Poll: Nan Rich Largely Unknown In Broward/Dade





Broward County should be former state Sen. Nan Rich’s territory.

After all she represented Weston and was the state Senate’s Democratic leader.

But a poll done last month shows Rich is largely unknown even in House District 100, which stretches from South Broward to Northeast Miami-Dade Counties. House 100 is a heavily Democratic district.

Of the 300 Democratic likely primary voters polled, 60.5 percent say they never heard of Rich.

Her opponent Charlie Crist was not known by 16 percent of the voters.

Steve Geller, a former state senator and Crist supporter, said of Crist:  “Eighty four percent name recognition is pretty good.”

Floridians For A Stronger Tomorrow, an independent committee run by Geller, commissioned the poll.

Meanwhile, the leader for the open House District 100 seat in the same poll was – undecided.

In the four-way contest, one-time Miami-Dade Democratic Chair Joe Geller was ahead of Hallandale Commissioner Alex Lewy, 19 to 11.7 percent.

Joe Geller is Steve Geller’s brother.

The other two candidates are John Paul Alvarez at 9 percent and Ben Sorensen at 7.7 percent.

The real leader was undecided at 52.7 percent.

The poll of 300 Democratic Super Voters in the south Broward and northeast Miami-Dade district took place March 20-22. Of those polled by interviewers using a telephone, 45 percent were in Broward and 55 percent were in Miami-Dade based on previous turnout.

The polling firm was Precision Research.


24 Responses to “Poll: Nan Rich Largely Unknown In Broward/Dade”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember a 2012 poll saying that Romney was ahead in the same region (Miami-Dade, South Broward) and another poll saying that Steve Geller was ahead of Sue Gunzberger for County Commissioner. Therefore, I am a bit skeptical of any polls, especially ones touted by a solid Charlie Crist’s supporter.

    Buddy, please give us a further breakdown of the 300 “SUPERVOTERS” that were polled.For instance, what was their age, race, and education level, if Geller, I mean, Precision Research, could provide you with the info.


    Polls are a snapshot in time. This poll was an accurate gauge of likely Democratic primary voters based on past history of voting on the dates it was taken.

    Opinions can change between now and the primary.

    However, without financial resources, it is highly unlikely that Rich will be able to gain enough name ID to win.

    This lack of money is why the Republicans, disguised as “progressives” and other in independent committees, are stepping up to pay for an advertising campaign slamming Crist. The GOP is scared of Crist. They are not scared of Rich because they know they can beat her in the general election.

  2. J Mac says:

    It doesn’t take rocket science to understand that Nan Rich lacks both name recognition and ability to beat Rick “the crookster” Scott. Old Nan needs to get behind someone who can win. That’s likely Crist.

  3. @Beth says:

    Read the article closely. The spin is quite obvious. The question to the “SUPERVOTERS” polled was whose name did they recognized not who would they likely vote for.

    If this poll were conducted in 2007 and the question was whose name did the “SUPERVOTERS” recognize Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, I bet 61% or more would have said Hillary Clinton. Guess who became the Democratic Candidate?

    Just because the “SUPERVOTERS”
    know Charlie’s name doesn’t mean they will vote for him. Wonder if Geller’s Political committee asked that question?

  4. @Beth, the rude one says:

    Why do you have to insult Beth that way? There are other ways you could have distance yourself from Beth L. You could have said Beth and use your last initial. The fact that you went the insulting route, made me disregard your opinion or point.

  5. Wisdom in Abundance says:

    Nan, do everyone a favor. Please, please drop out of the race. Cut a deal with Charlie to be Health and Human Services Secretary. That’s your passion.

    Don’t screw your fellow Democrats, Nan. Pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseeee….

  6. @Wisdom says:

    F*ck being a “SECRETAY OF . . . ” why not offer her Lt. Gov?

  7. Just Saying says:

    So Crist Broward Campaign Chair Steve Geller has his PAC do a poll and it shows his guy is winning big. Not impressed. Was this done by the same pollster that he used against Sue Gunzberger that showed she stood no chance of winning reelection against Geller?

  8. The Guess Who says:

    Are we allowed to point out the irony in the fact that Steve Geller’s group as the acronym FAST? Something he’s not and something he clearly hasn’t done in far too long.

  9. Wisdom in Abundance says:

    to @Wisdom:
    …uuuuuggghhh, because she doesn’t do anything for the ticket?! ..’cuz an ultra-liberal Broward Lt. Governor does not help get any more votes (check out the poll, she’s not known even here)..

