Possible Replacements for Sheriff Scott Israel Include Former Fort Laud Mayor, Cops and Judges






Broward Sheriff Scott Israel is almost certainly toast.

 Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis could suspend him minutes after taking office next week in the wake of the devastating criticism of the sheriff’s department by the state commission investigating the Parkland shooting.

Regardless of the actions of DeSantis, who pledged to remove Israel during his campaign, the sheriff is a political Dead Man Walking.  

He has lost the support of many of the leading Democrats. He has lost the support of many in the downtown business community.  He has lost the support of the Sun-Sentinel, which called for his removal this week after supporting him in April.

If he is not removed from office, Israel will almost certainly face credible challengers in 2020. 

Clearly some of the political establishment is already looking for a new sheriff. 

DeSantis’ people are being passed names of individuals that the new governor could appoint to replace Israel. The right appointment could become the most powerful political figure in Broward.

The following names were gathered from interviews with Broward insiders over the past week.  The caveat is that only DeSantis knows how this mess is going to shake out.

But speculation is the 24/7 pastime of pols. After all, there are three TV cable news networks that thrive on political speculation. And Israel’s fate and who might replace him is all Broward’s political world is talking about as 2018 comes to an end.

Best known among those being whispered as a replacement for Israel is former Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler. 


Jack Seiler


He would would have take a pay cut to step down from his thriving law practice, so who knows if he would make the financial sacrifice. Seiler also is controversial in Fort Lauderdale for encouraging development, but development is not an issue for a sheriff.

On the plus side, Seiler is a moderate Democrat who worked with Republicans when he was in the Legislature and who accomplished a great deal as mayor. 

Other names being mentioned include Broward County Judge John D. Fry, a former sergeant with the U. S. Marines and Margate Police who has been on the bench since 2010. 



Judge John Fry presiding over bond court, November 2018


Other judges with law enforcement backgrounds were suggested to browardbeat.com, such as former Broward Chief Judge Dale Ross. 

Others said the perfect choice would be Coral Springs Police Chief Clyde Parry given his officers laudable bravery during the high school shooting.

Two other police chiefs mentioned to browardbeat.com were Rick Maglione of Fort Lauderdale and Constance Stanley of Lauderhill. 



Chief Constance Stanley


And get this name, which one Fort Lauderdale-centric pol mentioned: 

In a nod to the notion that the sheriff’s job is largely administrative, browardbeat.com was told that outgoing Fort Lauderdale City Manager Lee Feldman could be a choice. Fired by the City Commission in October, Feldman is by no means liked by everybody in Fort Lauderdale. The theory is that he would be appointed by the new governor until the next election for sheriff in 2020.

Former Sheriff Al Lamberti, a Republican that Israel defeated to win his job, was mentioned, too. But  more than one told browardbeat.com that Lamberti is not interested. 

None of the names mentioned could be reached for comment over the Holidays.

Despite all these rumors, if DeSantis removes Israel he could pick a temporary replacement that nobody in Broward’s political world knows.  A relatively-unknown business type with strong managerial skills. An anonymous law enforcement person.  

The only thing certain is that Broward’s political world — Democrats and Republicans — believe that this is happening fast.

Stay tuned.


53 Responses to “Possible Replacements for Sheriff Scott Israel Include Former Fort Laud Mayor, Cops and Judges”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I don’t think Jack Seiler would take the Sheriff postion.However, u know who if the Gov terminates( another law suit coming) Scott Isreal would be former Ft.Lau comm.Bruce Roberts.First he is a Republican or independent etc.Also being the former police chief he has the experience etc.Also Roberts will boost moral, which from what i hear is at an all time low.Many, many personal share the sentiment that Israel needs to go.Then being a intern postion than in Nov of 2020 he can then months before he can make the decision to run formally.Yes, i think Bruce Roberts would be a perfect fit.As far as sitting police chief Rick Magelione stay put( doing a good job).Lee Feldman outgoing Ft.lau city manager im not so sure he would be a good choice.Too administation oriented.Will see…..

