Political Tidbits: The Pix





Below are two photos sent by readers.

The top one is Mitch Kraft, husband of former School Board member Stephanie Kraft, campaigning in Coral Springs for Tom Powers for mayor.  Mitch Kraft and his wife Stephanie have been awaiting charges on bribery and unlawful compensation since 2010. Powers is running against former state Sen. Skip Campbell. 

The second picture is of County Commissioner Chip LaMarca and Sheela VanHoose, who can be clearly seen over the commissioner’s right shoulder.  As the final house before Nov. 4th election approached, VanHoose was campaigning for LaMarca and not for the $800 million school bond issue that she was shepherding as Superintendent Robert Runcie’s right hand gal.  Hmmmm.



Mitch Kraft campaigns for Tom Powers for mayor




Chip LaMarca and Runcie's gal

4 Responses to “Political Tidbits: The Pix”

  1. quid pro NOT says:

    Shelia is helping chip because he is a strong proponent of the bond as he himself is an alum of northeast high one of the worst schools in the district. Oh wait Chip has never done anything for the bond or has even taken the district to task for the messes at his alma mata

    What about republican state rep Moraitis? A fort lauderdale high grad is he supporting the bond? Nope

    Van Hoose couldn’t even bring support from her fellow republican, public school educated local officials. She is useless

  2. Ha Ha Ha says:

    The people are certainly voting!! The early voting total for Broward in 2010 was only 85K, and we’re already over 109K with today’s voting not yet counted. Yesterday’s vote count was over 12K. Final early voting total looks like it will be over 120,000.

  3. Aletheia says:

    Wow! If I were Tom Powers I would say, Thanks…but No Thanks…to these two sleazeballs! Who would want to be associated with the Krafts? As if the endorsements of these future felons are worth anything! Maybe Powers is giving them a few bucks to stand on the corner with his signs!

    Don’t you just love Stephanie’s hair extensions and Mitch’s outdated cargo shorts? What a pair!

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiwicz says:

    Seela Van Hoose (sounds like a stripers’ professional name) has a high priced job at the School Board and is involved in politics? No wonder the schools stink and the budget is of control and construction program a disaster for decades! Who is this person we taxpayers pay a fortune to for what? I mean the Board of Education I am shocked to see from his resume is headed by Runcie, who is NOT an educator but a computer progamer executive who did publicity for the Chicago School Board! She is everything WRONG WITH THE SCHOOL SYSTEM!