Questions Swirl In Courthouse About Whether Broward Chief Prosecutor Mike Satz Will Retire





Broward State Attorney Mike Satz’s refusal to commit to another term has the courthouse crowd hyperventilating. 

Satz previously said he would remain Broward’s chief prosecutor until the Grim Reaper appeared at his office door. 

Now he is equivocating. 


Mike Satz


Suddenly rumors fill courthouse hallways about who would run to replace Satz. Support is being lined up. The legal establishment is vibrating.  

Satz could be stepping aside. Retiring in his mid-70s. 

Or not.  

For decades Satz has been notoriously dedicated to his work. His desk is still filled with photos of bloody crime scenes and reams of depositions, preparation for cases he still prosecutes.

He also has been dedicated to his reelection. He speaks to civic groups and political clubs regularly even when he is not on the ballot. 

Despite all his years in office, his personal life is a mystery to most voters, unusual in this era of revelation. 

Although he is an eligible bachelor and a millionaire with a high-powered public job, there is no flash to the man. No South Florida flare. 

There was a lot of talk when Satz was younger about him being a ladies man. Those ladies were largely kept under wraps, out of the public eye and apparently disappeared as Satz aged. 

Satz has lived in the same condominium for decades. He eats at the same downtown Fort Lauderdale restaurants largely with the same group of his deputies. Other than his yearly ski vacations and his 2011 Porsche Carerra, Satz appears boring. 

But boring has worked for decades.  

Until 2016. Two years ago, Satz got a shock. 

The veteran prosecutor barely edged out a previously unknown Democratic primary challenger Teresa Williams by only 51.6 to 48.4 percent.

Satz largely lost in the black community, which some say is angry at the chief prosecutor for strictly enforcing laws against minor crimes. Satz only eked out a victory because the primary was open and included Republicans, who voted for Satz, according to analysis by Matthew Isbell at MCIMaps. 


Map from Broward Supervisor of Elections. Chart from MCIMaps. 


During his last reelection campaign, Satz was asked about retirement. His answer to, and I’m paraphrasing: What would I do? 

The same question this week got this response from his spokeswoman: 

We do not have any comments at this time.

Thank you!

Constance Simmons

That is an exceptional statement in two ways. 

One, Satz in the past never, ever had someone speak for him about politics. 

Two, Satz has always said flatly he would run again. And again.

So it has started. The mad race for one of Broward’s best legal jobs which comes with a $170,000 salary and more than 100 prosecutors. 

JAABlog, the courthouse blog, first posted about Satz’s future.  The blog also listed the following possible candidates:

Prosecutor Sarahnell Murphy, former Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler, defense attorney Brian Silber and the 2016 challenger Teresa Williams. 

The list is incomplete. It is very Fort Lauderdale centric and doesn’t contain a single Hispanic or African American, who comprise roughly half of the Democrats in Broward. also heard the names of Broward judges Bob Diaz, Kal Evans and John Fry. Diaz is Hispanic, Evans is black and Fry is a former cop.  

We doubt Diaz, Evans and Fry would be interested, but who knows what will happen in two years? Evans called the sheriff’s job “not a goal that I ever set for myself.”

There will definitely be more candidates from outside the courthouse who could be even more electable if Satz retires.

Don’t expect Satz to announce his intentions quickly. If he does decide to pack it in, let the race begin. 


19 Responses to “Questions Swirl In Courthouse About Whether Broward Chief Prosecutor Mike Satz Will Retire”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    My take.Tell u one thing he is in great shape.I hope i am as fit as him when im in my seventies.Tell u one thing there is no flies on him.Run again i say.If he feels good, looks amazing, why not…Best regards to him…

  2. Niles Peters says:

    Now is the time because the world has changed since he was elected. Drugs should not be the priority anymore.

  3. Goodbye Mikey says:

    Satz never prosecuted corrupt politicians because they were his friends. Send him home for good.

  4. LEO says:

    Mike Satz is one of Broward’s finest public servants. I would be sorry to see him go.

  5. Gary Lalonde says:

    Who are the corrupt cops going to hide behind when Mike Satz “Wall of Shame” is gone?

