Update: Political Trickster Denies Role In Tea Party Calls



Perennial political bad boy Roger Stone has denied a role in the latest chapter in the Broward sheriff’s race.

Stone is renowned for pushing the edge of what is allowable in political campaigns.  He calls himself a political “hit man”.

His first involvement was working as a dirty trickster for Jeb Magruder at Richard Nixon’s infamous Committee To Re-Elect The President (CREEP). Stone’s  job was to smear and spy on Democratic candidates.

Once a Republican operative, he now is a Libertarian.

Roger Stone

Although he is a nationally-renowned figure,  he has been involved in many kinds of races including the Broward Sheriff’s election four years ago.

At the time, Stone was working out of the offices of Scott Rothstein, a lawyer later unmasked as a Ponza scammer.

Because of that involvement, it was immediately rumored that Stone was involved in the Tea Party robo calls which hit Democratic voters on Wednesday as well as similar calls in the August primary.

Here is Stone’s e-mailed response:


I am in NYC and running a Presidential campaign of Gary Johnson–the Libertarian on the ballot in 48 states.

 Do you really think I give a rat’s ass who the Sheriff of Broward County is?

 I helped Lamberti four years ago at the prodding of Scott Rothstein– who assured me he ‘controlled ” Lamberti and would raise whatever I needed…and did.

 Everett Wilkinson is a madman. He is uncontrollable. He was for Bill McCollum when I was for Rick Scott.  We are not pals.

 He is , evidently big for Allen West…….and Lamberti.

 His organization is entitled to endorse who they please although I don’t see how it will help Lamberti. 

 Best regards…..


 And here is what the Tea Party’s Everett Wilkinson wrote me about Stone’s possible involvement:

Mr. Nevins,

Roger? I have never met you, but you seem to the typical liberal blogger.  I am happy that we live in a country that has freedom of speech, but disappointing that liberals like you use it to spread lies.  Lamberti is supported by the tea party and GOP.  We are taking back America. 

And more from Stone discussing Lamberti and the sheriff’s race in an e-mail to Brittany Wallman of the Sun-Sentinel:

To: bwallman@sun-sentinel.com
Subject: RE: Brittany / sun sentinel
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 13:08:36 -0400

Just saw your story—for Sheriff Lamberti to say the South Florida Tea Party does not exist is crazy. Did you call Everett Dirksen Wilkinson the Chairman. He is a well-know gadfly, uncontrollable and very tight with Adam Hasner and Allen West . I guess you should talk to him. it is the largest and most active Tea Party group in South Florida. Scuttlebut is he called Rs and NPs  — to help Lamberti who is a REPUBLICAN.

Four years ago I used a George W. Bush Robo call for Lamberti to make the point that Scott Israel had switched parties to become a democrat using SATIRE . It was clearly said in the DISCLAIMER it was a PARODY. My involvement was at the remorseless prodding of Scott Rothstein who told me he “controlled” Lamberti.  Rothstein raised the money for the calls and the heavy TV attacks on Israel.

With voters getting dozens of these cheap robo-call you have to use humor to break through.

I think you can find the MP=3 of MY robo call on Youtube… Sounds just like the real George W. Bush. Cleverly written.

Now listen to the Bush call used against Granteed. Sounds nothing like Bush, not convincing– no mention it is a parody

In politics imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Nothing is new the second time. Ronnie Gunzburger  or Todd Wilder re-using a technique I used before ?

Much was written about it at the time. Hardly a secret.

Wilder a gun for hire—knows Broward.

Gunzburger, who I know because we both collect political buttons, hates Lamberti for trying to beat his mother in the County Commission race.

Gunzburger is a smart little son of a bitch. Sue G kicked Geller’s ass. I’d say Lamberti is in for a fight.

I am supporting no one in the Sheriff’s race. If you look at the Stonzone.com you will see I am no longer a Republican and cannot support anyone who supports Romney. I do not support liberal Democrats.

I am an active critic of Romney and the social issue drift right of the GOP. Read What I have written on Romney and the GOP–OOPS -you can’t – you asked that your  name be removed from the STONEZONE blast list a year ago and we complied. 



