Records Just Released: Teacher’s Union Is One of Broward’s Biggest Political Spenders





Some believe teachers wear a halo.

But their union is just another special interest pushing candidates that may not match the wishes of its teacher members. 

The Broward Teachers Union transferred a formidable $650,000-plus to its Committee on Political Education PAC since September 16, according to state records just posted in the last few days.  

That $650,000-plus made the BTU one of the biggest political spenders in Broward County so far this year. 

The Committee on Political Education PAC is an arm of the BTU. It operates out of BTU headquarters. BTU President Anna Fusco is the treasurer and the chair is Susan Pignato, a veteran activist retired from the Broward Public Schools. 


Anna Fusco campaigning


Much of the union money funneled into the PAC comes from members, who are not asked about who gets it.  If members had a vote on where their donations end up would the teachers PAC have given money to Marcus Chambers?

Chambers got $1,000 of the BTU committee’s money.

He won his race in the August primary for superintendent for Okaloosa County, after being appointed to the job by Gov. Ron Desantis.  Chambers had almost $100,000 steered to help his campaign by conservative Republican U. S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, the North Florida Donald Trump super fan who is no doubt the political devil to many BTU members.

Despite the Chambers’ contribution, most of the money goes to Democrats. The go-to political advisor for the BTU appears to be The Donner Group, a Miami-based consulting firm that specializes “Democratic/Progressive and non-partisan” campaigns.  

Among those getting aide from the PAC is Linda Thompson Gonzalez, running for the Florida House in Northeast Broward and Marie Woodson,  running for the Florida House from Southwest Broward.

Also getting help is Carol Studdard and Caprice Edmond.   Who?


Carol Studdard, running in Northeast Florida’s Clay County, got BTU money.


Studdard is running for the Clay County School Board while Edmond is running for the Pinellas County School Board.

At least Studdard and Edmond are running for School Board.  Why did the teachers’ union funnel $500 to Beau Simon?

Simon is an 18-year-old candidate for the Broward Soil and Water Board. Why does the teacher’s union PAC care about the Broward Soil and Water Conservation Board? 

I believe Simon got the PAC money because he has Democratic Party organization connections, has been on some school system boards and got the endorsement of four School Board members. 

The Soil and Water Board has been criticized for duplicating work done by other governments. But it hides behind its unassailable name. 

That’s like the teacher’s union. Almost everybody has good things to say about teachers. 

But these latest records show that the teachers’ union is just like any other special interests with extremely deep pockets.





6 Responses to “Records Just Released: Teacher’s Union Is One of Broward’s Biggest Political Spenders”

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Donner is a political operative involved in Miami Beach on past years n Miami. What the heck he contributes to BROWARD ELECTIONS WITH A DIFFERENT ETHNIC N CLASS VOTING POPULATION IS BEYOND ME. I know of no scandal or negative stories BUT HIS CONNECTION WITH US BROWARD COUNTY VOTERS SEEMS TENUOUS.

  2. Politics is a dirty game says:

    Love the picture with the Silvernale sign from a previous campaign. Silvernale played the same political game as Fusco by funneling dues paid by School Board of Broward County AFL-CIO members into Democrat politicians’ pockets. One of his favorite tricks was stationing union members at voting precincts to hold signs for candidates they did not even know. Such a shame Silvernale did not get elected to the School Board, not. Birds of a feather stick together.

  3. Sam the Sham says:

    #1. It should be illegal for public employees to unionize.

    #2. Employers should not be compelled to deduct union dues from paychecks.

  4. Linda says:

    Mr. Sham,
    Are you a teacher ?
    Are you kidding?
    Of course they need a union.
    Dues from all benefit all.
    The Union makes a case for each expenditure.

  5. D Martin says:

    I’m a BTU member. From time to time, BTU calls, requesting help for political candidates. It does not make me feel comfortable, and I told the caller this.
    If there is a politician that supports teachers, then I understand BTU’s stance. Looking at the Korn sign makes me want to vomit. She was so condescending towards teachers during the budget meeting.I can’t believe BTU endorsed her! Most teachers have no clue about the candidates. Especially people new to the district. We go by BTU’s guidance. Looking at those signs in the picture….a big question mark.

  6. Sam the Sham says:

    Politicians have an incestuous relationship with public employee unions. They continually increase wages and benefits so unions vote for them. If public employees have a grievance, they go through their work chain of command but also go around that and lobby politicians to fix things. Politicians almost always give in because of the large voting block. It becomes a never ending cycle of bloated government.