Republicans and Pedophiles

Guest columnist

Who is Allen West?
Give up?

He is a candidate for Congress in District 22, which is now held by U. S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton.

What party is he in? 

If you rely on the literature that he left on my door the answer is none. 
What does that tell you about using the Republican moniker (he’s a Republican) in the 22 Congressional district?

It’s only slightly less problematic for a candidate than running on the NAMBLA  (The North American Man-Boy Love Association) ticket. 
Speaking of NAMBLA , U. S. Sen. John McCain attacked U. S. Sen. Barack Obama recently for supporting a  bill that educated five-year olds about pedophiles.  The Republicans must be trying to hold on to the Mark Foley voting demo! 

(Sam Fields is a Broward lawyer and a long-time Democratic political activist)



7 Responses to “Republicans and Pedophiles”

  1. Lefty Sam says:

    Sam Fields is a leftist fool.

  2. jim tylock says:

    sam you will never change, i though u were a life long member, buddy good work and great to see your still muckraking.

  3. law lady says:

    Coming from someone who represents pedaphiles in court, this is pretty funny.

  4. sam fields says:

    Tylock, what are you doing these days…besides reading my babbling

  5. sam fields' brother says:

    Sam Fields. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

  6. huh? says:

    I thought pedophiles supported Democrats?

  7. nat says:

    Crime is rising, Broward County is a mess but You must keep voting democrat.