Political Hangout Maguires Hill 16 Sold, Closing








Maguires Hill 16, a longtime Fort Lauderdale hangout for the political and courthouse crowd, has been sold to local investors and is closing.

James Gregory, son of the owner who has worked at the tavern for 17 years, confirmed that the 40-year old restaurant and pub will be closing Sunday.

“We are shutting it.  We are not sure what they are going to do after that,” Gregory said.

The buyers include Tim Petrillo and Alan Hooper, who operate several local restaurants including YOLO’s on Las Olas Boulevard.

“We like the property and have a lot of property in that area already. We see Flagler Village as an up-and-coming area and are looking forward to helping it grow,” Petrillo told the Broward/PalmBeach New Times.

Gregory’s father, Jim Gregory, bought the restaurant in 1999.

The new owners first told Gregory that they would be operating the restaurant.  Their lawyer then called Gregory and asked him to shut down.

A source said the owners will renovate the restaurant and reopen it.

North Andrews Avenue, where Maguires is located in the Fifth Street block, is booming with new development, mostly rental apartments. That construction caused another source speculated that the parcel eventually will be turned into an apartment building with a new restaurant on the first floor.

Maguires has long been a favorite of downtown insiders due to its location near the Broward Government Center, the Federal and State Courthouses, numerous law firms, Fort Lauderdale City Hall and Police headquarters and media outlets such as the Sun-Sentinel. It has authentic Irish cuisine and a deep well of Irish beer and whiskey.

“Millions of dollars in deals have been done in that bar,” one lobbyist told Browardbeat.com.

Numerous stories have been leaked to reporters at Maguires, too.

Several Browardbeat.com readers emailed to say they will be having a final meal and drink at the restaurant before Gregory leaves.  “I expect it will be like an Irish wake,” wrote a prosecutor, asking his name not be used.

“It was a Cheers bar where everybody knows your name.  I’m going to miss it,” activist Art Seitz said, referring to the old television show.

“I’m sorry to see McGuires close after becoming such a staple of courthouse life,” consultant Bill Lewis said. “I’m not sure where everyone will go now. I’ve enjoying coming here throughout the years.”

Gregory said he won’t miss the substantial Irish fare.  He is returning to Ireland where he has a bar.

He said will be continue to visit Fort Lauderdale periodically.






James Gregory behind the bar




James, 41, (left) and father Jim Gregory, 77


Photos by Art Seitz



6 Responses to “Political Hangout Maguires Hill 16 Sold, Closing”

  1. Old Timer says:

    Another sad page in the history book of Broward County. Not everything has to be brand new plastic and chrome.

  2. tylock says:

    I’m now officialy homeless

  3. An Observer says:

    Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone.

    They paved paradise, and put up a parking lot.

  4. Peter Kelly says:

    Maguires Hill is truly an Awesome place. But, No Worries – Kelly Brothers Irish Pub is here for you. We are only about 5 minutes away on the SW Corner of Oakland Park Blvd. and Federal Hwy in Fort Lauderdale. Come and see us. We are as Irish as Irish is. Give us a try as we are sure you will love us. Call us at 954 630-2856. We are located at 3045 N. Federal Hwy in Fort Lauderdale. We have a large parking lot and parking is free. We are in the same plaza as Fernanda’s and The Culture Room.

    Cheers to everyone.

  5. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    I doubt we’ll ever replace its St Paddy’s day here.

  6. Bob Babalima says:

    Stout on Andrews just north of Oakland Park is flat-out awesome…try the Shepard’s Pie! Great atmosphere!!!