Poll: Sheriff Scott Israel Beating Opponents 10-to-1 Despite Prisoner Escape





The race for Broward sheriff is over, according to a poll done in the last week.

Sheriff Scott Israel has such an overwhelming lead that will be almost impossible for his Democratic primary opponents to catch up, the survey by his political committee indicates.

The poll found that the sheriff has a lead of almost 10-to-1 over his closest opponent Willie Jones. 

Browardbeat.com obtained the poll exclusively from the committee.

Perhaps most interesting is that the poll was largely conducted during the intense media coverage surrounding the escape by murder suspect Davonte Resiles and Israel’s subsequent criticism of the Broward County Commission for failing to fully fund security at the Broward Main Courthouse.  Apparently the 350 likely Democratic voters surveyed were unmoved by the event.

The poll was conducted Thursday, July 14 through Tuesday, July 19.  Resiles escaped Friday, July 15.

Why is Israel likely to be unbeatable?

In addition to the poll results, the sheriff has a huge advantage in fund raising.  It would be extremely difficult for an challenger to develop name ID among voters in the month remaining in the race. Israel already has huge name ID.

Jones has roughly $50,000 left from the $81,000 he raised.

Israel’s campaign still has roughly $133,000 remaining of the $363,000 he raised.

The sheriff’s Citizens For Effective Law Enforcement Committee raised another $504,000. In the first two quarters of 2016, the committee received roughly $117,000 and spent about half the money.

The other candidates for sheriff have even more limited financial resources.  They are Democrats James Fondo (roughly $24,000 remaining), Edison Jules (approximately $15,000 left) and Santiago Vazquez Jr. (less than $700), a Republican. There are two write-in candidates.


Scott Israel Poll -- July 14-19, 2016

14 Responses to “Poll: Sheriff Scott Israel Beating Opponents 10-to-1 Despite Prisoner Escape”

  1. Roesch 4 SHERIFF says:

    I’m still in it as a write-in candidate. I’m furious over being played by last night’s Sheriff Forum at Keiser University. I was showering early at home for last night’s 6pm event and my wife told me to take my time because someone called and left a message that last night’s forum was canceled due to a sudden fire alarm inspection and that the forum is postponed for next Friday.
    Sad to say that today, a journalist sent me an email asking why I didn’t attend last night’s forum. I saved the recording made by the bastard and have a private investigator working on solving the “restricted” call from this bastard who set this up so I wouldn’t show up. I prepared for this forum for several weeks. I’m embarrassed and extremely angry over this at the same time.

    I apologize to Keiser University for not attending the Sheriff forum that I verified to show up to twice.

  2. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    You really cant blame the Sheriff – any Sheriff – for one single incident

  3. Native says:

    They polled 350 likely voters who were probably campaign donors. Honestly Buddy, how can you rely on this to say he will be hard to beat?

  4. Tommy says:

    SI paid $15,000 for this poll back in October of 2015
    SEA hasn’t been an active LLC since 2012


  5. rightwing says:

    no one is going to beat him. the lack of a viable opponenet virtually guarantees re-election.every weekend, it seems his community outreach is giving out free groceries, or attending the endless amount of lgbt festivals.the sheriif and the county commissioners will kiss and make up over the escape accusations and life will go on.

  6. Ha Ha Ha says:

    @1 – Ever heard the Russian proverb “Trust, but verify”?!?

  7. Who you gonna call says:

    @ROESCH 4 SHERIFF: you actually think someone sabatoged your near appearance at a candidates forum? Let me understand– you’re saying that had you been there, the 7 voters who actually show up at these things would’ve been so moved by your words and message that for the the first time in Florida history they would have elected a write-in candidate??? You do realize that more than 750,000 people will vote in November, so you’d have to have more then 1/3 of them write in your name in order to be elected Sheriff?!!

    I have a feeling that your “private investigator” may discover it was actually a ghost who invited you to that forum, and then called you too!

  8. Stormwatch says:

    None of the opponents are anything near formidible. Very lucky for Sheriff Israel. Between the McBean earbuds thing, the 22 year old deputy with all that LSD, the Costa fiasco, bailiffs getting arrested, continued federal oversight of the jail, and now the recent courthouse escape, anyone remotely formidible would be in a pretty good spot right about now.

  9. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Politics isnt brain surgery.
    The person with the most votes wins.
    Normally 1) name recognition wins less so 2) being from an ethnic group that identifies with you.
    Demicrats win in Presidential Years and Republicans in “off years” because of the make up of the Electorates.
    I think I have covered it. I doubt any election since the Roman Republic isnt covered by the above.

  10. NotAgain says:

    Broward is dead now anyway. Nothing left except the vulture Demoncrat thieves. It doesn’t matter who the bought and paid for sheriff is. Just the fact that Killary is the favored criminal candidate is enough to validate “birds of a feather”. I am ashamed of Broward.

  11. Broward Tea Party says:

    We Can Trust these
    President: Trump
    Us Senator: Marco Rubio
    Congress 23: Joe Kauffman
    District 34 Senate:
    Florida House District 93: George Moritis
    Broward County Sheriff: James Fondo
    Judge Seat 2: Nina DiPietro
    Judge Seat 13: Elizabeth “Betsy” Benson
    Judge Seat 21: Russell Thompson

  12. #NoToTRUMP says:

    Broward Tea Party,

    That’s a mighty losing ticket you got on your hand!

  13. NotAgain says:

    Fondo? Pluhlease. Glad to see the Demoncrat machine exposed for the fraud that it is…Thank you DWS. True demoncrat hypocrite.

  14. Donna says:

    If Scott Israel becomes serif we will all lose our houses because we won’t be able to afford the taxes, how bought taking all the perks the deputy’s get take home cars free gas etc!!!!!