Pols: Watch Neal DeJesus, Not Al Lamberti



There was a lot of speculation about former Sheriff Al Lamberti when he showed up at the county commission Tuesday.

At the commission to watch his successor Sheriff Scott Israel beg for a huge funding increase from skeptical commissioners, Lamberti’s appearance immediately triggered speculation among tongue-wagging pols.

Was Lamberti taking the tentative steps to regain the sheriff’s office in three years?

Were eyes fixed on Lamberti when they should have been watching Neal DeJesus, who was sitting next to the former sheriff?   DeJesus was fired as part of the purge of Lamberti supporters when Israel took over.



Former Sheriff Al Lamberti (left), Commissioner Barbara Sharief and former Broward Sheriff’s Fire Chief Neal DeJesus. Contrary to this happy scene, Sharief worked for Lamberti’s defeat last year.  


In some circles, the former Broward Sheriff’s Office fire chief DeJesus is considered a possible candidate for sheriff in 2016.

Another rumor is that DeJesus will run for Commissioner Lois Wexler’s seat in 2016.  He served two years of a four-year term as a Cooper City commissioner from 2008-2010, quitting to take the BSO job.

So far, Israel has done little wrong to justify any candidate challenging him.

Why would anybody  believe Lamberti would do any better in an election after four years out of office than in 2012?  Even if he switches to a Democrat and runs in a primary as has been discussed (meetings have apparently taken place about this with Lamberti, I am told by three sources.), his chances are not good.

At this point I can’t see anyone beating Scott Israel.  He can only beat himself by making some horrendous blunder or having one of his cronies get in trouble.

If I was Israel, it is the later possibility I would watch out for.

26 Responses to “Pols: Watch Neal DeJesus, Not Al Lamberti”

  1. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Don’t know how anybody could take Laberti’s bromance with DeJesus seriously since both are world class losers but I can say this. They make very handsome prom dates. I bet Charlie Crist is jealous.

  2. OpenEyes says:

    Oh Gunzy, Gunzy, calm down. Great source Buddy.

  3. Your Pal Al Lameberti says:

    Lamberti will do anything to try and make believe he is relevant at any level. DeJesus is a whore and many people know it. He quit Cooper City only to steal a multi million dollar position with BSO with Scumberti. Al… please just go away…the public is disgusted with you.

  4. taxpayer says:

    lets hope Israel runs a tight, clean and honest ship. no shenanigans from underlings. Consolidating county-wide 911 is a step in the right direction, and had lamberti done it he may still have bso job.
    giving BSO more money makes no sense especially the first year of israel tenure. if bcc gives it to him, there will be fresh faces on dais in nov 2014

  5. Central Broward says:

    Hey Buddy,

    Maybe you should reach out to your sources and see what the people in the BSO think of Israel. Everything he promised he has lied about. According to people inside, all his people are out for themselves and cutting each others throats. His campaign manager has had active warrants for years and while running his campaign, he let felon Jenne in the building with red carper treatment, he lied to Ray Hicks about a promised job knowing all along Hicks was fired from BSO and spent two years in jail, but he was with Israel every step of the way.

    The budget presented today for new positions was to hire all the people that worked on his campaign. He has Castillo working as a Pines Commissioner and BSo employee at the same time. These are all ethical things and the list grows everyday. Israel will continue to have problems and be in big trouble in no time. He is a liar and that will continue to be seen more and more as he is exposed.

  6. Heavy D says:

    Mike Ryan would whip his ass.

  7. Broward tea drinkers says:

    Start looking elsewhere. DeJesus is lobbying to become the new high paid consultant/lobbyist or city manager of Cooper City. Fellow tea drinkers have told me that the writing is in the wall and Cooper City’s check book is wide open for the man. Watch for upcoming agenda item.

  8. Breaking it down says:

    First of all, wherego Neal usually therego Judy Stern. They are thick as thieves (lol, just a pun).

    Stern’s most important race of 2012 was Julio Gonzalez. That was her shot to show that an non incumbent Hispanic could win a county wide election. Julio went down in flames to Judge Laura Watson as did Neal’s chances.

    It does not appear there will be any Hispanics running county wide in 2014. If true, by 2016, to run Neal against an incumbent Sheriff is a huge gamble. Stern will need to protect the County Commission seat of her girlfriend Lois so since Neal has been elected there before, he has a good chance for success.

