Politics To Watch In 2015: Chapter One




In the past an off election year like 2015 would be dull, dull, dull for political junkies.

With the advance of the 24/7 Internet bringing with it a bunch of new media outlets (Facebook,Twitter, RedBroward, BrowardPolitics, JAABlog, etc.) and the increasingly cost of campaigning requiring non-stop fund raising, there is no down time for politics.

So much is expected to happen next year I am spreading my predictions into several posts.

The first chapter is below


Mark Bogen:


Newly-elected Bogen has the intelligence and boldness to shake up the hidebound Broward County Commission. He is a newcomer to politics and largely paid for his own campaign, which means he doesn’t owe anything to the same ‘ol lobbying and political crowd.

Bogen is a guy who thinks out of the box. I’m hoping that he can come up with new approaches to government.

Last May, Forbes Magazine was impressed with Bogen’s latest venture – trading loyalty program points at airlines, hotels or other businesses for some serious face time with major athletes.

Forbes wrote about it under a headline: Why Entrepreneurs Need To Think Outside the Box.


Mitch Ceasar:


The long-time chair of the Broward Democratic Party has told just about everybody except the voters that he is running for county commission starting in 2015.

A Brooklyn-born brash quipster, he’s shrewd politician with media savvy who helped organize the Tamarac Democratic Club while in college and has been a force in Broward politics ever since. Ceasar has held on to his job as the elected leader of the party despite repeated challenges.

But the only ones who vote in party elections are a few hundred Democratic committeemen and committeewomen. Ceasar hasn’t been tested outside cloistered confines of the party organization. (He did run for state House as a youth and lost.  That doesn’t count.)


mitch ceasarMitch Ceasar: Media savvy


His unmatched ability to speak in clever sound bites on MSNBC and in the pages of the New York Times counts little in a commission race. It will be interesting to see in the coming year if Ceasar can broaden his base and his appeal to the general public.


State Senate District 29:


Winding from Coconut Creek along the western border of Broward to roughly Southwest Ranches, this seat that is open in in 2016 promises to be a multi-million dollar donnybrook. It starts in 2015.

The only candidate in the race so far is former state Rep. Jim Waldman, D-Coconut Creek. He won’t stay alone in the race for long.

Gary Farmer, a Democratic lawyer, is eyeing the race. Just-elected Coral Springs Mayor Sklp Cambell has shown an interest in the Senate seat in the past.

Don’t be surprised if a female candidate – newly-electe state Rep. Kristin Jacobs? – jumps in.

Waldman has the backing of much of Tallahassee, including physicians. Farmer will have the trial Bar with him. Campbell, a former Senator, can get money from both.

And all three — Waldman, Farmer and Campbell — have personal wealth.

So the candidates will have the cash to make this one visible very early in the cycle.


Robert Runcie and the School Board:


With an extra $800 million from the recently passed bond issue in their pockets, now the hard part comes — Runcie and the School Board will now have to prove they can spend it wisely.

They have ducked real outside supervision – despite promises –so parents and perhaps the media must keep them in line.

Encountering no foul-ups is vital for member Robin Bartleman’s political future. She has talked about campaigning for a county commission seat in 2016.


bartlemanRobin Bartleman: Future on the line



How they use the bond money could be the most important political story of 2015. Is Runcie and the Board up to the task?

We’ll soon see.





12 Responses to “Politics To Watch In 2015: Chapter One”

  1. count l f chodkiewicz chudzikiewicz says:

    Mr. Caesar is a lobbyist. A lobbyist on the Broward county commission is like a fox guarding the chicken coup or am I missing something? And yes, as a Jew who supports Israel being on ms NBC ain’t a recommendation!


    Under the county’s ethics law, Ceasar would not be allowed to lobby in Broward County.

  2. Broward Voter says:

    I hope Nan Rich runs for the County Commission. She would win hands down and it would keep her involved in leadership in our community.

  3. Alta Ahmed says:

    Mitch Ceasar and Robin Bartleman
    Good Luck for future county commission seat candidate 2015 and 2016
    From Altaf Ahmed
    Plantation Democratic Club.

  4. Talks like a politician says:

    Unfortunately, my most vivid memory of Robin Bartleman is watching and listening to her tell a classroom of mentally handicapped students that they could go to college. All of them could only read at less than a 3rd grade level. If she relates to her constituents as poorly as she did with those students, hang onto your hat! it’ll be a rough ride.

  5. The Guess Who says:

    The negative mail against Mitch writes itself. If someone with any self funding ability gets in that race, he’s in a lot of trouble. Even better if it’s a woman….

  6. Anyone Can Beat Him says:

    I agree that a lobbyist like Mitch Ceasar should not be on the county commission, especially one who has done nothing else since graduating law school. Just print up every scummy client of Ceasar’s on a mail piece and he goes away.

  7. Sick of Losers says:

    Robin Bartleman=Light weight loser
    Mitch Ceasar=Lobbyist loser
    Waldman, Farmer and Campbell=lawyer losers.
    Can’t we find a winner.

  8. just sayin' says:

    I’m not impressed with Bogen at all. I was watching the first county commission meeting after he was elected (and not yet sworn in.). He stayed to make a stink about one item. Then, he left!!! He was a commissioner-elect and LEFT the meeting! He’s obviously not serious about the job or he would have stayed for the entire meeting. Great start for the new guy.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @Sick of Losers Jim Waldman accomplished a lot in the House agt. a Republican nuts in charge. When the state needed money, Waldman sponsored and passed a tax on cigarettes. He deflected many of the worse ideas of the right wing nuts. He is a good candidate, not a loser.

  10. memories says:

    Wow you bring back memories. In1974 when Mitch Ceasar moved to Florida.he ran for state legislature, thatwas the turn of broward. becoming a democratic county 4 seats were open, the demcrats won all of them linda cox ect,except for ceasar who lost to tom bush even then they thought ceaser was brash,he left the court house that day knocked down that day and there was a big article before. the race that he was going to be , governor, losing that race was good for him i.f you think heis brash now you had to see him then,thanks for the memories buddy

  11. Thank God for Robin! says:

    Thank God for Robin! I am the parent of a child with special needs and Robin understands my kid and others like her. Yes, she is intellectually disabled and yes, she is going to college. She understands her abilities not just her disabilities. I hope that Robin stays on the school board for another term but if she choses to run for county commission I know she will be a tremendous advocate there as well.

  12. Courts says:


    Any judges to watch in 2015 or after, either because they are particularly good or bad?