24 Responses to “Update: Political Trickster Denies Role In Tea Party Calls”

  1. Buddy is Lamberti says:

    Buddy, maybe you will finally see that Scott Israel is a good guy who tells the truth and a good candidate for sheriff. You seem to have a grudge against him. Maybe it’s from the old days? I can’t ever say that Lamberti tells the truth. It’s obvious he’s ashamed of his Republican name brand but will you it clandestinely to benefit himself.

  2. Just Saying says:

    Hmmm … so Roger Stone is finally admitting that ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein financed his sleaze campaign against Scott Israel four years ago in order to re-elect Rothstein stooge Lamberti. Nice!!

    “I helped Lamberti four years ago at the prodding of Scott Rothstein – who assured me he ‘controlled’ Lamberti and would raise whatever I needed … and did.”

    Nice to see dirty trickster Stone finally admit it.

  3. Charles Terry says:

    Why bring up Roger Stone? The Tea Party made those robo calls. Everett Wilkinson admitted it yesterday and made it clear today in his proud declaration that the Tea Party and the GOP support Lamberti. And it is a FACT that Al Lamberti pals it up with uber right-wing nutcase Allen West. Lamberti’s reputation is already tarnished by the people he associates with, for example, a convicted drug trafficker who beat up his wife and a convicted Ponzi scammer. No dirty tricks are needed to convince me that Al Lamberti must be voted OUT OF OFFICE!

  4. I don't buy it says:

    If the Tea Party really wants Lamberti to win, why make calls emphasizing their support to targeted Democratic super voters? Are they also calling Tea Party voters?

    Our household got 3 of those Tea Party calls yesterday and one call supporting Scott Israel and smearing Lamberti with his ties to Scott Rothstein. Coincidence? I think not. The Israel call came minutes after one of the Tea Party calls.

  5. Nunz says:

    It worked for me, anyone supporting Alan West will never get my vote.

  6. Mike Rodgers says:

    All part of their game to hurt Lamberti. Unfortunately, I think it is going to backfire on them. Lamberti will still win big!

  7. Watching the Race says:

    Ok here are the cites of the facts that tie Jenne, Wilder, Stone and Lamberti.

    Roger Stone admitting he introduced Todd WIlder to the Tea Party people. [url]http://www.local10.com/news/blogs/bobnorman/-Dirty-trickster-Roger-Stone-involved-in-Granteed-smear/-/3223354/16075448/-/knmclr/-/index.html/url]

    Todd Wilder runs the PAC that did the robocalls [url]http://www.local10.com/news/blogs/bobnorman/How-is-Disney-Genting-connected-to-Granteed-smear/-/3223354/16080712/-/qt0wio/-/index.html/url]

    The PAC “Taxpayers for Integrity In Government, Inc” has a website. That website lists its contributors. Most of them are businesses and a few names stick out. Sheri L. Dwyer of Parkland and Universal Bonds of Miami. [url]http://taxpayersforintegrityingovernment.com/Contributions.html/url]

    Ms Dwyer and Universal Bond both contributed to the PAC and to Scott Israel [url]http://www.browardsoe.org/CFFilingDetail.aspx?type=contribution&file_id=4784/url]

    Ken Jenne was Todd WIlder’s Chief of Staff [url]http://weblogs.sun-sentinel.com/news/politics/broward/blog/2012/08/george_w_bush_loves_louie_gran.html/url]

    We all Know Jenne and Stone worked at RRA together.

    This is the Kryptonite to Israelites but it is also connects the dots from Israel to these calls and why he cant deny it.

  8. John Balzer says:

    Buddy’s article shook up some folks that seem to have clarified the issues. It would seem that the Tea Party does in fact endorse Lamberti. This is remarkable because Lamberti is a crook. It is Scott Rothstein that got Lamberti elected. Trying to put Stone in the mix is a stretch. Lamberti will lose the election. Too many scandals.