    Think, will ‘ya? How about Kathy Fernandez-Rundle?….or how about a Central Florida I-4 Corridor Hispanic Dem?…. get the idea?…

    Please, exercise your brain and stop being so intellectually lazy, will ‘ya?

  10. Joe King says:

    Here’s the bottom line, as I’ve said before- Nan will not beat Charlie in Broward, never mind the rest of the state. Double or nothing, he even beats her in Weston. Carve it in stone, that’s the way it will play out.

  11. James Lingley says:

    Nan Rich is best choice for Governor.. Many say she is not known…well maybe if the Florida Democratic Party had spent time to help the ONE true Democrat in this race this wouldn’t even be a discussion. Charlie Crist is a flip flopper who I will never trust and would never vote for…ever as part of any party!! You want someone who has stood up for the middle class in the state of Florida Nan Rich is that person. I am just so saddened by the fact that some Democrats have turned their backs on the true Democrat in this race. I ask all Nan supporters to quit funding the FDP and start sending more money to her campaign!!

  12. New poll says:

    The test sample found that 3 of 4 South Floridians knew the Geller brothers each like on average 2.4 jelly donuts a day.

  13. Robert Muniz says:

    I went on the web to try to find a web site for Precision Research, and to find a press release or details of this poll, with zero success. In fact, all search engines pointed back to the BrowardBeat website as the ONLY place where this poll was mentioned. Based on this, I am inclined to disregard this poll. In contrast, I was able to find details of the recent Saint Leo University poll on the web in 10 minutes, and I downloaded the cross-tabs with the breakdown per question of that survey.

  14. Joanne Oyen says:

    I could not agree with James Lingley more. While Nan may be the least known among herself, Rick Scott, and Charlie Crist, that may very well work in her favor. How can we trust the integrity of Charlie Crist when he has run as a Republican for Governor, an Independent for Senator against Marco Rubio, and now, quite opportunistically,…..a Democrat?? Amazingly, our former Governor Crist lost to Marco Rubio when Rubio was an unknown. That says a lot and shows that unknowns can win as opposed to the known candidates who come with a negative or vague (as in flip-flop) image.

    Where are Charlie’s core principles? He has changed his position on so many issues. And what Pro-Choice Woman wants to support his Pro-Life platform? Puh-leez…..! Nan has been a lifelong Democrat and has never waivered from fighting for the Middle Class, women, the disabled, seniors, and LGBT folks. She is also not being bought by big corporate interests and doing a 180 degree (or more) position change. Nan is the real Democrat here!

  15. Patti Lynn says:

    Stop the nastiness!!! I will support the TRUE Democrat in the race, NAN RICH…who stands on DEMOCRATIC principles, yesterday, today, & tomorrow.
    If you support CharLIE, that’s all well and good, but, please don’t slam NAN RICH. The campaign goes on. Polls, (like EVERY other statistic), can be made to show exactly what anyone wants it to show…depending on who is paying you, what you want folks to believe, and how much money you’re being paid. Please stop calling names, disparaging the intelligence of supporters, and being disrespectful to other posters. Stop and think. WHY does someone spend MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dollars for a job that pays a pittance??? Altruistic motivation??? If so, look at who has supported the PEOPLE of Florida, not the lobbyists. NAN RICH for Governor.

  16. Steve Geller says:

    To be clear, the press release that I sent to Buddy never mentioned the race between Crist and Rich. It was entirely about the District 100 race. In order to show that the wording was completely impartial, to ensure that there was no favoritism, I sent Buddy the entire poll questionnaire verbatim. In addition to the District 100 race which Buddy listed above, it also showed Fav/Unfav ratings on a number of other people, including Crist and Rich. Buddy had to ask me what the numbers were on Crist and Rich, they were not part of what I sent.

    Since people have inquired, I will give the fav/unfav on both the Crist/Rich race and the District 100 race. There were other people that were asked about, not just Crist, Rich, and the District 100 candidates. This poll was done for Floridians For a Stronger Tomorrow, (FFST), and not as part of any campaign.

    This poll was based on 300 live completed calls of Democratic Supervoters in House District 100, a Dade-Broward Coastal seat, currently held by Representative Joe Gibbons.. The poll is only a snapshot of the view of voters today, and only in that District. Results are listed in alphabetical order; however, the order of the questioning was rotated by the people asking the questions in order to eliminate any bias based on order. The results are cumulative for the district, not divided between Dade and Broward.

