Update: Mayor Armstrong Endorses Bendekovic In Plantation Race


In a last-minute announcement, Plantation Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong wants Commissioner Diane Veltri Bendekovic to be the next mayor.

I wonder why she waited so long.  It was obvious from the start that Bendekovic was Armstrong’s choice.

Armstrong is retiring after 12 years as mayor.

The endorsement is in an advertising mailer and a YouTube video distributed over the weekend.

Is the endorsement worth anything?  Maybe.

Some voters are happy with the way Plantation was run under Armstrong.  That is no surprise considering the neighboring cities.

Sunrise’s city government is always a very public soap opera.  Does anybody like the high rise condos and the endless developments that Sunrise has allowed?

Lauderdale Lakes is broke.

Davie is a troubled community where the city manager got away with stealing thousands and ended up in jail.

I could go on.

The bottom line is that Plantation has developed in a reasonable way.

Bendekovic’s opponent, Commissioner Jerry Fadgen, is part of those wise decisions over the past decade.  But the buck stopped at Armstrong’s desk.

We will never know if Armstrong’s late endorsement made a difference.  We will know who will be the next mayor of Plantation within hours.

An Earlier Story Here:



A rule of politics: If you want to attack a female candidate, do it with humor.

Plantation candidate Lynn Stoner learned that lesson this weekend.   An advertising piece hit mailboxes comically slamming her.

The piece states that Stoner did not vote in 17 of the past 18 Plantation city elections over the past 35 years. That’s true.  I checked it out and she admits it.

“I got involved in the city in the past few years, Stoner said. “When I got involved, I started to pay attention and vote.

Okay.  Voters can judge how they feel about her voting record.  She did vote in state and local elections.

I like the piece because it is funny.  Too much in politics is serious, like the  fate the world is dependent on the next election.

Who’s behind the piece?

It is hard to tell because it has no disclosure and the return address is a mail drop.

Stoner suspects former County Commissioner Scott Cowan, who she says is helping on the campaign of her opponent Sheldon Harr. Her other opponent is Eric Hammond.

The piece is fair criticism.  And it is amusing.

Can the piece do damage?  Since the voters in this election are likely voters who go to the polls no matter what, they probably won’t buy her excuse.

Pieces like this jump out at you from the mailbox because they are different and entertaining.


24 Responses to “Update: Mayor Armstrong Endorses Bendekovic In Plantation Race”

  1. Plantation Resident says:

    I wouldn’t vote for her because her record shows a lack of civic responsibility. I manage to vote in every election.

  2. Rage Agaisnt The Machine says:

    If we are going to talk about civic responsibilty, you pay the Armstrong pension cost and health and dental, plantation resident. The rest of us are going to find good, honest people to represent us! Vote For who will not take the taxpayers for a ride.

  3. Bill Bzdek says:

    however she does represent over 42,000 Plantation Voters who never vote. Look at the turnout the last 30 years

  4. Rage Agaisnt The Machine says:

    ← Surprise! Team Diane Endorses BendekovicWho is “The Jedi”? →Stoned: The Plantation Jedi Hit Candidate Lynn Stoner
    Posted on March 5, 2011 by RED BROWARD
    This low-rent attack looks like the handiwork of another local machinista, but sources

    Obi-Wan loves Pizza
    tipped off RED BROWARD weeks ago of the Jedi’s tactics. Let’s see the Machine-apologists explain this one away…Issues. Issues. Issues


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    lookie lookie says:
    March 5, 2011 at 9:00 pm
    Top five reasons Scott Cowan went to Jail. Top five reasons Tom Armstrong lost his seat in State House. Top five reasons Rabbi Harr is a Woman Basher and a foul mouth terp!

    Poll Watcher says:
    March 5, 2011 at 10:02 pm
    She received every endorsement available: FOP, Realtor Association of Greater Ft. Lauderdale, South Broward Board of Realtors and The Sun Sentinel. She obviously has the answers to the issues at hand and these organizations realized it. A pretty lame attempt if you ask me. One made by an opponent, and his “machine,” that has no clear knowledge of city issues and thinks the process is a “pain in the ass” by his own admission. I think the negative BS will be ineffective this time around. I think that people are tired of the shenanigans!