  9. Kathleen Smith says:

    Why is support from the Tea Party a a bad thing? Lamberti is a Republican and shares the same core values as the Tea Party.

    I think this is just a fluff piece. Facts are facts – Lamberti has been seen photographed with Allen West, he supports Romney and has Gov Rick Scott raising money.

    I’m voting Lamberti and Republican all the way

  10. Dora Nash says:

    You can go to the South Florida Tea Party site and see Sheriff Al’s picture there with West. It is a bad thing for the Tea Party to be associated with Lamberti because he is the most scandal ridden sheriff out of the last three (did they let Ken Jenne out of prison yet?) I will be voting Republican but not for Lamberti given his record of corruption.

  11. Lamont Eason says:

    Isn’t a Tea Party endorsement a good thing for a Republican? I understand that the South Florida Tea Party is fairly big here so their nod to Lamberti should be welcome d. Al Lamberti is a Republican so what’s the problem? He supports Mitt Romney and locally, he supports Republican Allen West.

  12. Maxine DuPont says:

    Sheriff Al Lamberti best represents our Tea Party values! Let’s take back America! Romney-Ryan-Lamberti! That’s the ticket!

  13. Lamberti is garbage says:

    Lamberti is a criminal, not even a good one. If he gets elected by mistake, there will be a special election soon after. Save your money Broward…DUMP DIRTY LAMBERTI now.

  14. Buddy Boy says:


  15. Deputy Dog Ruff Ruff says:

    Roger Stone is an old can kicked to the curb! SCANDAL RIDDEN Read his email and you can see he has no loyalty to anyone! Lamberti will have the last word with Stone! Bread and water!

  16. Deputy Dog Ruff Ruff says:

    One must ask? Hummmmmmm why is Roger Stone Major Political Strategist on this site and answering posts????

  17. GO PATRIOTS says:

    Dont forget the Tea Party supports our fellow Tea Party Patriots, Former Judge Julio Eduardo Gonzalez and Bob Nichols.

    I am proud to vote these guys as they will not be activist Judges and give no quarter to Sharia Law, Abortion lovers, Homosexuals and stand up for good Christain values.

  18. Watching the race says:

    Funny thing about the south florida tea party site. They have only endorsed two sheriff candidates in all of florida. Louis Granteed and Al Lamberti.

    The site also has opinion pieces written by Wilkinson that supports things like the Genting project in Miami and a deal for US Sugar.

    Why is this important? Genting and US sugar are also big contributors to Todd Wilder (aka Steven T Wilder’s PAC).

    This is the same PAC that is paying for the phone calls.

    Wilkinson is a Todd Wilder stooge, trying to discredit Lamberti the same way they did Granteed.

  19. Just Sayin knows Dick says:

    Really, Israels Campaign should stop blogging to the folks on here, using fake names and get to work, maybe that is why, Scott, only raised 16,000 after the primaries, Scott should fire these children and hire adults

  20. John says:

    lamberti in bed with Allen West and the Tea Party. Until last week I was going to vote for lamberti. Now there is no way he gets my vote. He had the opportunity to state publicly that he does not share the ideals of the Tea Party but chose not to do that. If he thinks that the people on the left will still support him he’s nuts. The Tea Party is destroying this country. lamberti wants to court the left and the right. He is just a vote whore and it’s now obvious he is not a man of conviction and character.

  21. Jim Stargy says:

    WHO CARES. THis is a lot about nothing. Let the Tea Party support who they want to support.

  22. Lisa Wagner says:

    Lamberti and Scott Rothstein were partners is crime. Al Lamberti need to go.

  23. Rothstein and Tea Party says:

    Interesting Rothstien’s old pal Lamberti is supported by the Tea Party as well as Rothstien’s former employee Ousted Judge Julio Eduardo Gonzalez.

  24. Real Deal Facts says:

    Scott Israel is a scumbag liar. It seems funny he knows everything about everybody, but never knows nithing when asked. What a jerk off. Scott Israel did all of this bull shit and took $190,000.00 from Scott Rothstein. He is a liar and criminal who was arrested…