    Charlie Crist
    14.0% Very Favorable
    33.5% Favorable
    25.9% Neutral
    03.4% Unfavorable
    02.1% Very Unfavorable
    16.0% Never Heard of
    05.1% Refused

    Nan Rich
    04.4% Very Favorable
    12.6% Favorable
    20.3% Neutral
    01.1% Unfavorable
    0.70% Very Unfavorable
    60.5% Never Heard of
    0.40% Refused

    John Paul Alvarez
    0.40% Very Favorable
    03.6% Favorable
    14.7% Neutral
    2.40% Unfavorable
    0.40% Very Unfavorable
    78.6% Never Heard of

    Joe Geller
    2.50% Very Favorable
    16.0% Favorable
    29.9% Neutral
    2.10% Unfavorable
    0.80% Very Unfavorable
    48.8% Never Heard of

    Alex Lewy
    0.40% Very Favorable
    5.40% Favorable
    9.10% Neutral
    0.40% Unfavorable
    0.80% Very Unfavorable
    83.8% Never Heard of

    Ben Sorensen
    0.00% Very Favorable
    5.40% Favorable
    15.1% Neutral
    0.00% Unfavorable
    0.40% Very Unfavorable
    79.1% Never Heard of

  17. Joseph Miller says:

    @Patti Lynn – you ask Charlie supporters to not slam Nan and then you go ahead and slam Charlie. Your bitterness must result from backing so many loses over the years.

  18. Joe Kreps says:

    Geller and Nevins are both operatives of Crist. They are hacks who are doing an incredibly bad job of promoting him. This blog is total crap.

  19. @ 16 says:

    WHOA!!!!! Did you just throw Buddy under the bus on his own blog?

    Typical. Definitely no honor amongst political operatives in Browardtown.

  20. Robert Muniz says:

    Many thanks to Steve Geller for providing the detail of the survey. The fact is that the data on Rich vs. Crist was a fallout for a survey targeted to District 100 (not all of Broward County), and for a different purpose. I do not think that Mr. Geller explaining the details implied that he threw anybody else under the bus.

  21. Real Deal says:

    Charlie Crist is a recent covert to the Democratic party. He’s running to re-occupy the highest office in the state after having previously served a term in that office that places him int he mainstream of conservative policy stances. He has to be tested in debate. The questions must be put to him as to what he truly believes.

    Democrats should not be so desperate as to take someone at their word when within the past four years that person has been a Republican, an Independent and a Democrat. Let him speak for himself, on video, on the record, answering the tough questions against an opponent.

    Crist is a formidable candidate but he’s not a king. He’s a candidate and candidates for governor in Florida debate their primary opponents. How dare he or any Democrat deny Nan Rich a debate?

  22. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Toot, toot, beep, beep, guess who. Oh some of you w/ your cheap shots concerning this race between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott, w/ Nan Rich desperately trying to break her way in. Again, w/ emphasis on Charlie Crist/Scott. Charlie watch the cheap shots coming your way. Rich here and her supporters are going to play dirty. Keep your guard up. There is no reason for Mr.Crist to debate Rich. A lot of cheap shots are coming your way Charlie. Oh this camp which includes TV reporter Bob Norman, his wife Brittany Wallman(really Brit) and a few area overzealous residents that want to see you lose,amoung others. Let them throw the BS. Above mention be careful w/ the mud you sling because make no mistake that mud will be thrown right back in your face. Esp. concerned should be Brittany and hubbie here. Stay out of these races. Report the news etc. Stay out of these races. Your personal feelings should be put aside. What because you have the media backin you(because you work for the media), does not give you just cause to slander certain canidates so you both stay in the loop..How would you like if I broadcasted your personal lifes all over the place? Yes, they are both getting tips that are being orchestrated by a certain few players , just to undermine Christ’ campaign and also local candidate Charlotte Rodstrom. So if they both(Norman/Wallman) want to throw the bs, fine. I will counter w/ the bs. that I know and I will embarrass you both. We will see how you like it. You both know damn well what I am referring to. My advice to you Bob, Brittany-keep it cute. Report the news etc, and leave the fodder out of these races. Let the voters decide who they want to vote for. You both have no right to influence the voters so you can make brownie points w/ a few unnamed players(for now). You have been warned…

  23. Broward Voter says:

    Yes I’m sure of it now. Robert Walsh is retarded.

  24. Joe Kreps says:

    This is a dishonest poll on a dishonest blog. They have both been hammering Nan since Charlie declared. They both have ulterior motives.