  2. Chief says:

    Chief Frank Adderley would be an excellent choice. He has a proven record.

  3. No, no, no says:

    Dear Governor Desantis,
    Please do NOT pick some political hack like Seiler, we just got rid of this guy. Yes, he accomplished a lot, our infrastructure was literally exploding into the streets and river, he never administered anything- he let Lee Feldman and the developers do whatever they wished. He spent all the money in reserves and allowed year after year, for money to be depleted for the infrastructure, all so he could claim he didn’t raise taxes. After 9 years, our service fees are through the roof, the cranes are everywhere, and Rome burns.
    His BIG accomplishment is the st Patrick’s day parade and if you want someone who can throw a party, then he is your man!
    Seiler is a civil lawyer, has never done criminal, probably doesn’t even own a gun.
    Further, why would you put in this Liberal Democrat? He didn’t support you, he backed Gwen Graham.
    Please pick someone who can administrate and has some type of law enforcement background, and why not a republican.

  4. Ron Mills says:

    Buddy, really this entire story is not based on reality or sources, in fact, DeSantis cannot just remove an elected official because of a campaign promise, let’s stick to facts shall we here are some facts https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/ExecutiveSuspensions


    It is based on many sources, Mr. Mills, as explained in the story.
    The governor can remove an elected official for any or all of these causes:
    Neglect of Duty;
    Permanent Inability to Perform Official Duties; or,
    Commission of a Felony.

    The sheriff could then request a trial in the Republican-led Senate to defend himself.

    Or he could sue in court, but can anyone predict what a court and/or an appeals court would rule.

    According to the Sun-Sentinel, Israel’s supporters believe he will be able to beat back a suspension in court or in the Senate with the help of other sheriffs. The supporters predict Israel would emerge from a suspension stronger than before.

    That could be the case. Everything about Israel’s future is speculation.

    I believe, however, that optimism on Israel supporter’s part is spin. Israel would be damaged politically if he overturns a suspension in the Senate or court. Such a suspension would make it more difficult to run for reelection in 2020. It would give opponents lots of damaging testimony to use in a campaign and a solid issue to run against.

  5. Recovering Catholic says:

    Clyde Parry all the way! He’s a proven leader evidenced by the performance of his troops at MSD.

    About Fry:
    Years back, after two grueling days, Fry eliminated me from a jury pool in which he was representing a defendant facing very serious charges. I walked out of that courthouse feeling like I’d been shit at and hit. He was amazing, and would have been my pick if I ever found myself on the wrong side of the law. Would imagine that he’s outstanding on the bench.

  6. LEO says:

    Nobody cares about Parkland outside of Parkland.
    Israel might be suspended, but then he can run on a platform that that a Republican governor tried to take Broward voters choice away from them.
    Scott Israel can not be beat.

  7. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


    INDEPENDENT Chief Roberts n ANY DEMOCRAT aint agoin’ to get any appointment.

    As for the ‘potential’ Election – Fort Lauderdale candidates NEVER SEEM TO WIN except for Nikki Fried WHO NO ONE HERE EVER HEARD OF.

  8. FTL Voter says:

    You cannot just suspend someone because of a bad interview with Jake Tapper. The reason has to withstand legal review to be sufficient. So … what are the grounds? There is nothing in the commission report that found anything “systemic” or “cultural” (which could have legitimately been blamed on Israel, if they found that). It found several individual deputies messed up, but that this cannot be attributed to the fault of Israel. Pinellas County Sheriff Gualtieri, the chairman of the Governor’s MSD Commission, gave an interview to NBC-6 and said they found no legal ground for the Governor to remove Israel: “I don’t see anything that rises to that level or even close to that level.” Don’t believe me? Watch the story and hear Gualtieri say it himself: https://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/MSD-Commission-Chair-Would-Not-Recommend-Removal-of-BSO-Sheriff-From-Office-502532751.html

  9. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Sorry, quick addition.


  10. Walk it like I talk it says:

    You use terms like political establishment, Broward insiders, etc… pointing out once again what a political hotbed this has turned into…and nothing more.