    Another resident says:
    March 5, 2011 at 11:10 pm
    In my opinion she is the logical choice when you compare her to the other two candidates, but I do think this is a legitimate issue to be raised. I don’t think it is worthy of a negative mailing late in the game, but the question should have been asked of her at a candidate forum.

    All the candidates voting record should be made available without having to pay to view them. Not bothering to vote in our city elections shows true apathy, wanting to know why the change of heart is legitimate.

    Ian says:
    March 6, 2011 at 10:38 am
    Since time immemorial it’s been if you don’t like the message then shoot the messenger. Yes the message probably came from an opponent but did you think Lynn Stoner was going to bring up her atrocious voting records, hardly.
    If RedBroward found a Democrat Congressperson, State Senator, State Rep. you don’t think they would bring it to the voter’s attention? Get Real!


    March 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    I welcome any and all who choose to enter the arena, whenever they enter.

    Plantation City Council Meetings are held at City Hall, 400 NW 73rd Avenue, on Wednesday evenings beginning at 7:30 p.m.

    Sadly, one may attend any or all of these Meetings, “swing a dead cat” (As the saying goes in the foothills of The Appalachians, where I’m originally from.) “AND NOT HIT ANYONE!”

    Anyone EXCEPT, Mr. George Lord AND Ms. Lynn Stoner. With all due respect to the City Department Heads (Whom put in long hours all day and then have to be ready to be called upon during Meeting agenda items.) and the media representatives.

    If asked, two years ago, I’da given my opinion (for what it’s worth) that Ms. Lynn Stoner was testing the waters in preparation to run for municipal office.

    “Doing her homework.” you might say. Not just Council Meetings but others, too. Homeowner Associations, other City Meetings and, I believe she has even been serving upon City Advisory Board(s) for some time now.

    I’d just like to say that where I’m originally from men and boys are taught as manners that “You don’t hit the girl.” And it kinda’ looks like what’s going on here. Looks desperate, too.

    So, in closing, I admire all of those gladiators who enter the arena to achieve victory and risk defeat. You have shown a citizen’s courage that has exceeded my own.



    This comment is totally in error about Tom Armstrong.

    It is supposedly the words of a Republican activist. If it is, his mistakes about Armstrong is particularly ironic. Armstrong was known as the most conservative House member in the Broward delegation.

    But, of course, this person doesn’t care enough about the truth to research Armstrong’s voting record. I don’t have to research it. I was there.

    Armstrong did not lose his seat in the Florida House. He quit to run for state Senate.

    Here is a little lesson:

    Armstrong, a home builder, was on the Plantation council (I believe it was called the council at that time) from 1974-82. He then ran for House and won, serving four years. He quit to run against Tom McPherson, a state senator who was annoying city governments across Broward by pushing a forced annexation plan. McPherson won only to be beaten by Ken Jenne four years later in 1990.

    Before you huff and puff about Tom Armstrong, get the fact right.

    And a second point, RedBroward is having conniptions over the humorous advertising I wrote about above.

    It shows how politically naive the website is. The mailed advertising is fair comment.

    The voters deserve to know if a candidate cares enough about the city they live in to vote in elections.

  5. Legal Scrivener says:

    The issue of local non-voting may be fair game, but the tactics of dropping an unattributed piece is against the law. Buddy, you know that.


    Is it against the law? I’m not sure.

    Is non-disclosure unethical and wrong? Is it a violation of transparency, which I believe in? Yes

    In 2009, U.S. District Judge Stephan Mickle of Tallahassee threw out almost all regulation of Florida political committees based on a suit filed by a Broward condo and home owners group. The regulations overturned included the requirement that committees disclose donors and disclose their names on campaign advertising. Mickle said the regulations were a violation of Freedom of Speech.

