Political Consultant Hospitalized


It couldn’t happen at a worse time. 

Political consultant Jack Shifrel, 64,  has been hospitalized with heart trouble. 

Shifrel has been active for two decades in the Broward Democratic Party politics and has helped dozens of candidates get elected.  He recently has been handling several judicial candidates.

The former School Board member has a history of heart trouble.

Circuit Judge Carlos Rebollo  e-mailed that he was told “Jack had a mild heart attack and is at Holy Cross Hospital. He is okay and we are going to see him later today.” 

A spokesperson for Holy Cross Hospital confirmed Shifrel was a patient, but would make no further comment.

Shifrel could not be reached for comment.

7 Responses to “Political Consultant Hospitalized”

  1. wanna bet says:

    Wanna bet Judy Stern was calling his candidates yesterday?Jack has Hurley, the Seidmans, Lloyd Golburgh and Rhoda Sokoloff. Jack has more judicial candidates than any other consultant. Get well soon Jack.

  2. Broward Lawyer says:

    Get well soon, my friend.

  3. The Peanut Gallery says:

    I like Jack personally and wish him a good recovery.

    Honestly, he is not a very good political consultant.

    Get better, Jack.

  4. Jack Shifrel says:

    Thanks for all the thoughts prayers and phone calls. It was very gratifying at a tough time. It was a “mild” heart attack, if there can be such a thing, related to congestive heart failure. There’s an old saying in the motorcycle community that goes “Heaven doesn’t want me & Hells afraid I’ll take over.

    Just got home from the hospital & need a few days to rest up.

    BTW, Lloyd Golburgh is a nice guy, but he’s not a client of mine.

  5. Bad News Seidmans says:

    Jack should dump Seidmans. Definitely bad mojo there. He would be better off with Golburgh.

  6. Broward Lawyer says:

    Glad to see your home, now get some r and r.
    You’re a good man Jack and a straight shooter.

    Jack has his share of clients and is helping them the way he can.
    In the end it is the judge or judicial ccandidate that wins or loses the election.

  7. dk says:

    don’t know u jack, but i’m glad u r better!