Pole Dancing Doesn’t Fit In Hollywood, But High Taxes Do


Hollywood Commissioner Patty Asseff is a pole joke.

Or just a joke.

Asseff complained to WPLG Channel 10 about a new pole dancing exercise studio in downtown Hollywood.

It is on Harrison Street in downtown Hollywood.  If you don’t know anything about Harrison Street, you can easily find it. Look for empty store fronts and scruffy men shuffling around.

Asseff should be happy that someone wants to do business in Hollywood.

Instead her comment to Channel 10 was: “The next thing you know is we’re going to have people out there sitting on the street, watching these people pole dancing, and I just don’t find that’s what hometown Hollywood is all about.”

The hero of this story is Susana Morales, 25, who owns the business and is willing to invest in Hollywood.

Pole dancing is an exercise, not an exercise in porno.  It is a great way to stay in shape.  It has been popular for years in places like the Northeast and West Coast for years….more advanced locations that Hollywood.

I moved out of Hollywood years ago and I never looked back. A government with folks like Asseff is just one of the reasons.

Neighborhoods are filled with spot zoning. Former commercial areas are dumps. There is no first-rate shopping. Taxes are high.

What Asseff apparently doesn’t realize is that Hollywood needs more entrepreneurs like Morales.  It needs more people willing to invest in Hollywood.

I’m not one of them.  I’m paying more than 7 mills for property my family owns in Hollywood, compared with just over 4 mills in the city I live in.

Guess what, Asseff?  Our property is on the market.


Two similar cities along the coast.  Notice the tax millage rates.  I live in neither, although I own property in Hollywood.





FT LAUDERDALE OPER 4.11930  mills

Source: Broward County government

11 Responses to “Pole Dancing Doesn’t Fit In Hollywood, But High Taxes Do”

  1. disenchanted says:

    the last police fire contract explains it all, 8 year drop and they get 8 percent on it for up to , i believe, 20 yeaRS. ISNT MONEY MARKET ONly I PERCENT, KEEP paying suckers, every cop and fireman deserves to be a multi millionaire , wonder how many actually live in hollywood, perhape weston or parkland. amaing place

  2. Hollywood Activist says:

    Hollywood’s taxpayers have been given short shrift by the Downtown CRA which has simply given away millions of our tax dollars to developers and others, with nothing to show it. Even in this economic downturn, the Downtown CRA — which has no discretionary funds, i.e., is broke — is considering a $1.7 million give-away it simply cannot afford. Since you can’t read about this in the mainstream press, read what Hollywood activists have to say at this link: http://www.balancesheetonline.com/money.htm

  3. Senator John Blutarsky says:

    There’s already pole dance lessons in a studio one street over, on Hollywood Boulevard. In the downtow, between dixie and federal. north side of the street.

  4. Jeb says:

    The first three letters of Patricia’s last name makes it all pretty clear, that she is a commissioner “politico” on a historically corrupt board, a real estate “dealer” of waterfront property that is increasingly under rising ocean waters, and given numerous statements and documents is a proven chamber of commerce, tourism, big business hypocrite. So, maybe she should realize that she has the unethical qualifications to move up the ladder to congress…

  5. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    to Commissioner Ass…….off(your rocker):

    You are joking right!?!

    Commissioner, please fret and worry about Real issues, not trumped up, off base, made up alarmist stupidity that IS NOT! You should be recalled, because basic common sense IS REQUIRED TO SERVE!!!!!!!!….AND YOU HAVE NONE!!…if you are going to choose holier than thou, to the right of right issues, AT LEAST PICK A REAL ONE, NOT SOME MADE UP STRIPPER SHIT THAT ISN’T!

  6. Beth The Bounty Hunter says:

    And worry about Hollywood Beach, they are putting parks at the end of each street taking away much-needed parking…AND rising parking costs, soon nobody can afford to visit our beach. Hope the Margaritaville brings up the image of Hollywood Beach.

  7. New Hollywood says:

    While the rest of Broward has beautiful new buildings and facilities, Hollywood has languished. It is attitudes like Asseff that holds the city back. The city commission’s lack of planning and vision has ruined the city.

  8. Tiny says:

    This country has a over abundance of overweight people who need to exercise. Pole dancing is one of the best exercises and Ms. Asseff has a dirty mind.

  9. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Morning, Commissioner Ass….off(in left field):

    I am going to the gym to work out..there is a window where one can see gym folk on stair steps and working out and “sweating”….


  10. Jeb says:

    Speaking of exercise, me thinks that Patty-Cakes might consider working her Assoff a little at that pole dancing place, or somewhere; maybe the beach, but she obviously never goes there…

  11. George Stone says:

    Hollywood is a mess and this Assoff is worried about pole dancing. She is a joke.