Political Tidbits: Ken Gottlieb; Susie Essman


Ken Gottlieb kicks off his judicial campaign in early December and it’s not a moment too soon.

His opponent for County Court Group 20 is already attacking him.


Ken Gottlieb in the state House


Gottlieb’s first fund raiser is Dec. 9 at the home of his Hollywood neighbor, pediatrician Kenneth Budowsky and wife Susan.  It comes almost four months after Gottlieb filed papers allowing him to collect money.

A former Hollywood city commissioner and state House member, Gottlieb has skills that most judicial candidates lack:  He knows how to campaign and has a Rolodex of political and legal contacts who can help him in the race.

Gottlieb is a real estate and probate attorney.  His wife, Jen Gottlieb, is a School Board member. 

Opponent Mark W. Rickard is already making Gottlieb’s political background an issue.

This is how Rickard’s campaign website describes Gottlieb:

“Kenneth A. Gottlieb has primarily been a partisan politician having served as a city commissioner and in the Florida House of Representatives; until losing his 2008 bid for the Florida State Senate. When practicing law, Ken works with his brother in the areas of Real Estate, Probate, Estate Planning, Taxation Law none of which fall within the jurisdiction of the County Court for which he is now running and areas that very rarely require trial. Now he seeks to become a judge for a court for which he has little, if any, experience.

Criticism in every sentence.

Rickard describes himself as a Plantation attorney who has had over 500 trials.

He conveniently left off the website any information about his losing circuit court race last year.  He was handily beaten by another political veteran — Steve Feren, the Sunrise mayor who is now a judge.


Performing at the Hard Rock Casino last week, comedian Susie Essman turned on political consultant David Brown who was sitting near the stage.

Essman, who is best known as foul-mouth Susie Greene on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, asked Brown what he did for a living and some of the candidates he backed.

When Brown mentioned U. S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Essman gushed that she was familiar with her from cable news and liked her.

But Debbie, you have to do something about your hair, Essman said. Then she launched into a comedy riff about the congresswoman’s most notable trait her tangled mop.   

Actually,  they both could spend time at the stylist:

wasserman rubinessman

6 Responses to “Political Tidbits: Ken Gottlieb; Susie Essman”

  1. Dear Julio Gonzalez says:

    At least Dave Brown is having a good time with all that money he made off your campaign

  2. Truth says:

    Rickard is a complete joke of an attorney one of my friends had a case against him and sad he was a lame duck. The question is how many JURY trials has he conducted not lame judge trials.

    I also saw him testify for a client of his and was torn apart by the defense lawyers. Awful Awful pick for judge

  3. Pat says:

    Politicians make terrible judges. All you have to do is look at judge Feren, who has turned out to be a lousy judge. Gootlieb will also make a lousy judge.

  4. I Know A Liar says:

    It is a wonder anybody trusts David Brown anymore. Oh, wait…who says anybody DOES trust him?

    He is the biggest hypocrite and backstabbing liar walking in Broward county.

    Anybody who hires him either does not know any better or has a self-destruct complex.

    David would be homeless if he was not married to a dentist.

    As for touting DWS as a client, he did a couple of letterheads for her. He has NEVER done anything of real merit or value for her campaign. See, DWS KNOWS better.

    Yeah, David Brown was right at home in a comedy club because he is a JOKE.

  5. Tommy the Fry Cook says:

    Hey, I always liked DWS’s hair!

  6. marty jacobsen says:

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    Pembroke Pines police chief, PPines city manager

    Dear President Obama and the rest of the above,
    The children of Broward County Florida need your help. Our school board and senior district staff have been deemed to be corrupt by three (3) different Grand Jury reports over a 15+ year spam. The most recent report from February of 2011, you can find it on Goggle “broward school board grand jury report” clearly shows that nothing has been done.
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    Please assist us in cleaning up our school board and schools.
    Marty Jacobsen
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