Shame! Broward County Republican Party Appoints Virulent Racist To Post




You don’t have to travel to Charlottesville to see racists, folks.

Just look at the Broward Republican Party, where a wacko racist was just appointed a committeeman.

New Republican committeeman David L. Rosenthal makes no secret of his belief that Muslims are second-class citizens.

Rosenthal preaches that Muslims should have no rights in public protests regularly held outside the Broward Sheriff’s Office on one of the county’s most traveled roads, West Broward Boulevard.


David L. Rosenthal


Not only is Rosenthal a straight-up bigot. His demonstration just hours before his GOP appointment was joined by others associated with the League of the South.

The League of the South advocates a society dominated by Christian “Anglo-Celtics.” Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and many others need not apply.







Demonstrators with League of the South flag outside Broward Sheriff’s Office headquarters.


The group is perhaps best known for its billboards in the southeast United States emblazoned with the word “SECEDE”  to highlight the group’s belief that there should be a second Southern secession.

The League has held celebrations of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, a Republican iconaccording to the group’s own website.  

It is ironic that the GOP appoints as a committeeman who demonstrated with associates of  group that celebrates Lincoln’s murder.

This information concerning Rosenthal was brought to the attention of Broward GOP Chair Bob Sutton. He ignored it, according to sources.

“Bob knew the guy is crazy,” said a source.




Billboard outside Perry, GA on Interstate 75, 2014



Despite Rosenthal’s embrace of League associates, his public obsession is not Southern independence. It is Muslims.

He protests in front of the sheriff’s office to emphasize the demand that Muslim deputies be fired.  He claims — without proof and despite the fact that all deputies pass a background check– that some are connected to terrorist organizations.

The villain in this post is not Rosenthal. He has a disordered and delusional mind.  He is a driven by fear and hate.

No, the villain is the Broward Republican Party.

It is deplorable that a party organization representing roughly 250,000 Republicans in the second-biggest county in Florida would legitimize a hater like Rosenthal.

It is disgraceful that this bigot will represent the GOP in a Hollywood voting precinct.

And it is contemptable that the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan appointed a committeeman who wants to divide society based on religion.

Shame on you, Bob Sutton, and all the GOP members who voted to appoint David L. Rosenthal.




The intrepid blogger Tom Lauder of RedBroward made a motion during the meeting to consider Rosenthal separately from the 34 others appointments. The motion failed.  Lauder confronted Rosenthal at the Broward GOP meeting on Monday.  See his video here. 

14 Responses to “Shame! Broward County Republican Party Appoints Virulent Racist To Post”

  1. Hmmm says:

    Rosenthal doesn’t just attend this weekly anti-Muslim protest … he’s the organizer of it. So I’m not really shocked that his radicalism has become so extreme he has now allied himself with white supremacists groups like the League of the South.

  2. Nadil says:

    Rosenthal is crazy and unworthy of attention.

  3. Extreme outliers says:

    There are 323+ million people in this country. Why is anyone surprised when a few ridiculous folks appear in public?

    The media hasn’t figured out that coverage only gives them a voice and encourages more of the same. That’s good for viewership and circulation, but we would all be better off if the media let the idiots (yes, on both sides) march or protest in obscurity.

  4. Floridan says:


  5. Spanky McFarland says:

    Wow. All of three protesters. I guess there is a movement afoot. Seriously, why is this even worthy of blog space.


    These guys are picketing on one of the most traveled streets in Florida’s second biggest county, Broward. Some might want to know something about them.

  6. Broward Voter says:

    How timely this story is.

    The Broward Republican Executive Committee just voted last night to appoint Mr. Rosenthal as Precinct Committeeman.

  7. BREC Racists says:

    Good for Tom Lauder, someone at BREC needs to stand up to racism.

    I heard Committeeman Richard DiNapoli and BREC Secretary Ruppert Torsey high fived and hugged Rosenthal after the meeting. If true, this is disgusting display of support towards a racist.

  8. Native Floridian says:

    Please don’t use the words “crazy”, “delusional” with this person…he is ignorant about Islam religion and culture, and prejudiced and discriminatory but dont put the words loser and delusional together. i have a loved one whos struggling with psychosis and delusions but hes no loser nor a bigot. My loved one has a true brain disorder that affects 6% of the population…don’t associate word “crazy” with “loser”…they are brave, courageous fighters, heroes…unlike this republican.


    I agree. I changed the wording.

  9. WestDavieResident says:

    Personally, I believe what Mr. Rosenthal espouses and displays is racist by definition. And having even one representative of League of the South protest alongside him just enlarges his racism.

    Coming after President Trump’s poorly articulated and misunderstood views on Nazis, KKK, and white supremacists, Rosenthal probably thinks he has the wind at his back.

