Rats Are Deserting Sinking Ship


I’ve been predicting for weeks that Sheriff Al Lamberti’s campaign is headed for doom. 

Two of his leading supporters now agree with me.

The supporters major Broward political figures good for thousands of dollars in any election have made covert overtures towards Democratic challenger Scott Israel’s campaign.

No, they didn’t approach Israel themselves.  They sent surrogates.

It’s a widespread practice in politics among the monied crowd to play both sides of the street.  This happens only when the race is close or they think their original choice won’t win.

The sheriff’s race isn’t close. 

Israel has much of the lead because he is a Democrat.  Lamberti is a Republican in an election year when is exceptionally hard to be a Republican.

At this point, Israel could lock himself in his house until the election and win.

Lamberti’s supporters are sick of waiting for some action from the sheriff’s campaign.

The only way to win this campaign is to go on the attack.  Lamberti must give Democrats a reason to vote against Israel.

This is the question I hear everywhere: 

What is the sheriff doing with all the money he collected?

Most likely, pissing it away.

Pols are sick of waiting for Lamberti’s campaign to catch fire. 

Catch fire! 

Pols are sick of waiting for Lamberti’s campaign to even light a match.

Expect more pols to desert the Lamberti campaign. 

They’ll be patting Lamberti on the back, while quietly funneling money to Israel.


13 Responses to “Rats Are Deserting Sinking Ship”

  1. finally says:

    Finally, I am tired of hearing from the one-sided reporter, Amy Sherman. You are like fresh air.

    FROM BUDDY: I love what you said about me. Thanks a lot and keep reading.
    I differ from what you say about Amy Sherman, who I don’t know but read. I believe Amy Sherman of the Miami Herald is the real breath of fresh air in daily newspapering. (Is newspapering a word? Well it is here.)
    She is new to the political beat and appears to be hungry for stories. It shows in her hard work and “beats,” as they call scoops in the news biz. I think Amy Sherman has a great future…especially if she looks beyond newspapers. Maybe she wants to write for Browardbeat!!!

  2. mister courthouse says:


  3. Dan Reynolds says:

    It goes beynond D vs R. Sheriff Lamberti has used the power of his office to extract endorsements from the PBA and County Firefighters in exchange for contract favors he can’t afford. Command staff are all but required to donate to his campaign. Check his campaign report.

  4. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    I would also ask what Lambrerti is doing with his huge war chest. So far I have seen 2 chincy signs. I hope he doesn’t bombard our mail boxes like the Senate race did between Sobel, Gottlieb and Ryan. The postal workers decided not to vote because of this huge waste. Scott will win because he is a Dem. And this year I say, “Any Damn Dem will do!!!!”

  5. Real Dem says:

    Beth ,

    I agree with you. Too bad, and I dont mean to be snarky, Isreal is not a Dem. I’m going to vote for him or leave it blank but unfortunately he’d still be an R if he got appointed or could have won the Republican primary.

  6. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    Real Dem, You are absolutely right!!!!

  7. natrayger says:

    Did Ken Jenne endorse Scott? I was just wondering. In Broward if A. Hitler Democrat, ran against against A. Lincoln, Republican, Hitler would win in a landslide

  8. Frank says:

    Beth- your post makes no sense. The postal workers were mad that the candidates paid for mail to be sent, which in turn helps them keep their job?

  9. Reddy Teddy says:

    I think most of you are blowing smoke! Sheriff Lamberti is the most qualified and certainly most experienced for the Sheriff’s job.
    Israel, who changed his stripes to try to win the job as a Democrat, is not as qualified nor as morally sound as is Lamberti. It is a damn shame that politics is more important to some of you, and not the best qualified person for the job. No wonder our country is in chaos and in recession, we put some idiots in power in DC just because they are a Democrat or a Republican! Shame on us for being so stupid!

  10. Sorry Teddy says:

    Maybe you should go ask Lamberti’s wife exwife wife again how morally sound he is….Real stand up guy.

  11. Real Dem says:

    Reddy Teddy:

    It’s not nice to be attacking folks by accusing them of blowing smoke. We are having a civil discussion here.

    2nd You’re right people are playing politics. If this were a non-partisan race in which nobody could tell eithers political affiliation Lamberti would and should win in a landslide.

    Which proves natrayger’s point that he made by employing the extreme examples of Hitler and Lincoln.

    His point is true nevertheless.

  12. Reader says:

    Just left a candidates forum at John Knox Village. All candidates were invited. Those that showed and participated included Israel, Parrish, Hastings, Thorpe, Snipes, Brodsky, Linda Bird, Bogdanoff (representing McCain’s campaign).
    Lamberti was a no-show even though they had his name on the dias with an empty seat. He apparently committed and then backed out.
    I’m told that this is the 3rd time this week that he failed to show at a forum or debate with Israel.
    What is it with him? Is he reading your articles and conceding the race for Broward Sheriff?

  13. just wondering says:

    I also question how Lamerti can use taxpayer equipment (boats & helicopters) for political commercials? I think this is an ethics violation to say the least! or maybe the Hatch Act since the Sheriff of Lee County is getting raked over the coals for wearing his uniform at a McCain Palin Rally.