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Throwing down the gauntlet, President Barack Obama warned the House Republicans that if they do not legislate the things he wants he will do them by Executive Order.

Those orders may or may not be Constitutional.  But they are damn well smart politics.

Consider immigration.

If he concludes that the only thing the House is really interested in is blocking the border, he may sign some more executive orders; similar to the one he did protecting illegals under thirty.  That order was in response to Congress rejecting The Dream Act immigration bill.

Republicans have two choices. Do nothing and solidify Obama and the Democrat’s standing with Hispanics.

Or, Republicans can attempt to push legislation to undermine any executive order.  Or even worse, go to court to overturn the President’s actions.

Either way, it will reinforce the deep-seeded belief of Latinos and other immigrant groups that the GOP is anti-Hispanic/anti immigrant.

Heads, Obama wins. Tails, the Republicans lose.


 Obamacare and Jobs


When the Congressional Budget Office report on The Affordable Care Act and jobs came out last week, the talking heads on Fox News were wetting their pants. They trumpeted that Obamacare will cost over 2,000,000 jobs and raise the deficit in the trillions.

Appearing before Congress, the CBO head said: “false” and “false”.

The report actually concluded that Obamacare would reduce healthcare costs and allow a couple of million to voluntarily leave the workforce.  It allowed workers to choose retirement before they were eligible for Medicare.

So now the Fox News Party Line is that allowing retirees to keep their insurance will only promote indolence. They’ve got a point.

Obamacare is a license for a bunch of bums to quit work because of some lame excuse over cancer or heart disease.

But why stop with getting rid of portable insurance to keep these lazy bastards’ noses to the grindstone. Let’s get rid of Social Security, Medicare, and all retirement plans, beginning with the 401K.

How about those layabout trust fund babies?

A 100% Estate Tax will get them off their polo ponies and put them into the workforce.  A 90% rate on Dad’s Income Taxes will keep him in the office where he can keel over at his desk rather than on the golf course.

Fox News finally makes sense.


One Response to “Pundit Sam Fields’ Latest Random Thoughts”

  1. John Henry says:

    “Do nothing and solidify Obama and the Democrat’s standing with Hispanics.”

    The GOP had no chance whatsoever of gaining the latino vote—reform or no reform. They’re staying solid with Obama Claus as long as he keeps handing out all that free swag. That gravy train will be derailed soon enough.

    The people that are pushing the GOP to do reform just happen to be their political foes/opponents. Gee I wonder why?

    Reform=Amnesty=Citizenship=Democrat Voters