Political Consultant Mike Ahearn Runs for Judge




He’s helped elect many candidates, but can he do it for himself?
Michael Ahearn, 51, is running for Broward Circuit Ct.
A veteran attorney who has practiced both civil and criminal law, Ahearn is a graduate of Cardinal Gibbons High, Fordham Univerity and St. Thomas Univ law school.
In addition to battling in politics for decades, he overcame thyroid cancer. Now he is fighting  to conquer polycystic kidney disease with self-dialysis at home while he waits for a transplant.
He says his candidacy will be an example for “others who face similar challenges. Whatever you may be dealing with, it’s important to remember you can still live a full life and pursue your dreams.”
He running for the seat now held by retiring Judge Sandra Perlman — Group 51. There are three other candidates — all female — seeking the seat.
Best known of his opponents is Lorena Mastrarrigo, a chief at the Broward Public Defenders Office and an activist with Hispanic Vote. She loaned her campaign $100,000 and raised just over $4,000 so far.
The others opponents are attorneys Tamara Hamilton and Denise Kistner.



News release announcing Ahearn’s campaign:

MGA Press Release Apr 10 2022 (1)




8 Responses to “Political Consultant Mike Ahearn Runs for Judge”

  1. Dermet Morris says:


  2. X-Man says:

    I believe judges should not be political at all and that leaves Mr. Ahearn out, since he is a political consultant by trade.


    Ahearn is not solely a political consultant. As the article indicate, Ahearn is a practicing attorney.

  3. anonymos says:

    He is political and he is also a fine lawyer. He represented me on a case where I was wronged. He saved my ass by sticking up for the wronged party.

  4. anonymous says:

    HE will make a great judge. He really knows how to see through the bullshit.

  5. Seth Platt says:

    He’s an asshole. Give me a call Lorena, this one is a freebie.

  6. Barbara Lumbaca says:

    Boo Lumbaca
    It’s Mikes knowledge and experience learned while defending others, that will allow him to immediately do a great job as Judge of Broward Circuit Ct.

  7. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    He worked n works for charities like the Emerald Society, let’s not forget that.

  8. Not Who You Think It Is says:

    So which one of the political consultants will Mike have to help him?