    The Chair of the public safety Commission, appointed by Rick Scott, who is a Sheriff and an attorney and who has listened to every minute of testimony and is familiar with every detail of this horrific incident, clearly stated that NOTHING even remotely rises to the level of cause to remove Sheriff Israel. Based on the report of the commission it looks like BSO has already made the majority of the recommendations they put forth. If the outgoing or incoming governor can just yank out elected officials based on political pressure they should all beware! I didn’t see anyone calling for the removal – or even an investigation – of the Orange County Sheriff after 49 people were killed at Pulse. And for that matter, who has been removed from office after a bridge under construction collapsed and killed 6 FIU students?

    This political speculation, all based on a question that was answered as speculation during a heated campaign, seems like it brings us full circle each time, back to a politically asked and answered resolution: the voters who elected Scott Israel as Sheriff should get to decide who our Sheriff is.

  11. LexisNexis says:

    1) The Governor cannot “remove” the Sheriff and/or any other constitutionally elected official. The Governor may only suspend citing factual grounds that are considered to be one of the lawfully recognized bases for the suspension.
    2) Any Governor’s executive order of suspension must factually specify violation of either Misfeasance; Malfeasance; Neglect of Duty; Drunkenness; Incompetence; Permanent Inability to Perform Official Duties; or,Commission of a Felony.
    3) The 2 most comment thought basis are Misfeasance and Malfeasance. Isreal doesn’t drink, has not been ruled “incompentent” which is a requirement for this charge.
    4) Malfeasance as defined by the Florida Supreme Court requires an illegal act while in the performance of official duties.
    5) Misfeasance requires a “legal act in an improper or wrongful act”.
    6) The facts to date do not facutally support the lawful basis to sustain the suspension in a court proceeding.
    7) The most recent such case in which the E/O was sticken by the courts took about 3 weeks.
    8) Who other than an unemployed individual would be willing to accept a position in which they could be removed if the E/O fails judicial review.
    9) Isreal is seriously politically wounded but if he prevails in a suspension challenge there will be 2 years to rebuild which is a lifetime in politics.

  12. Black lives matter too says:

    To piggyback on what #6 “LEO” said, not only does nobody outside Parkland care what Parkland thinks, but I ask myself — if this happened anywhere besides an affluent white community who would care???

    How can we possibly be OK with the idea that a Sheriff who is very widely respected and well liked could be taken out of office because of someone else’s “campaign promise?” If you told me that getting rid of my sheriff would stop all mass murders of ALL children and would prevent the sale of assault weapons for non military use, then I’d say he should go. But how can we put more blame on him then we do on the AR-15, or the killer himself? How can we be so foolish and so short-sighted that we could possibly believe one man being removed from office could impact anything? If all we are seeking is a sense of vengeance, then where does it end??

    We learn in Psalm 4:4, “do not sin by letting anger control you.” We must not be so mindless to think that anger or revenge will be sufficient actions to prevent these mass murders from happening again, and again, as they do in schools, churches, movie theaters, concerts, shopping centers, yoga classes and virtually anywhere else. The BSO officers that day had all received the same training. Some were heroic, others were not. Not all good guys with guns are brave. None of them bought the killer his weapon or fired it. This has happened throughout our country and it will absolutely happen again. Removing Sheriff Israel, who has done so much good work and connected with so many marginalized communities, would do nothing to prevent the next mass shooting.

  13. Sober As a Judge says:

    One of two possibilities. Sheriff Israel won’t be suspended becaue the facts don’t legally justify it and Ron DeSantis isn’t as stupid as some think. Israel will go on to implement the MSD Committee recommendations, run for reelection, and win in a landslide. That’s the most likely scenario.

    Less likely, he does get suspended which then means DeSantis is indeed that stupid. Shortly afterward, a judge throws the suspension out ruling that removal of an elected Sheriff absent strong justification is an abuse of office and an affront to justice. The Sheriff will then go back to work and still gets re-elected in a landslide.

    Broward voters know the Stoneman Douglas tragedy stopped being about murdered kids months ago. It’s now all about partisan politics and angry parents fighting each other for TV time. Some even have lawsuits to protect.

