Reaching the Absentees


My son, absentee voter Nathan Nevins, is feeling very wanted.
The 20-year-old lives in Gainesville, but uses a Broward County address on his voter’s registration.  An absentee voter,  he is a good gauge of what candidates are working to win those votes.
As of the start of early voting August 11, Nathan has received 18 pieces of campaign literature.
That’s a lot of money to reach one vote! Campaign experts estimate campaigns have already spent at least $15 to reach Nathan with the ads, some of which are full color.
Who spent the money?
Ken Gottlieb is the champion, mailing Nathan four pieces in his race for state Senate to replace state Sen. Steve Geller. Eleanor Sobel, his opponent, sent Nathan three separate ads.
If I were Tim Ryan, the third candidate in the race, I would have some questions for my campaign manager.  Ryan hasn’t sent any mail to Nathan, which could mean he isn’t mailing absentees.
School Board member Robin Bartleman mailed Nathan twice.
Judge Julio Gonzalez also sent two pieces of mail.
Others sending Nathan one advertisement apiece was judicial candidates John Robert Howes, Steve Feren, Ed Sugar and Judges Catalina Avalos, Pedro Dijols and Renee Goldenberg.  Sheriff’s candidates Wiley Thompson mailed Nathan, too.
Are they reaching Nathan? 
Feren and Eichner probably lost his vote by having a mechanical calling service bother him on his cell phone.
I agree with Nathan.  Nothing is more annoying than robocalls and I won’t vote for anybody who uses one to call me.
As for the mail, he looks at each piece, but hasn’t decided on where to cast his vote.

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  1. S. Only says:

    true–everyone likes to get mail, but more than 2 pieces is probably a waste.