Political Musical Chairs In Plantation: Bendekovic, Jacobs Jump In


It’s musical chairs in Plantation in the wake of Mayor Rae Carol Armstrong’s announcement she would not run for re-election in March.

Council member Diane Veltri Bendekovic became the second candidate Tuesday in the race for Plantation mayor.  She opened her campaign account just after city hall opened.

Bendekovic is the daughter of the late Mayor Frank Veltri, one of Broward’s political pioneers who served 24 years leaving office in 1999.  He died in 2006 at age 94.

Bendekovic entered the mayor’s race knowing that her colleague Council member Jerry Fadgen was already running for the job.  One or two other candidates for mayor are expected.

Former Council member Ron Jacobs immediately jumped into the race for Bendekovic’s seat. Jacobs was a council member from 1993-2005 when he retired.

Another possible candidate for one of the Plantation seats is Eric Hammond, a city activist.

One of the interesting people that is rumored around city hall to be exploring a race: Rabbi Sheldon Harr of Temple Kol Ami in Plantation.

The election is March, 2011.

8 Responses to “Political Musical Chairs In Plantation: Bendekovic, Jacobs Jump In”

  1. Richard J Kaplan says:

    Both personally and professionally, I will miss Mayor Rae Carol Armstrong as Mayor of Plantation.

    She has always been one of the best, and her city was lucky enough to have her.

    From one Mayor to another.

  2. Plantation resident says:

    Ditto, Mr. Kaplan. She loves this city and has worked hard- she will be missed by many.

  3. Anti-Kaplan says:

    Richard Kaplan: Yuo better be glad you weren’t ousted this time around…you are arrogant and never cared about blacks in Lauderhill….we will make sure you DON’T replace Lieberman on the county commission. Count on it!!!

  4. Richard J Kaplan says:

    Dear Anti-Kaplan,

    You are everything I am trying to fight in Lauderhill, PREJUDICE AND BIGOTRY.

    It’s funny you would think I don’t care about blacks since in a city of 75,000, which is over 70% black, I was elected in 2006 by 68% of the people, and this time no one ran against me.

    Obviously, the people of Lauderhill of all race and ethnic backgrounds overwhelmingly don’t agree with you. I always expect detractors, those that just don’t get it. I guess you will always be one of them.

    But in this case, my comment was about a wonderful Mayor who is leaving her post after many positive years of service. So I again honor her.

  5. plantation resident says:

    Diane is who we need for the next mayor. We don’t need Jerry “Ichabod Crane” Fadgen and his right wing agenda copied directly from his friends in the Republican Party. Jerry, get back on the anti-abortion picket line in front of the Women In Distress.

  6. So Nixionian says:

    I would like to compliment Mayor Armstrong on her years of service to the City of Plantation. Although I may not have agreed with her on all issues, the City is a better place because of her stewardship as Mayor and Councilmember.
    Enjoy your family and the rest of your life’s journey.

  7. Scott Schwartzberg says:

    I am an 8 year resident of Plantation, and I have lived in South Florida all my life. I am thinking of running for Mayor of Plantation. In the year of political “outsiders” entering politics, I thought why not me.Fiscally conservative, and socially liberal, I do not like hearing re-cycled names running, and I believe the people of Plantation would love to see one of there own become Mayor of our great city. If anyone believes in the idea of this lets talk. 954.806.3544 My ears and mind are wide open.

  8. Martin says:

    My neighbor got the following letter from the rabbi. He is running for the seat. If you check out the letter, he asks his Temple members to support him….this is illegal….I hope someone does something about this….btw – the typos are his not mine….

    Rabbi Sheldon J. Harr
    9890 S.W. 1st Street
    Plantation, Florida 33324

    Dear Friends,

    Each of us in our lives has places we want to visit, experiences we want to have, and goals we want to fulfill. Some are simple, others are challenging. Some will be successful, while others will not. That being noted, an opportunity has presented itself to me that I truly believe would be meaningful to me, and meaningful to the City of Plantation. This opportunity would, I think, be consistent with what I have done my entire professional life: serve our community. I’ve tried to do so through my career as Rabbi, both within our Congregation and in the wider community of which we are all a part.

    Toward that end, it is my current intention to run for an open City Council seat of the City of Plantation, at the March 8, 2011 municipal election. I fell it is important for me to announce this to you, explaining as well that I am not retiring. I plan to continue to serve as your Rabbi, as diligently as I have for the past 35 years.

    I am excited by this opportunity. It will be dependent upon the will of those who are eligible to vote whether or not this will be possible. I hope it will. In advance, I think you for your understanding. I hope that I can count on your support and that each of you will be part of my team in this venture, even as we have been there for each other in the past.

    Very sincerely yours,

    Sheldon J. Harr

    Ps. I will not and cannot run as “Rabbi” or “Doctor” since the titles are not permitted on the ballot unless they are a legal part of one’s name, nor will I involve the Temple in any way which is contrary to legal guidelines.

    Paid For by the Campaign for Sheldon J Harr, for Plantation City Council, Group 1