    Let’s not forget the NRA in all this.
    A Florida Sheriff went on national TV and said we must take guns out of the hands of insane people. Common sense courage like that must be punished and the NRA handed that assignment out months ago. DeSantis has two choices. The outcomes won’t change. Let’s see which he chooses.

  14. Scurrying rats says:

    all the Israel political flunkies on the Bso payroll are crapping their pants about now. Ron you may want to not poo poo these potential sheriff candidates as you will be shilling your worthless robo calls to them on two years.

  15. Mexico will pay for it says:

    Is there actually anyone who thinks Ron DeSantis is going to appoint a black woman who is the chief of police of an almost entirely black city with a small police department? I mean this entire move, if he actually does it, would be nothing more then red meat for his political base. Appointing her takes it in the completely opposite direction and he loses the political value of a purely political move. Kinda makes you question the legitimacy of this entire piece.


    Remember that Israel was the chief of a very small North Bay Village in Miami-Dade County before becoming sheriff.

  16. Just saying says:

    Deja vu when all the locals talked up the local power brokers and power mongers looking to get the SOE gig amonth ago right here on browardbeat. PLEASE Governor Scott, you have till January 8, remove Israel and put the equivalent of Ed Antonucci as sheriff until the 2020 election. MUST be a sterling LEO person. Preferably out of the area. And as to non-LEO ‘pretender/wannabee’ wanting a sheriff gig, remember Ken Jenne. An attorney, politician, power monger, but an abject failure and crook at the end of the day. Lost the law license. More shame on Broward (as if we had/have room for any more).
    And if Scott won’t do it before Jan 8, then please, Ron Desantis, don’t make this the first (of many) mistakes in your guv role picking from those mentioned here. How about a clean slate and a clean sweep please?
    Leave Israel in and voters will deal with it in 22 months.

  17. jake bontin says:

    col. Alvin Pollock is the best choice. he has the experience, the education, and is well liked and respe4ctecd. maglione is the worst choice jenne would be better.than any of the fort lauderdale guys.

  18. Local Resident says:

    I have to agree with LEO. Sheriff Israel has the support of a vast majority of County residents. He would win, in court, if suspended, and the people would re-elect him, with an even greater majorty than before, to show the Governor that they made their choice!

  19. anonymous says:

    Dale Ross? That’s a funny joke.

  20. Al Lameberti says:

    None of those names are remotely qualified. Frank Adderly…pluhease. He should have been locked up already.

  21. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    #6 n #12 really show how LOW some people can sink.

  22. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    # 20.Also yes Frank Adderly is another good choice.Everyone in law enforcement likes him.Knows the ropes.Former Ft.lau police chief.Life long resident.Yes, Frank is more than qualified.He could actually run for Sheriff.Black community loves him, as do alit of others.Good looking.Will see…

  23. Rightwinger says:

    #18. He may have the vast support of the county, but just like Dr Brenda and Jerk of the Court Brenda, they are incompetent. The deputies voted no confidence. We need to check with the Detention Deputies and the civilian employees. We need a real law enforcement person, not a politician. Please come back Al.

  24. Steve Schwinn says:

    Gov. DeSantis can clearly make a strong misfeasance case against Scott Israel, citing and cherry picking from the findings of the MSD Commission.
    All these BSO flunkies on here saying otherwise are either drinking the kool-aid or trying to convince what’s left of the Sheriff’s support before it falls away.

  25. A Reader says:

    Spot on definition of Jack Seiler. Imagine how much damage he could do with a gun and a badge.

  26. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Commenters #8 and #10 are correct.

    This surprise attack exposed weaknesses in BSO policies and BSO training programs, some of which Israel has moved very swiftly and effectively to correct. More needs to be done. In mid-2020 voters will decide whether or not Israel’s reforms justify another term in office.

  27. Not Smart says:

    Israel made some stupid moves. If that was grounds for dismissal, half the politicians would be impeached.

