Greyhound Assoc.: The Truth About Dog Racing




The Truth and Facts about Live Greyhound Racing in Florida.

Mark Twain is credited by some as saying; a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

Live Greyhound Racing is good for Florida and good for the Greyhounds!


Over $80 million was bet on Live Greyhound Racing at the tracks last year, with no reported compulsive gambling. Over $2 billion was bet at out of state Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) Facilities, untaxed and unregulated, a portion on Live Greyhound Racing in Florida. Eleven million dollars were generated in State Revenue, over 3,000 Florida jobs, and over 8,000 beautiful Greyhounds with over 95% adopted to loving families or returned to the farms to live out their lives. These are the standards for the No Kill Animal Movement.

The “False” information is being put forth by very radical Out of State Animal Right (AR) Groups and there misinformed supporters, that take care of NO Animals in Florida. They are the same groups that put on the sad puppy commercials over the holidays.

They use this “False” information for fund raising and do not to take care of any Animals in Florida!  These Groups support the High Kill Animal Shelters in Florida that will kill 250,000 Pets this year, that is over 700 TODAY.

Greyhounds are well trained and well treated. Greyhound Owners do not get paid unless the Greyhound comes in 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in a race. Therefore, greyhound owners take immense pride in ensuring that Greyhound athletes receive the very best treatment.

Everything from the size of the crate to the quantity and quality of food, the veterinary care and the amount of walking, exercises and play time is closely monitored for optimum athletic performance.

Performance by Greyhounds puts food on the tables for the trainers, owners and breeders and their families. Some of the Greyhound men and women have been in the industry for generations. They love their animals and love their jobs.

The State of Florida inspects all Greyhound kennels at all tracks. The Florida Greyhound Association and the National Greyhound have “0” tolerance for any Animal Abuse.

One animal dying prematurely is too many, but all athletes, human or animal can get injuries and even die. In order to avoid this the Greyhound Owners have proposed a 3 Point Safety Bill that would have eliminated the vast majority of deaths and injuries at the track, but the hypocritical AR people oppose it.

John Adams, the 2nd President of the U.S. said “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.”


Jack Cory is with Public Affairs Consultants Inc. in Tallahassee Florida. He represent the Members of the Florida Greyhound Association. 


7 Responses to “Greyhound Assoc.: The Truth About Dog Racing”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    To me just like in the horse racing trade you have alot of shady people involved.Yes,there are rules and regulations put in place.However,there are some not all that really abuse these animals.Spin it all you want….

  2. Christina says:

    Ummm, yeah… this coming from the same association that thinks it’s ok for greyhounds to test positive for cocaine and steroids. I don’t know of any sanctioned sports where it is ok for athletes to test positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

    There are numerous groups in Florida, who oppose greyhound racing. Greyhounds are known to be quite gentle and docile animals, who love to sleep on the couch. Unfortunately, for those that are still racing, they are confined to a cage for the majority of their lives. They are allowed to move when they are making money for their owners.

    If Jack Corey wrote this, he should be ashamed that he did not proofread his tale of fiction.

  3. Jack Cory says:

    Go to The Florida Greyhound Associaition F B to see videos about the “Truth and Facts” about Live Greyhound Racing. #GoodForFlaGoodForTheGreys!

  4. Jack Cory says:

    Please remember Do not engage the trolls. Do not engage the trolls. Do not engage the trolls.

  5. Umm...yea says:

    I’m sure life is wonderful for all those greys that aren’t fast enough to win, or who get injured racing. The fact is many are sold to canine blood banks, used for breeding, or are simply ignored until they starve to death. The fortunate ones get taken by rescue groups and adopted as pets.

  6. Zowie says:

    Here’s an alternative (and, I must say, much more plausible) view to that posted above by the paid industry lobbyist:

  7. Alexander Lewy says:

    I’m curious how this made it as a story on your website.