Prosecute Dog Owners In Fort Lauderdale Pit Bull Attack

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If doing a job only halfway is a mistake, then euthanizing only Katarzna and Marek Zalewski’s pit bulls was a mistake.

They should have included Katarzna and Marek.

These Pit Bulls Attacked A Fort Lauderdale Woman


 If not for euthanizing, than at least having them both fixed.  Like their dogs, they need to be kept from breeding.
On May 20th, their pit bulls became the latest of this vicious breed to attack without warning or provocation.

They mauled Kailen Gonzalez who, with her brother, was peacefully walking their three dogs in east Fort Lauderdale.  The pit bulls mauled her face and killed a silky terrier she was walking. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel story is here.
The Zalewski’s apparently felt the need to for self-protection in their gangsta’ infested neighborhood of Victoria Park.  At any moment, some drag queen just might jump out of the bushes and attack you with a pair of five-inch Jimmy Choos.
Lawyers for Gonzalez say otherwise and have sued. 
Let me shut down the defenders of pit bulls who deny that there is anything special about the breed.  They insist that they are just like any other dog it’s the owner’s fault.
Yeah, right. And lions are just oversized pussycats.
It’s hard to make that kind of argument when you spend even five minutes at the website of

Last year 28 persons were killed in dog attacks.  Pit bulls, which account for 2-9% of all dogs, were responsible for 65% of the fatal attacks.

It’s not just the upbringing.  Pit bulls have been genetically bred to be vicious, relentless and have a biting power that is three times a typical dog like a Lab. 
There is a reason that dog fighting aficionados like felon Michael Vick use pit bulls instead of toy poodles or even German shepards.

And it’s not because of the rules of the game.  There are noneexcept the loser dies. 
There is no longer a reason for Broward County to allow these dogs in town.  Insurance requirements are not enough.

For years defenders would make legal arguments that the term “pit bull was vague; especially with mixed breeds. 

With genetic testing that is no longer the case.  If someone challenges the county about their dog’s breed we would submit the dog for DNA testing.  Loser pays for the testing.
Along with putting the dogs down, Marak Zalewski was fined a whopping $270 for an unregistered dog.
And at the same time the County Commission looks at banning the breed, the State Attorney should be investigating a criminal prosecution of the Marak’s for failing to properly secure a lethal weaponwhich is exactly what pit bulls are.

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  1. TheBrowardRepublican says:

    “…except the looser dies.”
    “Looser pays for the testing.”

    Not to take away from the importance of your story, but I believe you meant to put “loser” and not “looser.”

  2. TheBrowardRepublican says:

    Oh, and a more factual editorial from reading the story you referenced from the Sun-Sentinel would state:

    “Bella, the Silky terrier Gonzalez was dog-sitting, was killed in the attack.”

    It was not “her silky terrier.”

    FROM BUDDY:Thanks for catching this and the previous typo. It has been changed.

  3. Pit Bull Problem says:

    The American Kennel Association maintains breeding standards for pit bull terriers. They warn that pit bulls can tend toward aggression, and that any signs of aggressive traits not be permitted to be passed on to new generations. Rather, dogs with even that indication should be nuetered. Aggressive behavior toward humans by pit bulls should result in those dogs being put down. This is the professional guidance on the matter and nobody seems to be following it.

    In contrast, pit bulls have for decades now been intentionally bred for increasingly aggressive traits. The majority of that breeding activity comes from drug dealers and the fight trade. The pit bull breed we have today is not what the AKA recommends. It is instead a dog that borders on not being a domesticated animal.

    This gives special credence to people that want to ban pit bulls, even though the banning of a dog breed should rarely if ever become necessary.

    The smarter solution is to make it illegal to breed pit bull terriers without a license. Those licensed must follow the AKA guidelines for that breed. This requirement may unfortunately need to be extended to other breeds if we see similar results to what we have with pit bulls. All undocumented pit bulls, not bred to AKA standards, should be neutered for public protection. Any such dog involved in any aggressive behavior should be put down. This is the correct thing to do and it is in no way cruel.

    All this requires State action since counties and cities outside of Dade County don’t have that authority.

    Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend. It is man that has allowed some to become our worst nightmare. But focus on the ownership and breeders is only part of the solution. Ultimately we must rid ourselves of the sub-standard dogs that these irresponsible people created.

  4. Sam Fields says:

    I stand corrected. As for the spelling that is the job of my copy editor.

    These days it’s so hard to get good help.

  5. Tony says:

    Waiting for state to take action on pit bulls will be a long wait, Pit Bull Problem. The state has so many other essential problems to deal with like removing the word shylock from the state documents.
    I say sue the bastards who have these dogs. Sue them into bankrupcy.

  6. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Pit Bull problem,

    You are right about the problem I just don’t think your solution is enough. Unlike banning items that we can keep secret–drugs–dogs are going to be tough to conceal. What will also be tough is having the state determine which ones are or are not dangerous. How many times do you hear the owner say: “But, he never did anything like that before.”

    I suggest starting with Broward because it is more reasonable about these things than Tallahassee.

    By the way there are at least a couple of breeds that are as bad. For example Presa Canario is making a comeback. It is bigger and meaner. That is the dog that killed the woman in San Francisco in her apartment hall. In addition there are assholes that crossbreed dogs and wolves.

  7. Tamara Follett says:

    It is from irresponsible breeders that irresponsible owners, dog-fighters, and criminals get their dogs. When these illicit owners breed, the cycle perpetuates itself. Control the breeders, and you control the homes they sell to.

    See the 3-Part Series on “Regulating Potentially-Aggressive Dog Breeders” on

    We need to get away from the unproductive controversy over “Pit Bulls: Yes or No?” Both sides of the argument want the same thing –an end to dangerous dogs. And solutions exist. A conference in Toronto this fall will disseminate these new methodologies, innovations, and best practices, globally: Policy-makers from around the world are attending, from as far away as Australia.

    See also

    Tamara Follett
    CEO, Dog-Trax North America
    Event Host

  8. Sam Fields says:

    Dear Ms Follett
    What do you mean “both sides want and end to these dangerous dogs”. That is just flat out wrong. There are significant elements that want dangerous dogs for a variety of reasons. Everything from making money to compensating for personal inadequacies.

    The basic question is a test balancing their harm versus their need–cost/benefit. There is no need for pit bulls. They are strictly a vanity and as long as they are not harmful should be protected. But that is not the case.

    There is a misplaced sense of freedom about exotic and dangerous animals. For example Burmese Pythons. The law allows private ownership. A number escaped and they have now inundated the Everglades and threaten natural wildlife.

    Want to see a Burmese python ?—go to the zoo.

    Want to see a pit bull–look on the internet.

  9. Mister Courthouse says:

    Like much of what you write Sam, this amounts to Dog Doody.

  10. Jose says:

    Vote AGAINST every politician who does want to ban these dangerous dogs with action not speeches.

  11. Julie says:

    Well I guess my opinion doesnt matter anyway against all of you “Pit Bull experts.” I guess the fact that I have spent my entire life with Pit Bulls and never saw an ounce of aggression toward a person, another dog, or a little kitten from a Pit Bull does not matter. I guess the fact that I have had Pit Bull puppies as pets my whole life that grew to live ripe old ages never ever being mean or “turning to kill someone” does not matter.
    No, I guess spending 30 years with the breed does not mean anything. And the fact that all you “experts” can sit back and do a google search means everyone should listen to you. Why don’t you get off of your lazy ass, and go to an animal shelter and spend a few minutes with a Pit Bull on deathrow. After all, it only takes a few minutes to fall in love with the breed. Then you can speak from your own experience, rather than soak up and spew all of this nonsense you have been spoonfed by the media.

  12. Brooks says:

    I’m frightened that the Pit bull desires a special type of owner…these dogs, no matter how ‘trusting’ still have teeth, are nevertheless creatures with out moral ideas and when they DO bite, won’t let go. As in all animals…some often be additional suseptable to instinctual habits and time and time once again, this breed tends to perform just that.

