove Runcie and his inner circle….theres additional information forthcoming that will again shed light into Runcies corrupt administration.

    Board members…you have been elected to serve the people of Broward County and the failure to remove and replace the supt. and restore trust in leaderdship rest soley on all of your shoulders. May God bless you and guide you to be strong and do what you have been entrusted to do.

  3. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Totally meaningless Report.

  4. Ron Williams says:

    Slightly off topic:

    With the impending evaporation of Obama isn’t it time for the Broward School Board to awake from its liberal puke slumber and evaporate Runcie?

    There are children to be concerned about

  5. Terry Lopez Preuss says:

    The whole Jillian thing is just way over the top. I hope Runcie and those close to him can stop pretending that “Jillian related problems ” are not casting a cloud of doubt and distrust. Just watch the Dec. 6 board meeting. According to BTU President Anna Fusco who commented live around hour 8 of the 14 hour meeting… Many of the most flawed cases against employees of our county have her fingerprints all over them. One file alone is 7000 pages and the board members were charged with reading it as an accused Principal begged his case and his innocence. How was she ever in SIU is what a lot of folks are wondering . Also, why was she allowed to influence investigations ? The rumor is she has access to employee emails. It’s one of those things people keep repeating as if it were true. I don’t know first hand. But I don’t like all this innuendo surrounding important cases. I think the rumor mill around her and Runcie is just plain unsavory. Why not stamp out the tumors and stop favoring this person!? Just a thought !

  6. BrowardInsider says:

    … and now they are trying to place her in a position of power within the ESE district department. How will our most vulnerable students and teachers fare with this horrible person in such a position?

  7. InTheKnow says:

    Count LF..actually this report is not meaningless. This report cuts off Jillian from bullying board members and a few others. Now waych as information is released jow jillisn earned vsst amounts if overtime yo monitor the SIU tip line. Although this tip line is staffe 24/7/365…and if need be a SIU on call detective could be called inyo action if warranted jillian was paid on holidays and while on vacation. Runcies little pet was psid via Tony Hunters office even though she was task assigned to SIU. Who authorized this? Runcie lied in the information he provided…had this been a sworn deposition he would of perjured himself. Jillian has bullied and intimidated numerous SIU employees and it was reported…the brass did nothing. Nicholas…Jeff…they are all guilty.
    Dec 20th should be the day the Biard gives RR his walking papers….he and his staff are a bunch of lying pigs. Jillian your days are numbered..the hit list is now on you.

  8. GG says:

    Board members Bartleman and Rupert, keep pushing this issue.

  9. What really happened says:

    1. JH is and never was a COP at SIU.
    2. JH created her current reputation through words and actions.
    3. JH used RR name constantly even at KCW. Why was she so empowered?
    4. JH was not respected because of how she treated many people.
    5. JH is intelligent. Too bad she didn’t provide advice instead of conflict.
    6. JH was always about JH.
    7. I bet RR is regretting JH focusing on individuals instead of correcting flawed district practice.
    8. Who is responsible? Who allowed this to happen? Who directed what?
    9. Why would several top supervisors at SIU resign and refuse to work with JH.
    10. Thinking this might not be over.
    11. Thank you RB and NR for asking the tough questions.
    12. PS: The caged birds at KCW are starting to chirp again.

  10. Jillian says:

    Fire Bob Runcie, he did us all wrong.

  11. Juliet hibbs says:

    As an investigator at SIU she would have the access he lied about. She is absolutely a bully. So is Runcie! Not new, many knew the truth and spoke about it. The board ALLOWS him to do as he pleases and it is all a game. Sadly, the only loser will be the children. This is why broward schools can’t keep qualified teachers. The abuse chases people away

  12. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Reports are meaningless UNLESS the Press or Board members are willing to discipline or fire Dr Runcie. Look war

  13. John Hinz former employee in s.area maint dept. says:

    This is just another example of mismanagement within the district. Having watched this type of thing for 9 yrs,I can say that Runcie should be canned. He has NO idea of what really goes on outside the crystal palace. His area directors and managers have no idea either. When board members go out to visit schools,they only see what the schools want them to see. If they went out without announcement, they would see the real problems with schools instead of white washing. Moral within the the maintenance in the toilet. Moral with teachers is no better. Stop trying to fix problems with more problems. Get out of your leather chair and go SEE the problems first hand,without announcing that there will be a visit. Remember “a bad manager can RUIN a good crew”

  14. Bird whisper says:

    They are flying the coop. The upper floors where the fancy folks supervise the rest of us mutts at KCW to the lower levels. Since this time the a couple of single blujays have begun to sing. Keep the open chirps with going with the media, they are the honest tax paying citizen best chance in exposing the real sick practices. Some of same birds are filling the board with all sorts of bird food. Throw the seeds and they will follow. Things will get better but not until you know admits to the failures. I am meeting with a few birds on Thursday and trust me I have brought along plenty of song bird seeds. Wait until the weekend this place will be plucking a few feathers or wings. Ok

  15. Fair & Equal says:

    At some point the truth is finally learned. At some point the reasoning behind what has happened is brought to the attention of those outside the silenced walls of KCW. It’s happening again and people are asking the tough questions. Anyone with a heart knows when things are not right. Who didn’t see the impact that ONE MAJOR investigation would have on so many. Days turned into weeks that changed in to months and finally into years. How many hours of resources used to investigate, thousands of hours of employees being moved while their fate still remains unclear. Move this along but please find justice only after you understand what has occurred. If there is any doubt on why Miss H and Mr. R decided to vigorously pursue these folks then there must be compassion. Who else may have tried to interfere or sway. Elected officials have an awesome responsibility to the community. There are some actions that simply require hard choices and recommendations but integrity is lost with every misleading remarks that is given. Mr R must be given an opportunity to correct possible wrongs with any case that took place under the direction of his so called task assigned specialist expert. Maybe there is good reason but this circus and embarrassment will not end until the truth is spoken about openly and honestly. Fair and equal consideration for whomever you are is my motto.

  16. Ask says:

    Why not ask Israel?? He is the one who knows….


    The comment refers to Israel Canales, who functioned as Superintendent Robert Runcie’s chauffeur until he fell under investigation for using a school system credit card to pay for hotel liaisons with a woman friend. His firing is being considered.

  17. moreofthesamecrap says:

    Staff had been going to Mr. Runcie with valid and proven concerns since his arrival. Most of those employees who came forward to help him have been called troublemakers by management and have resigned. If Mr. Runcie truly was the “New Sheriff in town”, ETS, Facilities, District Maintenance and Transportation would have been completely cleaned of upper management years ago. The same management that fails Mr. Runcie repeatedly wasting millions of tax payer dollars. The morale is horrible. The same few keep this place functioning and are chastised by management for bringing forward violations. No one cares anymore and those are the same people who claim to take care of your children.

  18. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    If things are being done to employees why dont they sue?

  19. Moreofthesamecrap says:

    Why doesn’t Runcie and the Board care about their employees?

  20. Sadtimes says:

    Sadly the staff going to the Board members should not resign, that is when Runcie and his group win. Staff, teachers and BCPS employees need to bond together and fight back. When it happens time after time there is something wrong! I am disgusted by it!