  28. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    The majority of County voters go for a Democrat. “Support Scott Israel” n #18 is plain DELUDED Scot Israel AS A PERSON has wide or deeo support. The fact that people support Israel AND SAY THE DEATHS DONT MATTER shows what kind of supporters he has.

  29. mexico will pay for it says:

    NOBODY is saying the deaths don’t matter. Of course they do. They’re saying the deaths are not Scott Israel’s fault and suspending him from office thwarts the will of the Broward voters and does nothing to prevent future mass shootings.

  30. CHERYL MASSEY says:

    We voted Israel in, so IMO, he needs to be left alone just because some don’t agree with one move he’s made thus far. I voted for DeSantis, but surely don’t agree with him stepping in and right off the bat changing things up because of a personal “opinion”. That move would secure the fact that he will lose my vote next time around.

  31. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Apologises. #28 should OBVIOUSLY have a “NDEITHER” between ‘
    has’ and ‘wide’.
    Do NOT blog in bed while a cat wants to eat, play, or go outside. They distract you.

  32. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Will of the Voters? You mean Nuxon should have stayed? The Parkland Massacre AFTER THE AIRPORT CRITICISMS AND THE LOW RENT TRUMO LIKE BASELESS SELF PRAISE means there is something for the ELECTED Governor to consider. A blind goat IF A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT could get elected in Broward County over a QUALIFIED INDEPENDENT or REPUBLICAN!

  33. Paractiical sense says:

    Taking somebody from Ft Lauderdale would not make sense because of the Ft Lauderdale brotherhood does not make sense.
    The one that seems practical providing he agrees to resign from his job as Davie city manger would be Rick Lamack if rick and davie to come to an agreement he could do a great job assistant city manger and police chief and present city manger?

  34. Robbie Keefer says:

    Yes, Adderly would be perfect.

  35. carolina says:

    I think too much blame is being placed on our Sheriff. No comments seem to be placing blame on FBI in another state who were notified about the possibility of Cruz going on a school shooting rampage. Had they contacted Florida authorities, this horrible massacre just might have not happened.

  36. carolina says:

    From what I have read the FBI in another state was alerted about Cruz & his intentions & made no effort to alert our police in Broward County. Had they been notified just possibly this horrible massacre could have been prevented. I think our sheriff is being unfairly blamed. This should be looked into before dismissal charges of Sheriff Israel are enforced.

  37. Stormwatch says:

    Not one person mentioned in this article has a snowball’s chance in hell. Jack Seiler? Dale Ross? Frank Afderly? Beyond hilarious. Not to mention highly unqualified.

  38. baller @aol.com says:

    retired Colonel alvin Pollock is the only choice.

  39. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #37-Concerning Jack Seiler with his connections if he wanted to be appointed Sheriff he could easily achieve this position.My opinion I don’t think he is interested.However,again if he wanted it, he would get it.No flies on Jack.But if the gov.does decide to terminate Sheriff Israel he has alot of talent to choose from- being former city comm.Bruce Roberts ( that’s your guy) or Another former police chief and current major with BSO Frank Adderly or Bob Butterworth etc.So if the gov.wants the sheriff gone it won.t be to hard to replace him.Although being that some of the BSO deputies we’re cowards at the Parkland shooting it’s really not Scott Israel fault.Regardless Israel will be used as the scape goat.Will see….

  40. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


  41. GOP says:

    Swing and a miss!! You got one thing right-the next sheriff will be a woman. One with a law enforcement background. But she won’t be wearing a BSO uniform to work. More like high heels and a Gucci purse. You boys are in for a big surprise.


    If it is a woman, it would be a positive step.

  42. Godfather 3 says:

    It’s John Fry with Paul O’Connell as undersheriff. It’s done. You read it here first

  43. House Been Cleaned says:

    The County had their say about Jack@ss Seiler and Bruce Robots. DONE. They’d have little respect of the people as Sheriff. They destroyed the city of FTL enough. Broward doesn’t need to spread their destruction county wide.

    Chief Constance Stanley would be a smart move. If that has to be explained, then you’d vote for Jack n Robots.