  6. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    If Mr.Satz does step down former Mayor Jack Seiler would be a good fit.

  7. Tom Quinn says:

    Jack Seiler would be an outstanding man to fill the position.

  8. Charles King says:

    Satz’s shortcoming are that he came in with the Jimmy Carter Administration and has been Broward’s constant gardener of public corruption that created the Broward Swamp over the past 42 years always going easy or even sabotaging cases against cops and corrupt politicians. This has become unpopular to the point of Satz winning his last election 51.6% to 48.4%. Coincidently I was one of the Republicans counterintuitively voting against him. Tell me how bringing in a discredited “Gun Show” Jack Seiler for this essentially lifetime appointment remedies our current situation. “Gun Show” Jack Seiler broke all the rules in office in Fort Lauderdale and probably couldn’t get elected dog catcher at this point but apparently over at the Broward Courthouse/Funhouse he is a leading candidate. Heaven help us!

  9. black community says:

    good riddance don’t let the e door hit you time empty the trash…

  10. A reader says:

    Satz and Ruth Bader Ginsberg will retire at the same time. Never!

  11. right wing says:

    12 years for the tephford murder case????hell no its time to get someone new. I applaud that he’s in great shape, but time waits for no one. esp with the possibility that the msd event may become a death penalty trial.david hogg will be an “old ass” by the time the msd dust finally settles

  12. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    Charles King is spot on. Both the Broward Schools Auditor and I brought evidence of fraud by a politically connected firm. Reply? “That’s how Broward Schools does business “. Only an honest outsider could bring reform to a corrupt county

  13. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well these comments says it all.U see the majority like and support Atty.Satz.As well as encouraging Jack Seiler to run.Except for Charlie King.For Charlie to state the Gun Show reps had Seiler by the balls so to speak.- No way.Jack is in favor of responsible gun laws and to say that they have in their back pockets – again not the case.Badically, King does not like Seiler and its personal.Come on Charlie u just don.t like him.Quite evident.Where the problem lies is Seiler could care less.Infuriates Charlie.Now the subject on Satz.Whats up with City of Ft.lau comm.Robert Mckenzie.It was stated to me that investigation closed.However, city reporter calls to verify and she is told investigation not closed and still on going.Which is it??

  14. frank lee smith says:

    remember me michael? get gone now or we will throw you out. time has passed you by. you stayed too long. your office is a joke.

    ron ishoy is one of the many bad hires you made

    a nasty vindictive zero talent slug.
    the black voters will remember4 what you did to them forever.

  15. the voters says:

    charlotte is right. satz regularly turn a blind eye to crimes by politician and publiclv executives make sure john countryman leaves before you. what a happy time, and the entire snake nest you have bred

  16. justice o' peace says:

    …pathetic old guy. its time to go, quickly too. he belongs in the fifties. his jim crow justice is deadee ya, dont want to be ya.

  17. Charles King says:

    After the Democrats get done trying to unsuccessfully railroad a very Catholic Bret Kavanaugh, you would think what’s left of “The Kennedy democrats” Jack Seiler has made his political career off of would have finally had enough and joined the Republican party, leaving “Jack” out in the cold as a vulnerable Democrat politician without an identity group. I fully expect “Gun Show” Jack Seiler to eventually follow his base to the right side of the aisle in the not too distant future. When your only core belief is your own political advancement you’d be surprised how malleable you can be. As far as Broward State Attorney goes, I couldn’t think of someone more into protecting fellow corrupt politicians and the union protected cops than “Jack” Seiler. If you’re into 42 more years of the Broward Swamp, “Jack” is your man.

  18. Jacquelyn Scott says:

    If I were a gambling woman (LOL) I would say Jack Seiler will be running!


    And you are a gambling women! Fort Lauderdale activist Jackie Scott is a champion poker player who has won many thousands in national tournaments.

  19. Charles King says:

    You don’t have to be a Vegas gambling addict to see that Broward State Attorney is the easiest most likely path back to political redemption for a current politically discredited lawyers first politician like “Gun Show” Jack Seiler. I can’t wait to donate, organize and vote against him. Game on!