Rep. Jared Moskowitz Mulling Race For Congress





State Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Coral Springs, is watching very carefully as U. S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, mulls over a run for U. S. Senate.

Moskowitz said that if Deutch decides to campaign for the Senate, he will run for the Congressman’s seat.

Deutsch’s district encompasses a portion of Northwest Broward.

Moskowitz explained: “It is no secret for anyone who has known me that for a long time its been a dream of mine to serve the people of Florida in Congress.”

Deutch’s name has surfaced for the seat now held by U. S. Sen. Marco Rubio. U. S. Rep. Patrick Murphy of Jupiter is another Democrat mentioned.

If Rubio runs for president and leaves the seat open, there is no lack of Republicans who would run for Senate, too. They include Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and former House Speaker Will Weatherford, among others.

The field would be crowded, but speculation has Deutch as one of those in the pack.


Jared_MoskowitzState Rep. Jared Moskowitz


Moskowitz knows that winning Deutch’s U. S. House District 21 would be an uphill battle for any Broward pol. Roughly 63 percent of the voters live in Palm Beach County west of Military Trail, while the remaining 37 percent are residents of Northwest Broward, west of Interstate 95 and mostly north of Atlantic Boulevard.

One Palm Beach County office holder — Sen. Joseph Abruzzo, D-Wellington – has already expressed interest in Deutch’s congressional seat.

Open congressional seats appear relatively infrequently and draw candidates like blood draws sharks. So Abruzzo and Moskowitz are only the first two of several who are expected to explore running to replace Deutch.

“There is a long list of those who would be interested in this seat,” Moskowitz conceded.

Moskowitz, 34, said one of his advantages in any race would be his ability to raise money.

His father Mike Moskowitz is a successful Parkland lobbyist/lawyer and a long-time Democratic fund raiser. Mike Moskowitz was Broward’s Democratic state committeeman for many years.

Another source of money would be his job as the business development chief at AshBritt, the billion-dollar Deerfield Beach-based emergency disaster response firm. AshBritt helps communities recover from natural disasters such as hurricanes. The job has generated contacts for Moskowitz in the business and political world throughout the nation.

Moskowitz was a Parkland commissioner from 2006-2012, when he won a seat in the state House. He is beginning his second House term.

“Congressman Deutch is doing a fantastic job,” Moskowitz said. “Until he makes a decision, I’m not doing anything at all.”



14 Responses to “Rep. Jared Moskowitz Mulling Race For Congress”

  1. Broward Voter says:

    The great thing about serving in Congress as opposed to as a State Representative is that you don’t actually have to live (or pretend to) in the district that you represent!

  2. John Henry says:

    “Moskowitz, 34, said one of his advantages in any race would be his ability to raise money.”

    Sounds like his real dream is to serve all the donors that contributed to his campaign.

    Can we elect someone that’s not a politically connected attorney for a change? Haven’t we had enough of the same-old same-old?

  3. NW Broward Resident says:

    Jared Moskowitz?!? You have got to be kidding me!!! His legislatve record is lackluster at best and how many legislative bills did he initiate? The only legislative record that comes to mind with Rep. Jared Moskowitz is that he is suspected of not living in his district.

    Also his father Mike Moskowitz is a known lobbyist for Waste Management. Seeing that the City of Coconut Creek and its residents are preparing to go to war with Waste Management over Mt. Trashmore, don’t expect the Wynmoor (or the rest of the super voters of NW Broward) to vote for him.

    Sure, Rep. Moskowitz can fundraise but can he stop the ordors from Mt. Trashmore from permiating into NW Broward and
    lowering property values of cities/businesses nearby including Parkland.

  4. The Guess Who says:

    First off, it’s Deutch. You’re getting confused with Former Congressman Deutsch.

    Second, Ted isn’t running.

    Third, Jared would lose to Joe Abruzzo if this seat opened up.

  5. Frayed Knot says:

    Check his attendance record in Tallahassee. It’s obvious he doesn’t want to be there. I don’t want a pompous ass like him representing me…it would be like Wexler all over again!

  6. fooledmeonce says:

    If there is one thing I cannot stand is a politician that is so blatantly disingenous.
    You may get special interst money and lots of it, but you won’t be getting our votes. Can’t fool us again.
    How’s your flat in Coral Springs?

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    2. Who someone’s Father is should NOT BE AN ISSUE in judging the candidate.
    3. I doubt that Congressman Ted Deutch will REALLY RUN IF A VERY WEALTHY PALM BEACH, MIAMI-DADE DEMOCRAT or media personality runs and frankly I think Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz would cream him in a Primary so I doubt again he will run for US Senator.

    I think this is all talk without substance.

  8. Pbc says:

    Neither would win. Deutch’s former aide would run and win.

  9. draft tara says:

    Draft Tara Laxer.

  10. Jill Goden says:

    I have known Jared Moskowitz for many many years. He is honorable, hard working and used his family to gain success, exactly the opposite. No task has ever been to difficult for him to achieve. He has always been about the people and helping those around him. I know if he decided to run he will make an incredible Congressman, just what this area needs, as well as our government needs!

  11. Just Saying says:

    Ted Deutch isn’t going to run for the US Senate (ever), so all of this is just a fun (and entirely meaningless) game of fantasy “what ifs.”


    This from the always well-informed George Bennett at the Palm Beach Post on Jan. 11:

    “Deutch’s name has also come up in Democratic speculation. Like Murphy, Deutch says he’s focused on his job and the constituents who have elected him four times in a heavily Democratic Palm Beach-Broward district.

    While saying his plate is full, Deutch added, ‘I don’t shut down any potential opportunities to help the state of Florida.'”

    By not shutting the door, Deutch is fueling this speculation.

  12. @ Just Saying says:

    Just saying is right. This is a game politicians and their consultants play to keep their name in the press.

  13. DECGal says:

    Jared is awful on public education like Abruzzo is with ethics. I wish Deutch the best but I don’t think he can win statewide.

  14. Assistant S.A. says:

    Senator Abruzzo recived the Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association Legislator of the year. I voted for him

    You might be referring to the Palm Beach Ethics Commision in which he led an investigation ultimately resulting in three resignations and one Commisioner being removed for giving out election contributions.

    I am not in a position to be political however as a Broward resident I feel it is necessary not to slander or manipulate any one persons name.

    Several comments on this blog about multiple people are inappropriate.