Political Tidbits: Should Perlman Start Looking For A Black Robe?


It is eight months from the August judicial elections. So where is Broward Circuit Judge Cheryl Alemán?

The controversial Alemán has not started her re-election yet.

The courthouse rumor is that Alemán, who in April was publicly reprimanded by the Florida Supreme Court for discourteous treatment of attorneys, is not going to run again.

If she doesn’t file shortly after the first of the year when a new quarterly financial reporting period starts, I predict she won’t run.

Alemán holds the Group 51 seat.  The only candidate who has opened a campaign account for Group 51 is Sandra Perlman, a public defender.

It was a case with Perlman and Bruce Raticoff, another public defender, that got Alemán in trouble with the Supremes. The judge refused to remove herself from a murder case being handled by the two PDs, although Perlman was a campaign treasurer for Alemán’s opponent.

Not only that, but Alemán treated the two lawyers with distain.

”This is a very sad day for you, for us and for the entire state judiciary,” Supreme Court Chief Justice Peggy Quince told Alemán as the Broward judge stood before her in April. “You have damaged the public’s trust and confidence in our state courts.”

It would be hard being re-elected with that kind of record.

Personally, I think Perlman will look great in a black robe!

sandra perlman two

Perlman: Looking Good


Ken Keechl has altered his Facebook page to reflect his new status.

He now calls himself Broward Mayor Ken Keechl on the social network.

Don’t let it go to your head, Ken.  It only lasts until next November when Sue Gunzburger becomes mayor.  And you go back to being Commissioner Keechl.

Gunzburger still has to get through a tough re-election in the August Democratic primary. 


The search is on for a judge to hear the case of former Tamarac Commissioner Ed Portner.

In October, Portner came to the house of his daughter, then-Broward Mayor Stacy Ritter.  Brandishing a gun, he scared her into running next door.

Portner was charged December 2 with armed burglary for entering Ritter’s house and  aggravated assault with a weapon.

Because of Ritter’s position, no Broward judge will touch the case.  It is likely a retired Miami-Dade or Palm Beach judge will hear it sometime next year.

10 Responses to “Political Tidbits: Should Perlman Start Looking For A Black Robe?”

  1. Big day says:


    Do you know the last day a Judge can resign and have the Gov and JNC pick the replacement?

    Odds are if Aleman is out that is what she will do. No way she lets Pearlman get it via election against her or anyone else.

    FROM BUDDY: Thank you so much for this comment and your very good point.

    She might resign and let Crist pick a replacement. I believe that replacement would have to run in the August election under Article IV, section 1(f) of the Florida Constitution.

    I remember that Gene Malpas was appointed by Gov. Bob Martinez in June 1990 and he had to run in that year’s election. After Malpas got caught ducking a toll on the Sawgrass, he lost to Peter Skolnick.

    Malpas ended up being a judge for just months.

    However, I haven’t looked at this in a long time, so there may be another governing law passed since then.

    Perlman could run against the new judge or switch to another race.

  2. Hmmm says:

    I remember last year when Judge Merrigan got appointed that there was some kind of deadline that if he accepted the appointment by a certain date he would have to run this year but if it was after that date he would get the two year window. I think if Aleman resigns before March 1, (2 months before filing) it goes to the jnc and the new judge could get the 2 year window. Not certain of this.

    FROM BUDDY: As I wrote above, I’m not up on the law concerning judicial appointments. If someone wants to cite the law, it would be appreciated.

  3. yikes says:

    Under applicable law and the deadlines for the jnc process and period for gubernatorial appointment, aleman could announce her retirement on april 30th before noon, which will take that seat out of contention for august, given the 60 + 60 day window on the jnc process and appointment period.

    I wouldn’t put it past any of the judges with opponents to pull this kind of stunt, which screws their opponents and also preserves their status as retired (rather than defeated) judges. The only question is whether aleman would rather have an allegedly gay man appoint her replacement instead of losing an election to sandra perlman.

    Choices choices choices.

  4. Las Olas Law says:

    Any way there is to get rid of Aleman is okay. I can’t remember a worse judge or a worse appointment. She is arbitrary and doesn’t follow the law, just what she believes is her own God given right to rule.
    She is an embarrassment and a threat.

  5. The Long Black Robe (ret.) says:

    Cheryl Aleman is not fit for the bench. Everybody knew that from the day she was sworn in and praised Jesus. On the other hand, Lee Seidman deserves re-election. He has performed wonderfully.

  6. alleyoops says:

    One of the Seidmans posting again.

  7. The phony sam fields says:


    Not the Seidmans. Sam Fields, their flunky.

  8. Lawyer says:

    Lee Seidman is a right-wing gun-toting Republican Bush appointment that needs to go. He is mean and rude on the bench.

  9. Former Friend says:

    Sandra should hope that her private life stays private.

  10. Lawyer says:

    Former friend, put up or shut up!!!