Read Plantation Candidate’s Documents


To be fair, I started with Meddoff’s statement to authorities.  I have already written the allegations against him in the previous post.

The documents include the discussion of the allegations and the findings and conclusions. 

Again, this is a candidate for mayor of one of Broward’s biggest cities.  This is of public interest.

I encourage voters to read and decide for yourselves.

Note:  This is not a criminal action, but a civil enforcement of rules governing the sale of investments that Meddoff dealt in.




6 Responses to “Read Plantation Candidate’s Documents”

  1. R. Warren Meddoff says:

    Excerpts from my letter to Buddy this morning:

    Now here’s your insight, gratis, to why I am running for Mayor in Plantation. Diane is as corrupt as the day is long, she has a sense of entitlement, a total lack of managerial experience and no financial credentials. Jerry is twice as corrupt. Both of these individuals have voted for every tax increase, every pay raise and every pension request that has ever come before them without considering the effects on the taxpayers or future City finances.

    Plantation has over $150,000,000.00 in differed capital expenditures for necessary maintenance of infrastructure for public health and safety. There are no reserves or tax base flexibility to pay for this. Diane and Jerry are complicit in this scandalous malfeasance while on the Council.

    When elected, I intend to be the last strong mayor of the City. I am going to clean house from the old time good old boy corruption. I will replace your boss and puppet-master, Don Lunny, with a city legal department. I am going to make some necessary hard decisions to scale back many sacred cow City programs. I will not fire any employee that has been honest and done a good job. I will fire and have prosecuted any employee that has been corrupt. I will litigate against any former elected official or employee that can be proven to have committed a criminal act while employeed by the City to claw back pensions and ill gotten personal gains.

    I am a firm believer in sustainability and triple bottom line accounting. However, I do not pander to any political ideology and support business growth above image.

    FROM BUDDY: I received no letter from Mr. Meddoff in any of my e-mail accounts.

  2. Bill Bzdek says:

    For sure this guy will not get elected but you are missing the big story. IN the public interest would be an expose of Don Lunny and the millions he has made and how close he is to Diane and the Mayor. I wrote about this in Sept when you were all over Sunrise . You wrote me back and said maybe after the election. WHY? A no bid and Lunny controlled since 1970!
    Fair and Balanced would be in the public interest.

  3. FedUp says:

    I agree with Bill (I know, I cannot believe I am saying that either) It would be great to read that expose’. There is soooo much dirt to be dug in Plantation.

  4. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Buddy, what are your thoughts on the ethics complaint at the state level re. DVB?

  5. So Sick of It All says:

    Is there not one interesting positive thing that we can say and discuss in this community? Why must every conversation be about the darkness that exists everywhere. Can we not even for one fucking moment elevate our spirits? I happen to like living here and believe there is a huge amount more good than bad. I am just so sick of all this talk about bullshit. Bring me some decent news please.

  6. Resident says:

    If Medoff is right:

    “Diane is as corrupt as the day is long, she has a sense of entitlement, a total lack of managerial experience and no financial credentials. Jerry is twice as corrupt.”

    Then I believe he is 3 times as corrupt. I’m not voting for him, and I expect much more of his negative type of campaigning. I expect him to come in a distant 3rd, unless he can go lower out of 3 candidates.

    I will reject any candidate that can’t rise above and talk positive, rather than trash, trash, and trash. Mr. Meddoff is a perfect example of trash by his actions already.

    Right now I am not involved in this campaign, thought I will vote, and the last thing Meddoff wants is to get voters coming forward just to campaign against him.