Pols Take Home Cash Despite Sewers Breaks


As sewage gushed through the streets of Fort Lauderdale, money poured into the reelection campaigns of city commissioners and Mayor Dean Trantalis. 

Facing a continuing crisis that would end political careers in many places didn’t make one bit of difference. 

The four commissioners and Trantalis not only continued to build six figure campaigns. Most have no opponents, despite a challenger having a ready-made issue — continuing water and sewer system failures. 

Heather Moraitis: Sewage In The Streets, Money In Her Campaign

Much of the campaign money is from the same folks that are blamed for overtaxing the sewage system — members of the development community and their lobbyists.

The reelection candidates collected the following as of January 31:

  • Dean Trantalis, $117,660.
  • Heather Moraitis, $116,745. She is unopposed for reelection to the city’s District One. 
  • Steven Glassman, $202,372. He represented District Two. He has an opponent Kyle Gibson, who collected no money yet.  
  • Robert McKinzie, $65,650. He has no challenger for reelection to District Three. 
  • Ben Sorensen, $134,979.* He is unopposed in District Four. 
Steven Glassman collected the most despite having no opponent

Candidates must officially file for office on June 8 through 12, so there is plenty of time for opponents to surface. 

The election was moved from the Spring to November 3. That will no doubt produce a bigger turnout for the city election since it is now on the same ballot at the presidential race. 


*Total through Feb. 29.

The Fort Lauderdale candidate financial reports can be found linked here.

17 Responses to “Pols Take Home Cash Despite Sewers Breaks”

  1. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I been saying this for weeks.These land use attys and lobbyists are pouring big bucks into all of them.Play to pay so evident here.

    How about the waste water treatment plant Lobby group.Sure give Mayor Trantalis and the whole comm( except Mckinzie) big bucks.Everyone laughs all the way to the bank,while once waste water treatment plant modernized etc then slap the residents with huge surgery charges etc.Money,money huh guys.BS.

    Seeing this kinda of 6 figure monies going into their campaign accounts is totally unnecessary.U don’t…that kinda cash.Then u see Robbie,Bobby,slobbie( me)having reservations about running for elective off because I’m afaird I can’t afford it.No way would I get in bed($) with these big campaign donors.Unreal.Rather take money from the Grifters if u know what I mean.

    Instead of all this hustling ($) from above mentioned elected officials I would be concentrating on generating revenue so to keep the costs down for the residents.Oh there in it to win it with these donors money.I say eat crow,kick rocks.Will see.So disgusted.Well I just can’t let these cash cows and their enablers to take the residents for suckers,while u keep raise sing fees,cost to live in Ft.Lau.

    Thank u Buddy for informing the public.They are all reading your blog Buddy.Keep it up..

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Who but people who do business with or need action by the City would contribute to.Political Campaigns? My Commissionee Steve Glassman was elected because his leading opponent – a millionaire – wont spend HIS OWN MONEY ON HIS RACE. Why wont someone who.knows Glassman will be in office again n vote on his contract contribute?

  3. Kirland G. says:

    The same whores run everything in Fort Lauderdale. Moraitis, Trantalis, Glassman, McKinzie (especially), Sorensen are doing tricks for the whores who hand them a few treats like good doggies they are. Nothing changes here.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    #3 kirland G.: A whore is someone in politics who takes money to change a vote or position. Trantalis Glassman Moraitis McKinzie HAVE LIVED HERE FOR DECADES n RESIDENTS KNOW THEIR POSITION. Name ONE VOTE or POSITION they CHANGED FOR MONEY! NAME ONE LOBBYIST or DEVELOPER WHO PAID OFF A MEMBER OF THE Commission. I am SICK N TIRED OF STUPID UNHAPPY FAILURES BASHING ELECTED OFFOCIALS because THE SLIMEY LIARS can’t be sued under our libel laws.

  5. Just one vote says:

    Let them all be unopposed and get 4 more years. Meanwhile try selling your house in the sewage flooded areas. Or waterfront.

  6. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    This commission with this pay to play judging by how much these lobbyists/land use attys are giving huge amounts of money evident with this pay/play.I don’t see the residents,working people giving any of them this kind of money.They need to concentrate more on ways to generate monies(revenue) without socking to the residents.

    Their philosophy is just keep charging more for services etc.I say show your support to the residents.Go after the business sector.

    My sin tax agenda is the answer.First to the service industry etc u charge a business tax.Meaning occuptanial workers ( tip employees) and any profession where a State license is required.Barbers/stylists,nurses,waiters etc u will pay say 85 dollars more/less to work in our city Liquor tax.Every drink u pour the city gets 50 cents/ per drink( add up fast($).Adult entertainment workers ( strippers) u will pay the 85 dollars/ per yr as well.

    Now getting to looking into legalizing and regulating prostitution ( yes).This is where we will make the bank.They get STd tested- they pay.Just to engage in sexual transaction the city will get another chunk($)of the booty call.Say every John u service we get say a percent( say 10 percent.).Not only will we eliminate minors being sexually exploited.STD/ HIV will go down tenfold- because we r regulated the trade.This idea of mine(sin tax etc) will generate so much money fees,services will go down.The objective here.Will see…

  7. Big changes says:

    Big changes for the Fort Lauderdale election process and funding. Fort Lauderdale recently lifted the $250 cap on contribution limits to $1000. But more important than that, the former requirement for checks to come from individuals only has been eliminated. That means developers and other special interest can make unlimited $1000 contributions from corporate, partnerships, LLCs and other entities.

