Radio Talk Host Steve Kane Wins Law Suit


Radio talk host Steve Kane has won his law suit against former congressional candidate Edward J. Lynch for not paying for $2,000 worth of advertising.

Lynch, who lost a race for U. S. House in north Broward and Palm Beach County last year, did not show up in Broward County Court Thursday.

Brian Criag, producer of the morning show on WWNN 1470 AM, said in an e-mail that Lynch lost “because he owed the money, not for not showing up.”      

The original story  about the law suit is here.

6 Responses to “Radio Talk Host Steve Kane Wins Law Suit”

  1. Democrat says:

    I met Mr. Lynch during the campaign. He oozed sleeze. I can’t believe a guy as wise as Mr. Kane got taken in.

  2. Sixto Mixer says:

    Qudos to the Law Offices of Adam Barnett & Associates for a job well done in the Steve Kane case. Although the defendant failed to appear in court, the judge wanted evidence of an outstanding debt. Not only was Barnett successful iin achieving a 100% award for Kane, but was able to recover attorneys fees and court costs.

  3. don says:

    oh cares, maybe Cathy Willits

  4. Steve Kane is a Jerk says:

    Steve Kane is a retro, yesteryear, let’s get people angry by appealing to the cavemen in them, extremist, thoughtless, hateful, separatist, conservative numbskull. Marty Rubinstein lost his school board seat in large measure because nobody could believe he’d appoint such a guy to anything, much less a diversity committee. This was probably the worst example of political judgment that we’d seen in Broward in decades. That said, here’s my comment on Kane winning this lawsuit. Who gives a rat’s ass.

  5. surprised says:

    I thought this guy went off the air in the 90s. If 1470 is the best he can do these days (all vitamin and accountant talk judging by the schedule) then it’s a wonder any candidate would spend money to be on his show.

  6. Tyronne Steele says:

    Ed Lynch is nothing but a lo-life deadbeat dirtbag. Check his records. When in a pinch, Lynch even screwed the federal government out of several hundred thousand dollars. He has like four unpaid tax debts on his records. On top of that he screwed Steve Kane out of money by not paying him for advertising on his show. Even if I lived in this district, I would vote for someone else.