Commissioner Didn’t Fulfill Promise To Cut Pay





In November 2010,  Chip LaMarca was just elected Broward County Commissioner for the first time when he made a promise that taxpayers couldn’t help notice — he would kick back part of his salary.

LaMarca pledged that he would pay back 14 percent of his annual check.  That figure represents the percentage that Broward government had to cut during the recession, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

County commissioners “get paid too much’’ at $92,000-a-year, LaMarca told the newspaper.   So he vowed to give back $12,885, which is 14 percent of $92,000.

A great newspaper quote.

Only one problem: It never happened.

A Public Records request found that there is “no documentation” that LaMarca ever paid any money back to the county.

Hey, Chip.  There is still time.  I’m sure the county libraries, parks or general budget would love an extra $12,885.

I’m not holding my breath.



chip-lamarca-picChip LaMarca



Here is the e-mail exchange asking for the records on LaMarca:



Subject: RE: Records Request (#240924)
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2014 20:21:11 +0000

Good afternoon ,


In response to your Public Records Request (#240924) below, please be advised no such documentation exists for the stated time frame.

Paul W. Cissell

115 S. Andrews Ave. , Suite 221

Fort Lauderdale, FL  33301

Office: 954-357-7242


From: (name removed)

Sent: Friday, January 10, 2014 11:09 AM

To: Cissell, Paul

Subject: Records Request


Dear Mr. Cissell,


I would like the following information on Commissioner Chip LaMarca.

1)  Documentation of all monies paid to Broward County by Chip LaMarca from Nov 2010 to Dec 31 2013.


This is in reference to an article that appeared in the Sun Sentinel on November 8, 2010.

 LaMarca said county commissioners “get paid too much’’ at $92,000 a year, and he promised to give $12,885 – 14 percent, mirroring county budget cuts — of it back to the county, and said he’d seek to have their pensions abolished.


Thank You,

(name removed)




14 Responses to “Commissioner Didn’t Fulfill Promise To Cut Pay”

  1. Time to clarify says:

    When Chip made this promise in the same month his mortgage account was closed for not payment. At the same time he had made roughly $20,000.00 prior to be sworn in from the construction company and being a LHP Commissioner. Obviously when he made this pledge he knew he didn’t have two nickels to rub together.

    All of the above is documented (foreclosure case exhibits, LaMarca financial filings with the State) here…

    Remember LaMarca in his promise didn’t say this was a one shot payment, so he promised and reneged on over $50,000 in contributions over the last 4 years. Yet in the same 4 years he bought a Jag and a BMW while refusing to pay his mortgage (with a 90k a year part time job).

    Remember one thing Chip above all else, “Life is a Cabernet” for him. Not anyone else.

    Chip LaMarca, we knew from refusing to pay his mortgage he was a deadbeat, now we know he is a liar and a deadbeat.

  2. Wally & Pepe says:

    He did way better than that, Buddy. He returned something like $50-$75K each year from his budget. He only has 2 staff members right now- and never employed a chief of staff. It would take all the commissioners to agree on a pay cut and we know that was never happening so he returned the money this way.

    This LaMarca bashing is getting old. How long before TIMOTHY and Aturd chime in?

  3. Wayne Arnold says:

    In 1948 Fuller Warren from Jacksonville ran for Florida Governor promising to get a “fence” forcing cattleman to fence in their grazing property from roads and highways. He got that law through the legislature. However, he also promised the voters in Florida that he would NEVER support a “sale’s tax”. In his first year in office the legislature passed a 3% sale’s tax and Governor Warren signed it into law. The people Florida were disappointed to say the least. In those a Governor in Florida could not succeed himself. Warren set out a term and ran for Governor again he was trounced. The VOTERS didn’t forget his broken promise. I respect County Commissioner LaMarca but making a promise and then breaking it (at least for now) to give back 14% of his gross pay may not sit so good with the TAX PAYERS he represents.

  4. Nixon says:

    Buddy, what about Ken Keechl’s “short sale” of at least 2 of his homes? Good story, no? He sold his condo in Wilton Station for a reduced price and failed to pay the full amount owed to the bank. And, he has to gall to criticize LaMarca. Also, he doesn’t reside in the District he is running for. He still calls Wilton Manors home… Ask his neighbors.

  5. Only One Termers says:

    No honor among thieves. Especially when they are robbing taxpayers. If we foolishly re-elect him we deserve to be had. Not that keechl was a saint, paying his campaign office/house rent from the donations,but more importantly NO incumbents should be re-elected. Give them their one lucky shot from voters, then the door. No chance of entrenched special interest like 3 terms – 12 years- gives them at the trough and cozy lobbyists,contractors winning bids, etc.
    Sorry Chip.
    Run for Congress like you dappled with a few years back.

  6. what about Wesner says:

    I hear Chip’s Aide Kate Wesner hasn’t been seen on the 4th floor in a while now. I wonder if she took the required leave of absence from the County to work full time on the campaign (where she is seen all the time) or is she working the campaign on the County dime.

    Kate is an old pro she worked for Rep. Allen West she knows how to play the game.

  7. Wally & Pepe says:

    #6 Of course she has. Since you know her so well you know she’s smart enough to take a leave.

    #4 And the neighbors in the new house in D4 never seen Kenny there either so sooner or later the public will catch on that it’s a sham to satisfy that pesky little rule that says you have to live in the district.

  8. just sayin' says:

    Sorry, Wally & Pepe. If Chip said he would return part of his SALARY, that’s NOT the same as returning part of his office budget.

  9. just sayin' says:

    …and “what about Wesner”. It’s VERY easy. Don’t go throwing things out there if you don’t know the facts. Do a public records request and you will EASILY know if she’s taken a leave of absence.

  10. Sucks for Kate says:

    I don’t see her being paid as a campaign worker so LaMarca made her give up her paying job at the County Commission to work the campaign for free? What a great guy.

  11. Wally & Pepe says:

    #8 I’ll take $50-$75K over $12K, thanks.

  12. Prove it says:

    Ok Wally and PeePee prove it.

    Lets see the numbers?

    Certainly LaMarca has these numbers available right?

    Again, there is the problem everyone who writes about Chip uses facts based on LaMarca’s own documents and statements to the media.

    Let’s see it? Put up the proof of the $200k to $300k a year Chip has given back to the county?

  13. Prove it says:

    sorry $200 – $300k over the last 4 years not per year.

  14. Wally & Pepe says:

    To do so would require a public records request. Since Buddy is the journalist here, I vote he does it- after all, he is the one who brought this whole subject up in the first place. Unless, “Prove it”, you can prove that he didn’t. Ask around downtown. LaMarca has only 2 aides and everyone knows it so he is saving the salary of the 3rd aid.