    The rumor now is that Team Granteed and Team Lamberti have joined up (were they ever apart?) creating the dream team of Ashley Walker and Judy Stern to run a newly minted Democrat Al Lamberi for Sheriff.

    Stay tuned…

  9. DEM says:

    I don’t think Lou Granteed has to team up with anyone. He is well respected and was a highly qualified candidate in 2012.

    He earned a lot of respect and gets a lot of kudos for not lowering himself to the dirty Scott Israel tactics, even though it worked for Israel, I think Granteed has gained more respect and support because he did not fling mud or lower himself to Israel’s level.

    Scott Israel only went so dirty because as they say in politics, those who go dirty know they are behind in the polls and are scared to death they are losing. I think it was the case in 2012 and in all my circles I have heard people continue to meet with Lou to make sure he will run again in 2016. Lou can raise the money, has previous run and is liked. He will be Israel’s, Lamberti’s and Dejesus’ biggest threat.

    On the flip side, the problems for Israel just after a few months are already starting to be a problem and it will only continue over the next few years. The major thing people have already picked up on and will see more of is the fact Israel lies all the time. A person can only lie to people so long!!!!

    People have said Lamberti and Lou Granteed made a deal in 2012, which never happened and was spread by Israel. Granteed told people he never made any deal and he obviously is a man of his word.

    Many are already hoping Lou will run in 2016 and we will all support him. Enough with Lamberti and enough with Israel..

  10. ccvoter says:

    Watch out for Neal and at the same time guard your wallet. This guy will do anything at anytime if two things are present. One is he needs his ego to be pumped up and he needs to control somebody, usually those near him

  11. HAHAHAHAHA says:

    That is adorable, someone still believes Louie Granteed was not a Lamberti shill. Yeah and his ties to the Sterns who were tied to Lamberti are just a cowinkidink. Take a good look at Louie’s $$$ many were friends of or friends of friends of Lamberti supporters. FYI considering Israel won 60-40 can you honesly say Israel was ever been behind in the polls to Granteed? Geesh 60-40, didnt Granteed have the great Broward Obama girl Ashley Walker running his race and still got slammed?

  12. The Yankee Clipper says:

    Ashley Walker, lol. Was she the one that came up with the Granteed strategy that Louie despite trying to win a Democratic primary to run against Al Lamberti to become Sheriff never could mention on thing Al did wrong as Sheriff that Louie could do better. Interesting while he had nothing to say about Lamberti he was very critical of Israel, HUH? Nope, move on, no shill there.

  13. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Comment #1 was NOT made by me.

    @1 – get your own screen name.

  14. Neal's ex-pastor says:

    Neal de Jesus is a crook. he is all for himself, and has ruined Cooper City.

  15. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @ 13, Nice try. I am the real Magilla.

  16. Ha Ha Ha says:

    It is annoying when people try to be something they are not. But it is always easy to tell the professionals from the amateurs. If you’re a real professional, that is.

  17. Big Money says:

    Hey Mr. HAHAHA!!! You have no idea how many people believe Louie Granteed can win. Did Israel win his first time. Now Israel already has a poor record to stand on even though he has gone around for the last 6 years telling everyone LIES about how great he is and all the things he takes credit for, but never had any involvement in. Commissioner Chip called his ass out on the Regional Communication Project spearheaded by Commissioner Wexler and Mayor Mike Ryan. Israel had the balls to publish an article to say he was working on it for years. What bullshit!!! Israel showed up at one meeting when he was a candidate because he thought Granteed and Lamberti who were working in police agencies might be in attendance, but once he realized he was out of place he immediately left.

    I suggest Buddy ask for the attendance records on all the Regional Communications Meetings to see Israel was not even around. Then Chip caught Israel lying in front of everyone about calling to make a back door deal with the Lighthouse Point and Sunrise City Managers behind everyone’s back. That right there says it all. Israel was clueless and said he never talked to them and Chip said he had two City Managers say he did. Israel is a liar!!! Then after realizing what he did, Israel as usual tried to maneuver his way out of the lie… BUSTED!!! Israel is great at taking credit for things he had nothing to do with. He did it in Fort Lauderdale, he did it in North Bay Village and he did it twice while running for Sheriff.

    Myself and many friends are already discussing our support of Louie Granteed in 2016 and will raise him a ton of money.

