Pro-Immigration Group Opposing SW Broward Detention Facility


A statewide pro-immigration group is flooding Pembroke Pines and Southwest Ranches City Halls with complaints about the planned construction of a massive federal detention center.

Using robo calls and a polished media operation, Florida Immigrant Coalition has given voice to hundreds of residents upset with the potential traffic and danger of having a 1,800-2,200 bed facility in Southwest Ranches.

“Residents believe there are all kinds of deals taking place behind their backs,” said Kathy Bird, a coalition organizer.

The group is opposed to any expansion of detention facilities for immigrants, saying there are already 1,800 beds available in South Florida.

On its website, the group states that is “seeks equal rights for immigrants and integration into the civic and cultural life of our communities. We accomplish our mission through coordination of immigrant organizations and community education, organizing and advocacy.”

Bird also gives economic reasons why to oppose the facility: “I can’t understand in the economic times we are in that the government is doing this.  It doesn’t make sense.”

The new facility could cost taxpayers almost $90 million-a-year.

The group has a blog — CAAGOAWAY.ORG.  Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) is the private company that owns the land and wants to build the prison for federal immigration authorities.

Residents and the group have already made a dent.  Pembroke Pines Commissioner Iris Siple says she is dead set against a facility.

But there is a problem for Siple. There is not much she can do although it is her constituents who will be impacted.

The facility is in a 50-acre enclave of Southwest Ranches surrounded by Pembroke Pines.  Thus, Pembroke Pines has very little control over what goes on the site, although it’s residents get all the impact.

Residents at tonight’s Pines commission meeting are expected to ask commissioners to withhold water and sewer service to the site.  But commissioners have gotten a legal opinion that such action would be unlawful and arbitrary.

With hundreds of residents opposing this deal, the facility has a long way to go.

4 Responses to “Pro-Immigration Group Opposing SW Broward Detention Facility”

  1. Pines Resident says:

    The CCA lobbyists pushed this through secretly without residents imput. Commissioners need to hear from residents and realize that work for us.

  2. Real American says:

    A lot of us agree with this group because we believe that illegals should be detained but put on a plane the minute they are caught and flown backto the third world hell they came from.

  3. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Hey “Real American:

    Sounds like you’re a racist puke pig. You’re probably a reeeeeeal punk. Wish I could get you in the ring and show you a thing or two, you low life prejudiced piece of garbage!

  4. Mr. G says:

    These illegals need to be rounded up and sent back! It is costing all of us money. Let’s see they get free medical care, education, rent, food stamps and their kids get a free college education under the dream act!

    If we went illegally to their countries we would be put in jail or even shot at!

    We need laws like Alabama enforce the current laws and make them stiffer.

    These illegal freeloaders take jobs away from Americans. Our schools are suffering because we have to spend more money to teach these kids English while our kid’s programs get short changed.

    Let me say that I am NOT against immigration if it is done legally and the right way.

    So tell me Stone Cold, are you one of the rich ones that wants to pay more taxes for these freeloaders???