Rep. Shevrin Jones Cleared In State Attorney Probe Of Campaign Expenses





State Rep. Shevrin Jones has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing for charging meals and clothes to his campaign.

Jones, D-West Park, did not willfully or intentionally break the law and repaid $3,441 for a dozen bogus expenses, according to the Broward County State Attorney’s Office.

Although Jones was not charged, he was chided for “a sloppy inattention to detail and a general haphazard approach to the preparation and filing of the Campaign Treasurer’s Reports” in a close out memo from the State Attorney.

The investigation was prompted by an August, 2013 post titled “State Rep. Likes To Eat On Lobbyist’s Dime.”

The article highlighted how Jones spent roughly $2,000 of the $9,350 he raised on “meetings” and “campaign meetings” in various restaurants outside his district, including in Las Vegas and San Francisco.  He also listed on his campaign documents a $2,603 payment to repay Jones for buying clothes.

Assistant State Attorney David Schulson poured through Jones’ bank records and interviewed members of his staff.  He discovered numerous errors that were made because of Jones and his staff’s inexperience with campaign reporting.

“For expense items, Rep. Jones (through his own fault) gave… a folder or bag containing numerous improperly commingled expense receipts.  These expense receipts were not divided or marked to indicate which receipts were for campaign related expenses and which were for personal expenses,” Schulson wrote.

Jones carried both his campaign and his personnel debit cards. They were identical except for the account number and Jones often “inadvertently” used his campaign card for personnel expenses, according to Schulson.

After the post, Jones immediately tried to amend his mistakes and hired an accountant and an attorney to make “a concerted and diligent effort to review every expenditure.”  There were “12 expenditures in the total amount of $3,440.58 paid from the re-election account which needed to be reimbursed by Rep. Jones,” according to Schulson.

Schulson wrote that shortly after Jones filed his campaign report, he was told that the $2,603 repayment for clothes was not an allowable expense.  So no campaign funds were ever distributed for the purchase, despite the expense being listed on the report.

“Rep. Jones now clearly understands the process and importance of the reporting of accurate information to the Division of Elections,” Schulson concluded.


An earlier story about the State Attorney’s investigation is here.

11 Responses to “Rep. Shevrin Jones Cleared In State Attorney Probe Of Campaign Expenses”

  1. Ghost of McLovin says:

    Disgraceful. Ignorance again passes as a legal defense. After the fact.

  2. Alice McGill says:

    Someone told me once, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” This saying must be a chapter in the Political Tactics for Dummies book. The method is used by way too many politicians.

  3. Broward Voter says:

    He made a rookie mistake. Not more complicated than that. People learn from their mistakes and move on.

  4. Oh, Cheveron says:

    It’s absolutely unbelievable that Shevrin has not received an opponent in this race.

  5. Good or Bad says:

    @Oh, Chevron – is that a good thing or bad thing? You run against people who are not representing well. You run against people who are not serving their districts. If you met Shevrin, you would see that he works hard in his district and his constituent actually SEE HIM working! If you’re so good, run against him! If not, help him continue to serve!

  6. @Broward Voter says:

    @Broward Voter– If Shev can’t be a good steward of a few thousand dollars worth of campaign contributions, imagine the job he’s doing managing a few billion as a State Rep…

  7. Perry says:

    Young buck I told you don’t sweat this. Now you know how move real donations. Satz don’t go after black electeds. Now listen up, an up and coming young buck makes everyone look bad living in West Park. Who the hell wants to live in the ghetto. Get a one bedroom back room apartment in WP and get a sweet pad in Hallandale. Call Joe, not like he is here to meet with you ha ha ha, he’s got a good realtor

  8. Mr.James says:

    I feel that this is an issue of race, I know and young man by the name of vicente thrower that has a similar case and this same prosecutor is pushing to the fullest to have him prosecuted. The only issue is he was elected officials and vicente was simply an advisor which means it’s unfair it’s unjust and not the law.. Ethics vs Political corruption. ..

  9. John Jackson says:

    I completely agree with Mr. James, as the State Attorney and his office seem to selectively prosecute those who either contribute to his campaign or serve the Democratic party’s best interest. As Mr. James stated the State Attorney is prosecuting Vincente Thrower for being on an advisory board which is ridiculous given the fact we see corruption at our cities and County Commissions on a daily basis due to the necessity to employ lobbyist who are either related to or close to the commissioners in question.

  10. Meet Vicente thrower says:

    Yeah habitat for humanity paid this guy 25k as a consultant because he was good with a hammer and nails.

  11. Michael says:

    If this (thrower) case is the same then how can they continue prosecution. This sounds like selective enforcement. Maybe the state should find better things to do.