Political Tidbits: Adam Sandler’s Father-in-Law Can Practice Again


Attorney Joe Titone has his ticket back.

Titone is a former Florida House member.  But he is also known as actor Adam Sandler’s father-in-law

Titone is permitted once again to practice law at the U. S. District Court. An order was signed by the chief district judge in May.

The Pompano Beach lawyer was reinstated by the Florida Bar in 2004.

A state House member from 1982-1988, Titone was disbarred after being convicted of charging twice for representing a defendant and then lying about it.

His daughter Jackie — 5-foot 9 stunner and former model — is Sandler’s wife and the mother of his two children.  A former Douglas High cheerleader, Jackie Sandler has had small parts in some of her husband’s movies.

A former Bronx prosecutor who went to Brooklyn Law School, Titone was strong on senior issues which is understandable since he represented condo-rich northwest Broward.  He was beaten in 1988 by Ben Graber.

Here is the order:


THIS CAUSE is before the Court on attorney Joseph J. Titone’s Petition for Reinstatementas a member of the Bar of this Court. That Petition was referred to the Court’s Ad Hoc Committeefor Attorney Admissions, Peer Review and Attorney Grievance. On March 30,2011, the Committee issued a Report and Recommendation finding that Mr. Titone had made the necessary showing for readmission to the Court’s Bar and recommending that he be reinstated pursuant to Rule 9(d) of this Court’s Rules Governing Attorney Discipline.Pursuant to Rule 9(d), having reviewed the Petition, attachments to the Petition, and beingotherwise fully advised, the Court approves the Committee’s Report and Recommendation and finds that Mr. Titone qualifies for readmission to this Court’s Bar. The Court further orders that Petitioneris reinstated as a member in good standing of the Bar of this Court. DONE AND ORDERED at Miami, Miami-Dade, Florida, this,/7 day of May, 2011.



Long-time political activist Percy Johnson is the latest Democratic official to be accused of financial wrong-doing.

Reporter Elgin Jones — he’s on a hot streak! — at the South Florida Times wrote today that Johnson wrote checks to himself from the Democrat’s Council of Club Presidents account.

Jones earlier lacerated party official Ruth Lynch for allegedly mishandling party money.

Johnson is one of the most personable people in local Democratic politics. Jones called him “revered” and I agree.  He was a leader of the Dolphin Democrats and a member of the Democratic Executive Committee.


It may be the lazy days of summer, but political fund raising continues.  Property Appraiser Lori Parrish has once scheduled for July 24 at her west Davie home for state Senate candidate Martin Kiar.

Kiar, a state House member from Southwest Broward, and Parrish have long been allies:


Please join

Representative Martin Kiar,

his family and friends

for a campaign kickoff party

in support of Martin’s campaign for

election to the Florida Senate, District 34

Sunday – July 24th

3:00pm – 5:00 pm (very casual)

At the home of Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish

XXXX, Davie, FL 33330

(If you get lost, then call Martin’s cell at 954-xxx-xxxx)




Freshman State Rep. George Moraitis has been named Community Advocacy Network Legislator of the Year by the Community Advocacy Network.

The CAN represents community associations in Tallahassee.  Moraitis’ beachfront Republican district in central and north Broward has thousands of residents living under associations.

Moraitis was praised for sponsoring HB 1195.  The bill passed and the governor signed it — an achievement for someone in his first year in Tallahassee.

The bill is wide-ranging.

Among the provisions, it allows buildings under four-stories to avoid installing a fire alarm system if it has an exterior escape. Many residents were against the expense of spending money to retrofit their buildings.

Additionally, it tightens the ways that associations can crack down on unit owners who are not paying their fees and assessments.  This has become an important issue because the recent real estate downturn has resulted in higher numbers of unit owners not paying their fair share.

It also improves the privacy rights of residents by allowing owners to opt out of being listed in any building directory.

Moraitis’ 2010 Democratic opponent  Barbra Stern is considering running again against him.  She was beaten 63 to 37 percent the last time around.

District 91 is currently Republican, but could get more Democrats in the redistricting process.

9 Responses to “Political Tidbits: Adam Sandler’s Father-in-Law Can Practice Again”

  1. The Truth says:

    Why don’t you mention that Barbra Stern is the lobbyist Judy Stern’s daughter?


    Barbra Stern is the potential candidate, not her mother. An attorney who has been involved in politics for much of her adult life, Barbra is her own woman. I very much doubt that Judy Stern tells Barbra what to do.

  2. THIEF says:

    Percy Johnson was removed from the Dolphin Democrats when it was discovered that there were “FINANCIAL DISCREPANCIES” check books.

    This is Percy Johnson just up to his old tricks.

    Time is NOW to remove Johnson from the Democratic Party!

  3. Always mention relatives says:

    Why don’t you mention that Barbra Stern is the niece of shuffleboard champion Ilene Goldberg?

  4. john doe says:

    Percy is only “revered” by old timers. He disgusts the younger generation who sees him for what he is….a thief who keeps getting away with it.

    FROM BUDDY: An alleged thief, Mister “Doe”.

  5. come on buddy says:

    Come on Buddy…

    Do you think with her background (besides being a fomer BREC Memeber what other politicial experience did she have?) if she was named Barbara Smith she would have received tens of thousands of dollars from Momma Stern’s friends at FDP and other PAC’s? Big Momma Stern had no other candidate to put in the race after all her other elected official friends said no, she had to put her little (well not really little) girl in the race otherwise all the money would have gone to Chiari and she would have no say in that race. As the Stern ladies learned, while their act may play in the condos, east side voters dont just blindly follow palm cards.

    I hope Momma Stern runs her lil girl run again and George destroys her, again. Why? Judy Stern came on your blog awhile back and said nasty things about George’s parents, there is no place for that and voters on the east side will be made aware of it.

  6. John Doe says:

    Percy admitted that there were improprieties and that he took money. There is nothing “alleged” about that. It is self incrimination and the admission that he is a thief.

  7. DeeDee@gmail.com says:

    Lynch and Johnson are both part of Mitch Ceasar’s administration. DEC members should ask for an accounting of all the $$$$

  8. Bill Livesay says:

    I have known Joe Titone for over 30 years and have never known him to do anything illegal. Many thought he was trying to help an indigent defendant and was set up by a little weasel in the state attorney’s office. Bill Livesay

  9. James Cianci says:

    Joe Titone is a crook, thief and swindler. This creep stole over 100 grand from a widow and is being sued for civil theft. It will be on the circuit court docket soon and available for all to see. He and Darren Baysinger concocted a lawsuit that was bogus and they used bogus documents to settle an action that they had no standing. This scumbag is a worthless piece of garbage that disserted his family in the nineties and is estranged from them until today. He is divorced twice and lives alone as no woman will have this cretin. Baysinger is no better then him with scams that date back 20 years screwing investors and lining his pockets with ill gotten money. Karma is coming around lowlifes soon!