    That said there is the First Amendment which protects his free speech right as long as it does not cause immediate bodily harm to others (like yelling fire in a movie theater).

    As to the Broward Republican Executive Committee allowing him to be a precinct committeeman, it is a dumb move from an optics standpoint but I can understand his pathetic views alone are not a reason to deny him participation.

    Just as, I am sure, the Democratic Executive Committee has allowed anti-Semitics, Antifa types, and others from the anti-capitalist loony left to join their group.

    I agree with the above commenters that giving Rosenthal any media attention just feeds his ego and self-importance. Let him hold his signs in public all he wants. 99.9% of the public is probably – and hopefully – laughing at him.

    But if and when he starts wearing hoods – either white (KKK) or black (Antifa), brings assault weapons, clubs or Molotov cocktails to his protests, and threatens bodily harm to others, then the Broward Sheriffs can deal with him and then BREC would have a basis to disassociate from him.

    BREC has other issues to worry about like peacefully managing its various factions to work together for the group’s intended purpose of electing Republicans in the state’s second largest county. Rosenthal is just a distraction at this point.

  10. Truth In Words says:

    “The League of the South advocates a society dominated by Christian “Anglo-Celtics.” Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and many others need not apply.”

    David L. Rosenthal sounds like a real gem to tell his own heritage (Jew) “Need Not Apply” considering he identifies himself as a Jew (too). From his Facebook page: “I am Christian and a Jew. I may not be much of a Christian, but I am Christian. Recently adopted pacifism. ”

    Those of us who live here, like it just the way it is, diverse. And it will stay that way.

    So, Secede needs to pack up their little band of hateful beings and go find a confederate part of the world and be with your own kind.

  11. David L. Rosenthal says:

    Michael the Black Man told me last night that I was one of the first Blacks for Trump. My family are mostly Latins. Since I am a Jew, why would a group you claim to be antisemitic have me in it? Islam is not a race. Islam is a fascist sociopolitical system that is unlawful under Florida laws. I challenge anyone to show any evidence that I have any affiliation with any groups other than BREC, Tea Party, and Citizens’ Action Group of South Florida. One guy showed up at my protest who had a flag. I do not know what he thinks about anything but Islam. We announced protests and invited all to come. He showed up. At least we aren’t attacking people or burning and looting. We are demanding that the law be enforced. But Buddy Nevins is a liar. Have a nice day.


    The Citizens Action Group of South Florida is a virulent anti-Muslim group which believes no Muslim should be allowed to immigrate to the United States. Rosenthal is the secretary. In a recent post on the group’s website, Rosenthal conceded he have been suspended from social media accounts because of the content of his posts.

  12. David L. Rosenthal says:

    O, I forgot, I am also a member of Blacks for Trump.

  13. The real story says:

    @7 BREC racists. You obviously weren’t there as the was no hi-fiving or hugging of Mr. Rosenthal by DiNapoli or Rupert. In fact, DiNapoli – who seems to be the only one up there who knows parliamentary procedure – tried to help Lauder, despite him and Lauder not getting along. It went down like this … Diana Taub (a Sutton supporter) was the one who made the motion to vote everyone in at the same time since there were so many new potential members. Then Tom Lauder started saying he had an issue with one of the members. People then groaned since Lauder has a reputation for attacking people. DiNapoli suggested to Lauder that Lauder motion to consider that potential member separately. Lauder made that motion. However, no discussion on the motion was allowed. Since Lauder frequently complains about everything and most members wouldn’t want to listen to him, and he didn’t explain his reasons for not wanting Rosenthal on BREC at that moment, the motion failed. (You can also blame that on Sutton and Celeste Ellich, who have no clue how to run a meeting, because they never allowed for discussion on Lauder’s motion). So the vote on all the potential members occurred at the same time – and they were all approved. Only at the end of the meeting did Lauder get up to explain the racist background of Rosenthal. By then it was too late. The bar to remove a member is far more difficult than becoming a member. So at no point until after the vote took place did the other BREC members learn about Rosenthal’s background. Lauder is on the membership committee and reviews each prospective members background – that’s how he knew in advance. He also would have been the one to tell Sutton about Rosenthal. So the blame falls squarely on Sutton…not the members of BREC who didn’t know about Rosenthal’s racism until after the vote.

  14. Stan d. Upnow says:

    Reading Mr. Nevins comments, the hate oozing from His pen is clear. First of all, to Nevins and all the others calling David Rosenthal a “racist,” I suggest you check your stupidity and find out just what that term actually means. To all who bandy it about, that marks you as Far-Left, as it is the darling catch-all faux insult intended to vilify anyone they don’t like.
    Rosenthal may be somewhat extreme to some, but what do you have to say about the valid points he makes concerning Shariah? If nothing else, David is a patriot who is vitally concerned with the perilous state of affairs in this country. I wonder if you are?