    Louie out raised Israel in the primary with no problems. Israel didn’t have the $190,000.00 in Rothstein money this time, but sure is going to have repercussions from his money sources this time. Campaign Manager on the wanted list for active warrants, Felon Jenne in the building, Caccitore indicted, Ray Hicks two years in jail for dealing drugs….. WOW!! A Sheriff with Integrity???? NOT!!!!

    You just pissed me off with you dumbass remarks Mr. HAHAHA!!! I am now going to make sure Lou Granteed hammers Israel in 2016…

    Provide one, just one actual fact that confirms that Granteed and Lamberti made a deal??? O yeah, your an Israel supporter, you don’t provide facts, you just lie about everything. Nevermind!!!

  18. Margaret / Tamarac says:

    Hi Mr. Nevins,

    I reside in Tamarac with my husband and we have lived here for 15 years. We stay pretty active in politics and follow certain races closer than others.

    I have looked at some of the comments on a report your did and wanted to say a thing or two.

    I find it despicable when a candidate resorts to dirty campaigning. In the Sheriff’s race, my husband and I supported Mr. Granteed. We respected he did not bash or make unprofessional statements about his opponents.

    On the other hand, Mr. Israel and his staff made distasteful remarks all the time. It was very disheartening. Mr. Granteed was well liked in the Point and we feel bad he did not win. He sure seemed to be the best person for the job.

    Mr. Lamberti came around too and seemed nice. Mr. Israel just seemed to act shady. I don’t find any problem with people running for office and being cordial or respectful to each other. A matter of fact, I think most people prefer it.

    Thank you for your time. I am not sure this gets posted, but if not I just wanted to express myself.

  19. Big money is Chip Lamarca says:

    Good god Chip (LaMarca) Richard, Stern, Ryan)– Sheriff Israel will now destroy you ….idiots. .

  20. Wake Up Call says:

    Good grief Fakeman, I mean Batman, get off the cool-aid. You are in never never land. Your the idiot!!!

  21. Duke says:

    Are we sure Lamberti is not getting indicted?

  22. Ha Ha Ha says:

    Comments #15 & #16 were NOT written by me.

    Get your own screen name! That one is taken.

  23. honest representation from electeds please says:

    @Big Money
    tell Granteed to stay out of strip clubs, topless joints, bars, after hours clubs, swingers hangouts, etc if he wants a serious run at sheriff next time.
    He was probably a decent candidate with a cgance like the others but once the press and blogs got news of him one afternoon at a strip club for whatever reason, maybe on duty as well (?) they ran ith it.
    On the other hand no need to be a bible thumper but keeo your nose clean and out of places you wouldn’t take your wife and under age daughters.
    stay on the sidelines take notes on israel and prepare to win if israel screws up. so far his request for $90Million++ more from bcc (just like miriam oliphant) is a start of a short tenure at bso.

  24. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @23 – looks like you aren’t at all familiar with the places you are referring to. The idea that a wife wouldn’t go to these places is just ludicrous. In Nevada where prostitution is legal, couples are a big part of the market. Sometimes the wife is bisexual, sometimes she’s buying her husband a birthday present, etc. Wife & husband is a VERY large percentage of the customer base at the swing clubs, all over America and including Broward County.

    Also, having legal sexual interests is NOT a disqualification for public office. That doesn’t constitute corruption – it just means the candidate is alive and healthy.

    Israel probably will be a one-term Sheriff. But he is a far better communicator than Granteed. Granteed actually makes Mitt “The Robot” Romney look jovial. I’m hoping that some as yet unknown (and far better) candidate(s) will show up next time.

  25. Juana says:

    I am in agreement with “honest rep”. Scott Israel seems to be making one political gaffe after another. Sheriff Israel is still trying to hire Amy Rose (his campaign manager) who had multiple active arrest warrant issued for her. By submitting a bloated $90 million budget request to the County Commissioners, the sheriff has made himself and BSO the laughing stock of Broward. His lack of experience in preparing a reasonable budget, shows his weakness in fiscal management.

    Sheriff Israel needs to “Get it Together” or he will be PRIMARIED in 2016.

  26. honest representation from electeds please says:

    all you mention are good red blooded americans or something close. their libidos will distract from the 9-5 job of sheriff as they plan escapades and afternoon delites!