Race-Baiting Letter From Local Tea Party Wacko Greets Zimmerman Trial.





Will Tea Party’s Everett Wilkinson take off his tinfoil hat?

In a fund raising letter for the National Liberty Federation supposedly written by him, Wilkinson rants a collection of racial slurs and black helicopter conspiracy tripe.

He says that the an acquittal of George Zimmerman will result in martial law “in any area affected by riots or that Obama…wants to control…whole cities may burn down and scores or even hundred of people may die.”

Wilkinson goes into black helicopter territory with “Don’t be surprised if Russian or other foreign troops come to help…Rumor has it that Obama has positioned at least 15,000 Russian troops.”

I won’t repeat the racial garbage he spews.  You can read it yourself below.

Wilkinson is known in Broward for injecting himself with robo calls into last year’s sheriff’s race.

He first used them for Scott Israel in the Democratic primary.  He then used robo calls to Democrats to support former Sheriff Al Lamberti, although it was thought that a Tea Party endorsement was designed to help Israel.

Political operatives Roger Stone and Ron Gunzburger, who were supporting Israel, were believed to be using Wilkinson at the time.  Both denied it.

“Everett Wilkinson is a madman. He is uncontrollable. He was for Bill McCollum when I was for Rick Scott.  We are not pals,” Stone wrote me at the time.

Stone was right about this: Wilkinson is a madman if he wrote the letter attributed to him and allegedly signed by him.

Remember, this is part of the Republican Party’s base!

Not all of the Republicans, since RedBroward’s Tom Lauder brought this to my attention.

Here is the letter (click to enlarge) reproduced by BizPac in Palm Beach County:

wacky letter

8 Responses to “Race-Baiting Letter From Local Tea Party Wacko Greets Zimmerman Trial.”

  1. EyeBrows says:



    Good article a reader linked above.

  2. Ron Gunzburger says:

    I can be very clear: I have never met with, nor spoken with, nor communicated in writing or in any other way with Everett Wilkinson. I don’t know the man at all.

  3. Watching the Race says:

    Wilkinson is a stooge for Todd Wilder. I have a whole background on the guy. Wilkinson’s Tea Party Blog supported every item for each of the special interest groups that gave money to Wilders EEC.

    Ron Gunzburger says he “don’t know the man at all” Bullshit! Wilkinson was a hatchet-man for Israel in both the Primary and the General.

    Unfortunately, Gunzburger, Stone, Wilder, Wilkinson, and Israel are all liars so the truth will never come out.

    It was a political Hatchet-Job to open the investigation into Sue, but she should have been locked up. She benefited from votes that got her husband county contracts.

    My hope is that we could have some honor in our political leaders.

  4. Brothers from another mother says:

    Take a look at the comments from Broward Commissioner Chip LaMarca and Tea Party guy Wilkinson regarding why they were against the recent plan approved by the BCC to fund the Regional 911 System. Maybe not all Republicans agree with Tea Party Wilkinson but Chip Lamarca and he seem share the same views.

    Wilkinson also lashed out at Israel’s efforts to consolidate the County’s 911 emergency services. “People will die with or without the 911,” said Wilkinson. “Consolidation of Broward County’s 911 systems should be terminated if it is going to require even a small increase in taxes,” he said.


    Commissioner LaMarca

    “My vote will continue to be no, never against public safety though, but always against a complete travesty of the taxpayer dollars, and that’s why I can’t support it,” said Commissioner Chip LaMarca.


    Of course Chip claims to care about public safety but it is pretty clear the only difference with these guys is LaMarca claims despite his unwillingness to fund 911 its not about public safety.

    One thing for sure, these guys certainly kneel at the altar of Grover Norquist.

  5. Kevin says:

    Jeez. I hear there is a sale on industrial-sized rolls of tinfoil at Costco. Perhaps Wilkinson should take advantage of it.

    And I am sure that the irony of his nickname is completely lost on him (Everett “Dirksen”…. one of the legendary liberal Republicans of the 1950s and 1960s).

  6. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    Can only whites race bait? What about the GOVERNMENT?

  7. Real Deal says:

    I read the letter twice and note a pattern or tone shared commonly by other tea party communications. They have a common theme.

    They begin by blaming Obama for whatever is wrong. They have hints of racist motivation that increasingly are less and less disguised. They claim things to be true that are not even close to true, like DOJ sponsoring Martin rallies when in fact they were there for riot control.

    They want Americans to arm themselves and begin a civil war. They claim to be patriots but are clearly at war with American government.

    Who else in our world operates using many of the same tactics? Al Qaeda.

    Coincidence? I think not. Like the terrorists, Tea Party people are stuck in a terrible predicament. They are a deeply unhappy minority living in a world where few share or care about the reasons that make them unhappy. So they have no choice but to exaggerate their claims in order to gain more attention. Should that fail we then turn to violence to prove the point.

    Tea Party is a home grown form of political terrorism. Beware.

  8. Ewe No Knot? says:

    Don’t forget Stacy Ritter, Kristen Jacobs, and Tim Ryan