Pro-Bond E-Mail Blast Is More Phony Political Spin




Hey, Alan Levy.

I’ve got some reading for you to do: The 2011 Grand Jury report on the Broward Schools.

I know you’re busy peddling the biggest bond referendum in Broward history — $800 million for the schools.  So you really only have to read one recommendation out of the 21 that the Grand Jury made:

“Create independent office of Inspector General to monitor the Board and District.”

The dictionary definition for independent is “free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority.”

Independent is not a board created, authorized or appointed by the School Board or Superintendent Robert Runcie.

The “third-party oversight committee” that you mention in your latest pro-bond e-mail blast is not what the Grand Jury envisioned.

It’s not independent.

In fact, the current School Board killed an attempt by local legislators to place it under the county’s Inspector General, an agency totally independent from the School Board.

How’s that for changing the way the School Board does business?

Only independent individuals not connected with the School Board or Runcie can ensure “that public dollars are invested in an efficient and transparent manner” — the phrase you use in your e-mail.

Only an independent committee is what the Grand Jury envisioned.

Anything else is simply political spin….like your e-mail blast, Alan.

Here is Levy’s latest (I added bold faced type to highlight the section I was writing about):



From:”Alan Levy” <>
Date:Wed, Oct 15, 2014 at 9:07 AM
Subject:Putting accountability first.

Investing in our children is important, but like all good investments, there needs to be accountability for how capital is spent.

That’s why the Broward County School Board has authorized a third-party oversight committee that oversee our proposed $800 school bond investment; ensuring that public dollars are invested in an efficient and transparent manner.

Our schools desperately need funds to finance critical safety enhancements, building repairs, and updated classroom technology. Schools bonds can help provide this funding, and the Broward County School Board is committed to an accountable process to ensure that our schools get the most for their money.

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Alan Levy
Chairman of Citizens for Safe and Modern Schools

4 Responses to “Pro-Bond E-Mail Blast Is More Phony Political Spin”

  1. GFL says:

    Not to worry as this will be DOA once and for all on Nov 4.

  2. Alice McGill says:

    It is the old”the foxes are watching the henhouse ” trick. Vote NO!. Make the foxes clean up proposal (as if they would!) or let unbiased people who are not in cahoots with the builders/developers come up with a new proposal to improve the schools’ infrastructures.

  3. Sharon Graham says:

    The operative word here is TRUST and there is neither any trust for Mr. Runcie nor his senior staff!The only solution is to remove him and all of his cohorts after defeating this bond.

  4. excompassionateconservative says:

    What really bothers me is that I support public education and do want to vote yes on the amendment. However, knowing the past history of the School board and the chicanery involved, I can not in clear mind vote yes on this.

    It would be irresponsible to hand over 800 dollars to a Broward HS student to spend as it would be to hand over 800 million to the Broward school system to spend.

    Maybe a school bond issue would pass if part of the construction was to remodel a low occupancy school into a prison for the people you know will be eventually indicted and convicted if this passes and the public coffers are released.