  44. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


  45. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:


  46. Stormwach says:

    It’s not Scott Isreal’s fault that a 18 year old demented little prick with an inadequate upbringing got dumped by his girlfriend and decided to react by shooting up his former school. Thats on him, the Florida Legislature which enacted the laws allowing him to purchase the firearm, and the asshole son of bitch at the gunshop who sold him the gun.
    However, it is Scott Israels fault that he placed an unqualified personal friend to a cushy 170K gig a year sitting on her ass at a Parkland Substatiin, and on the one day she actually had to do her job, she became the dear in the headlights. It’s also Scott Istael’s fault for the way Peterson and the rest of BSO responded on that day. Given the history of school mass shootings combined with Florida’s gun laws, this was a fairly forseeable event and better training should have been put in place.
    Scott Israel has thrown a lot of people under the bus way before Parkland. What goeth around, cometh around. Im just glad De Cantis appointed a real, licensed law enforcement professional rather than some non-cop political hack.

  47. Will says:

    You couldnt have been more off on this story BUDDY….


    Read the piece.

    The names mentioned were being talked about by folks in Broward’s political world. I ended the piece with this:

    Despite all these rumors, if DeSantis removes Israel he could pick a temporary replacement that nobody in Broward’s political world knows.  A relatively-unknown business type with strong managerial skills. An anonymous law enforcement person.  

    The only thing certain is that Broward’s political world — Democrats and Republicans — believe that this is happening fast.”

    So I wasn’t off. I couldn’t have been more right.

  48. Peanut Cop says:

    The Sun-Sentinel and you Buddy have been doing an amazing job uncovering the “truth” layer by layer. Wow! What brave people you all are…The second thing is I am so sorry to every victim of this horrific crime,my heart goes out to each and everyone of you.The third is that Mr. Pollack,doesn’t WATCH things happen,Mr. Pollack MAKES things happen!I want to work with him…..

  49. Jack Ryan says:

    At least Al Lamberti was not named. Didn’t he order one of his staff to destroy his computer because all of the Rothstein stuff on it…….

    Plus isn’t his former right hand doing time in the Fed system.

  50. Count. LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    What will the new Sheriff do with all the p.r. jobs being vacated? Will he cut the fat? Put in NON POLITICAL PROFESSIONS?

  51. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    Well speaking of former police chief Adderly. So much for the gov replacing Israel with Frank Adderly.

    Oh no next thing I know they shit can him.That was not warranted.

    There was no justification for that.This appointment from the gov this Coral Springs top cop.

    I like to state.to him we r not in business to destroy other people’s lives.Frank I thought was a major with BSO. Frank handled with diginity and civilly which I commend him for.PS.have your buddy ( Gregory) top cop in Delray give u a position.God knows u we’re good to him.

    Anyhow not right.I have had differences some times with Frank but he is a good person and one of us.

    If Chief Gregory doesn’t produce get the former football player( Irving) to pull some strings.He is another one that owes u a few favors.Good luck..Run for sheriff.

    U told Brittany it wasn’t.t in the cards etc.U run as a Demo would guarantee u a successful primary run etc.Hire Mike Ahern to run the show or Judy Stern.Adderly would do just fine..Unreal he was terminated.Collect unemployment for now.Why not…

  52. Recovering Catholic says:

    Seriously? Already collecting a FLPD pension and hired at a 6 figure BSO salary? Is that fair to sworn employees who have worked their way up the ranks at BSO for 20 plus years ? That hire took a job from someone who was qualified and earned it. Also, at that rank, there doesn’t need to be justification for a firing. There’s no union representation. BSO will be just fine without Adderly and the rest of the double dippers that were brought in by Israel to insulate that fake democrat. Good riddance.

  53. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    #52.First he earned that pension( Adderly).Second ok so he has been in law enforcement his entire adult life.So what we hold that against him.My advice to Me.Adderly is cash in.Meaning u call your buddy( Gregory- police chief in Delray etc) and u tell him to give u a job.Im thinking Public Safety supervisor.Yes, public safety position.Boy # 52 your comments seem personal.Hmm.