  13. PitOwner says:

    If you did your “research”, you’d see that just using stats from gives your commentary no creditability.
    Pit Bulls serve no purpose? Again, research.
    Pit Bulls are used in law enforcement, search and rescue, therapy, service, and more.
    There are more than 5 MILLION Pit Bulls in the U.S. and Canada combined.
    On average, there are actually about 3 attacks per day in North America. That means that there are about 1,095 attacks per year.
    Even if there were 100 attacks every day, that, at 36,500 attacks per year, would be less than 1% of the Pit Bull population.
    I cringe at each and every attack that I hear of. My heart cries for the children, adults, and pets that are needlessly injured, maimed, and killed by these dogs.
    Would you like to know what’s even worse than that? More than 97% of these attacks can be, and should have been, prevented. MORE THAN 97%!
    And it all comes down to what no one wants to hear: irresponsible owners and irresponsible parents. And all TOO many times a combination of both.
    BSL (Breed-Specific Legislation) accomplishes nothing.
    If most of the people who rant on this type of forum care even HALF as much as they think they do, they should write their “leaders”, like I do, asking for OSL — Owner-Specific Legislation, and tougher punishment for abusive and irresponsible owners.
    First, DEMAND from your representatives that they take Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and ALL “dangerous” and “aggressive” dogs out of the hands of ANYONE with a criminal history. It can be done. This alone will result in lowering attacks by as much as up to 70%.
    Then, DEMAND that your representatives impose harsh penalties for animal abuse, neglect, and cruelty, including HEAVY fines and JAIL TIME for “dog-at-large” and attacks.
    Will it stop all attacks? No. But it will put a significant dent in the numbers.
    As for irresponsible parents? Well, about 35 children every year STILL die because they are “forgotten” in hot cars, so what does that tell you.
    And, yes, some dogs will still attack due to natural causes whether they be mentally, or medically, related. These currently account for about 3%–or less– of Pit Bull attacks.
    I challenge you, and anyone else reading this, to research these incidences, like I do –EVERY ONE, then come back and give me your “opinion”.
    I am very easy to find and contact.

  14. Sam Fields says:

    I would love to know the names of the police departments that use pit bulls.

    All guns are not the same neither are all dogs. Pit bulls have been bred to hurt.

    Do you think they use them for dog fighting by co-incidence?

  15. Roc Chambeau says:

    you’re comments are moronic

  16. Andrew Montemarano says:

    Your an ignorant asshole, any dog can be taught to be vicious. People like you make me sick to my stomach.

  17. james says:

    sitting here and reading all you stupid people comments on banning pitt bulls is sick to my stomach…thats all people think about is destroying something that god put on this earth…you nd your so called law makers try to decide on who gets to live and who gets to die like you are playing god.I just so happen to own a pitt bull…and let me tell you something….they are more friendly and loyal the most people these days…yea they might can get a little aggressive…but who is really to blame…with all the abuse and mistreatment they recieve…I dont blame them at all…I bet half of you dumb asses that sitt on here hating on pitt bulls have never actually took the time to get to know one or actually know what that dog has gone through to get that way…but noooooo all you just want to do is kill, kill, kill…but thats fine karma is a B!tch…stop running around here trying to play god and decide who gets to live and who doesnt

  18. Jason says:

    James, you are ignorant. “God” did NOT put pit bulls “on this earth,” nor any other dog for that matter. Dogs were created by man from wolves (some in Russia have been bred from jackals), so they are not God’s creatures, but man’s creatures. God (or nature) would never have created or allowed something to evolve with the loathsome, destructive habits prevalent in dogs. They are filthy, they eat human and animal excrement, wallow on dead things, chase down and kill other animals just for the fun of it, bark and disturb people and now, because people have brought these vile creatures into their homes and attempted to humanize them, every few days we are reading about one (usually a pit bull) badly injuring or killing someone. As for that “man’s best friend” load of malarkey, I challenge anyone who thinks his dog is loyal and loves him to have a neighbor feed the fleabag steak instead of the processed dog food it gets at home and see how fast “Fido” becomes the neighbor’s loyal, loving companion. Dogs do what is necessary to be fed and cared for — they do NOT love. They have no sense of loyalty, only of survival.

  19. joe says:

    Well I have owned 3 pit bulls and my family owned upward to 20 pit bulls out of those 20 there was only 1 bad one because the people that had it b4 my family had trained it with gun powder

  20. joe says:

    Also my chihuahuas beat up my pit bulls

  21. Gina says:

    You are a moron