Plantation’s Rico: R. I. P.


Plantation voters should congratulate themselves.

They got rid of Commissioner Rico Petrocelli.

Petrocelli was beaten handily by former Plantation High Principal Peter Tingom.

Good riddance.

This is a guy who is under investigation by the state Ethics Commission and the State Attorney’s Office.

He is alleged to have used Plantation Athletics League money for his own use.  Then he allegedly didn’t report the money as is required of elected officials.

Although he is out of office, he will still have to fight the twin investigations.

When in office, Petrocelli constantly tried to trip up and obstruct Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong.  

City government should run smoother without him.  

14 Responses to “Plantation’s Rico: R. I. P.”

  1. Happy Resident says:

    THANK YOU, Buddy for helping get the truth out about Rico..hopefully Plantation can now heal and move forward..what a great night!

  2. old plantation says:

    hope city will run smooth but don’t forget to watch after our tax dollars the budget is important to us don’t go along just to go along. remember elections come and go your decisions Pete will carry weight for years to come. best of luck be a leader and make us proud.

  3. Plantation Truth says:

    My gosh Buddy….pat yourself on the back…wow…your a pompous ass….
    You were gloating while on BECON last night….made me think of the school yard kid…nanni nanni poo poo…I was right……
    I figured you out the whole time by this statement you made, “When in office, Petrocelli constantly tried to trip up and obstruct Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong.”
    You, Tingom and his whole crew are nothing but political appointees of the Armstrong gang. YOure right, things will go smoother because Pete will do whatever the Mayor wants
    Sad sad day…Plantation politics have sunk to an all time low
    Well Mr Tingom, best of luck and remember, we will ALL be watching your actions on the dias…dont think youre going to get a free pass!!!!

  4. Plantation Truth says:

    By the “handidly”
    You should be pushing for November elections….a whopping 10.9% voter turnout at a cost of $100,000….now thats CRIMINAL to the taxpayers

  5. Ron Jacobs says:

    Dear Buddy,
    But for your blog the voters of the City of Plantation would not have removed a corrupt public official.
    Thank you.

  6. Put a sock in it says:

    Hey Plantation Truth,

    Time for a new hobby Bill? Maybe you can join evan’s legal team representing Rico’s long list of charges he is facing…………

  7. The Real Plantation Truth says:

    Well “Truth”,we do agree on one thing…it is a big waste of taxpayers dollars to run an election where only about 10% of the voters come out. And please don’t give Mr. Tingom a free pass either…he would never want or ask for one. You’ll get everything at “face value” with him. Unlike our previous councilman, you can believe what Pete tells you. I think you’ll see we’ve elected an honest and dedicated Plantation resident who will represent us well.

  8. Ron Jacobs says:

    Though moving city elections to November may be a better solution, a november ballot that takes 20 minutes to finish is not ideal.

  9. KCK says:

    Yeah, great night alright. For those who complain about the “good ol’ boy” network…. it’s alive and well, just that it should be the “good ol’ girls” network.

    Just what we need a council slowly taken over by robots controlled by Queen Armstrong and Princess Veltri.

  10. watchful says:

    Yeah you said it…the good ol’ girls network…First Plantation, then the county, then who knows…
    Women will run the world!!
    muahaha(evil laughter)

    You need professional help.

  11. Pal Volunteer says:

    When I walked out my front door this morning, the air was fresher then it has been in a few years.

  12. Plantation Truth says:

    To Ron Jacobs: Are you kidding..this Blog is what informed the public….come on…wheres the hit counter to verify it….maybe it was the disgusting politics that was done to ensure another lackey get onto the council….its amazing….you, Merritt, Tom Armstrong still have your hands in the cookie jar and your not even in office…PS…great postcard you guys financed…..NOT…also, 20 minutes out of your life to exercise one of the most prescious right we have as Americans….I guess we as a society are too busy. Or is it city officals like light turnouts to assure themselves victories
    To Put a Sock In It: No, Im not Bill Bzdeck
    To KCK: Your are dead on with that

  13. Bruce Edwards says:

    Plantation should thank Rico for his term of serving on council and at the same time welcome and give Pete a shot to show how he will represent Plantation. all you who think the city is run by a click here or a click there,really only give petty politics a platform. the way it works is one vote at a time, vote what you feel is in the best interest of the city. 95 percent of the time all officials vote to approve. When they do vote not the same,did anyone ever consider that is how they feel. Or is it easier to point to one you dislike and hold them accountable for others. It is a hard job at times, being on record all the time with your vote.(sometimes you harm someone with a decision that is made in the best interest of others) I appreciate my time to have represented you and again Rico thank you. Pete best of luck to you, you have been given a honor. God bless all
    Best Regards

    FROM BUDDY: Thanks for your well-thought out e-mail.

  14. Plantation Truth says:

    Bravo Bruce
    Well said and even more kudos for giving your name
    I think the problem is that most Plantation residents live in a well controlled bubble….that bubble being the 2nd floor of City Hall
    The control who what where when and why…yes it is true that the council does individually vote on these things but it is usally after THEY/SHE brokers the deal
    This city is the king of keeping things under wraps and quiet. Take for example, HOW, in this day and age, as we type on our computers, we cant pull up agendas, minutes from all city boards and even the whole and complete city budget. If you wanna see that you have to drive to the HBH Library and cant even check it out….you know why….KNOWLEDGE…is power and THEY/SHE does not want the public to have it….I guess THEY/SHE thinks we are not intelligent enough to comprehend it
    I will give Mr Tingom a chance even though I did not approve of the back door politics and way he got into office….and please….public spare me the sob story….HE HAD ALOT OF INFLUENTIAL HELP…..just ask anyone at DVB clebration party….it was almost a Tingom party with people gloating from ear to ear….
    I know…sour grapes…..LOL
    Hey…at least we can be thankful to have these types of BLOGS to do this…so I guess….uggg…cant believe Im typing this…thank you Buddy for creating this…..BARF…LOL