    The other change is that primaries have been eliminated. We could now have a plurality candidate elected instead of a majority. This will make it interesting when present commissioners term out and multiple candidates run.

    Prediction: All incumbents re-elected by wide margins and high density development will continue unabated.

  8. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    5. Just One Vote IS ONE OF THE PROBLEMS! People who.yak.about selling their houses are TRANSIENT and USELESS FOR SERIOUS GOVERNMENT.

  9. A reader says:

    So, in other words, there is no choice in whom to vote for, there is only one choice.
    The infrastructure is broken but all those soon to be occupied “luxury” apartments hanging over narrow sloping Andrew Avenue will soon push wastewater into ancient pipes. The developers insist that no moratorium be imposed because vital fees and taxes will be lost. Hmm, where did all those dollars from past buildings go? Oh, yes, it was “diverted” to other “needs”.
    Ancient traffic patterns like the fiasco at the junction of Federal Highway and Sunrise Blvd. will be preserved so several “luxury” towers and a hotel can be built. When occupied, those apartments and hotel rooms will also dump toilet and household sink waste into the broken infrastructure.
    I love banana splits, but I do not like living Banana Republic style.
    Respect the locals.

  10. Chaz Stevens, Genius says:

    >> Sorensen are doing tricks for the whores

    Now, I’d love to see a video of this.

    PS Shame on you fuckers for not voting Duke into office. The shit is literally rolling down hill.

  11. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Of course #7 is 100% correct because this is how developers took over Miami Beach. Case in point; candidates I will not name got (and still get) the MAJORITY of the funds from 3 to 5 developers who use an LLC from each building (and even individual condo) they own to contribute 10, 20 OR MORE k as well as each n every member of their families n EVEN SALARIED EMPLOYEES.

  12. City activist Robert Walsh says:

    I would expect esp.to Comm.Glassman that 200g that u donate to the city( yes).To counter my stand and others w/ this pay/ play.This is no way any of them need that kinda of money.Local race w/ no serious opponent- come on.Donate the money to the city coffers.

  13. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    1. This is a FREE country.
    2. We have LAWS to regulate campaign donations.
    3. Any elected official or candidate is HIS OWN JUDGE of his campaign funds.
    4. If the PUBLIC disagrees with a candidate or elected official’s judgement they can vote for someone else OR RUN FOR OFFICE THEMSELVES.
    5. Commissioner Glassman has NEVER BEEN ACCUSED EVER of ‘being influenced by campaign cash or any other financial induecements” to change a position NOR HAS ANY OTHER PRESENT ELECTED OFFICIAL seriously OR LEGALLY.

  14. No easy fix says:

    There will not be challengers to any of them because the budget is not sufficent to make the infrastructure replacements, bond or no bond. To actually ‘fix’ this and right the ship requires severe belt tightening and a big millage increase, then prudently allocating the funds and diligently overseeing the expedited infrastructure work, No one is capable of those tasks in any city department. No citizen in their right mind would run for office in Fort Lauderdale. Since 2012 the city manager with complicit electeds and the blessing of the city auditor raided and diverted funds, including the 20 year police and fire pension fund. Latest rupture along Bayview –

  15. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    #14 No easy fix is RIGHT AS HE or SHE goes BUT again the problems started back in first the ballooning of real estate values/excessive high interest mortgages destined to fail, that caused the 2008 Crash 4 years before 2012. To ignore the history before 2012 BY THE PUBLIC is to warp the causes of our present problems

  16. Outta There says:

    Re: #8 Count Choc….etc…

    I was a 30-year resident of Fort Lauderdale (1986-2017), served on my neighborhood association board for many years as well as three city advisory boards. I sold my home and rental properties in Fort Lauderdale and moved away once I realized the scope of the financial mess the city had created. The city creates the “transients”, not the other way around.

    Donald Trump can’t hold a candle to the lies told by the former city manager who misdirected attention and funding from the city’s critical infrastructure needs for years — and you can count former Mayor Seiler, Commissioners Rogers and Roberts on the list of his enablers. Sieler mused at a public meeting about diverting $40 million from the Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund to balance the general fund budget — a true lowlight for a true lowlife.

    #14 No Easy Fix is dead right — no one in his or her right mind would volunteer to address the $#!tshow that is Fort Lauderdale. Be thankful there are some on the present commission who truly wish to address the problems in a serious way — and a new city manager who seems to be up to the challenges.

  17. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    #16 YOU ARE THE PROBLEM! My family has been here since before WWI as investors, business owners, property owners n renters as we were on Miami Beach, Key West, St Pete Sarasota n Port Charlotte. The residents of Ft Lauderdale were SINCE somewhere in the very late 1960s or early 1970s as opposed to these communities became DEDICATED TO CHEAP TAXES, NO LOCAL PHILANTHROPY, ANTI- ACADEMIC N INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT and until FIRST CLASS PROFESSIONAL LEE FELDMAN, a series of failed City Managers. THAT YOU SOLD YOUR HOME N.RENTAL PROPERTIES BECAUSE OF BAD CITY FISCAL POLICIES AS AN HONEST A STATEMENT AS YOUR NAME IS “OUTTA THERE”. You condemn YOURSELF.