    The ruling was not appealed by the state.

    Thus, Mickle’s ruling stands. I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that any committee lawfully does not have to disclose anything about advertising. But then again, I’m not a lawyer.

  6. Bill Bzdek says:

    Or switch parties to get elected in heavily populated Democratic Broward as Diane did in 2001 . Fact.Voters should know that.

    My original comment that 42,000 never vote is still true. I would hope some of them wake up and vote for once .
    And Buddy maybe all that you wrote about Tom is true but he is an original KNuckle Head. A real Goober.



    What you say in your last paragraph is fair comment. It is your opinion. I was just straightening up history.

    I really know very little about Tom Armstrong today. This race isn’t about him. It is about Bendekovic and Fadgen.

    Your comments about the non-voters is true, although I don’t know the exact figure. Non-voters in city elections make up the vast majority of Plantation registered voters. That doesn’t make it right. I’m sure you are not one of them, Bill.

    Thanks as always for your comments.


  7. Red Broward says:

    No one is having fits over the Stoner mailer. We were expecting much worse.
    Thanks to Mitch Ceasar’s DEC list,we know we dont have a dog in that hunt. We may be new, but we sure ain’t naive. (Plus, we don’t vouch for the comments on our blog. Good to see we share many of the same readers.)

  8. Bill Bzdek says:

    Having been very involved in Plantation Politics for 20 years make no mistake Tom and Rae Carole are the Jedi and they are a huge part of this election.

    Surprise of all surprise’s !
    The Armstrongs endorse Diane , I for one was shocked !!!!!

    There are over 52,000 registered voters in Plantation.

    This deal for Diane to be the next Mayor was sealed in 2001. Check her vote over the last 11 years.

    Diane did !!

    Its why we have not moved the elections to Nov. Its all about controling the vote. This might be Lauderdale West’s last Hurrah!

    Thanks for the comment I do enjoy your blog !

    Final comment the race is between Bendekovic , Meddoff and Fadgen.
    Anyone who chooses to run deserves respect. Thanks Bill

  9. dems for dollars says:

    Red Broward – you’ve got a dog in this fight, and – no pun intended – her name is Lynn Stoner. Besides that she rarely voted, Stoner was a registered Republican until just before she decided to run for this office.

  10. Rage Against The Machine says:

    Sheldon J. Harr it is a pain in the ass…and maybe one of my bigger mistakes.
    But now
    we’re in the last month countdown…
    My main opponent is working 24/7 on the campaign (and I am doing my best,
    but still playing Rabbi for 60+++ hours a week. Oh well……
    Face book post on Rabbi Harr’s melt down as posted by sun sentinel last week. I think this is humorous also, don’t you buddy? I did not think you knew about it or you would have shared it with your readers. As always, I enjoy your site.

  11. Mortimer Jones says:

    Who has Lynn Stoner been paying to do her website? Can’t find an expenditure anywhere. Oh wait, Rico is doing her race. So Rico and Kevin Bingham and Plantation Journal must be doing her website.

    Also, if you look her up she has IRS liens. Good Republican she is.

  12. Stone Cold's Bottom Line says:

    Didn’t the Rabbi just say running for office was the worst thing in his history?

    At least Stoner cares about now. The Rabbi does not care about now and Plantation.

    Hey, Rabbi, I have a 3:16 associated with me, so I am the real religious guy not you. if you need some Stone Cold spiritual advice or a Stone Cold religious shoulder to lean on, just give me a shout…and bring a can, no case, of beer with you!

  13. Michael G. Ahearn, Esq says:

    I do not live in Plantation nor do I know the Rabbi. While he could have expressed himself better, I thought the Rabbi’s comments were refreshingly honest. Even those of us who have worked campaigns never really know what life is like as the candidate. Many times people run thinking it going to be a remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and it is not.

    I doubt there has ever been a candidate, no matter how successful, that at one time or another had the same thoughts as the Rabbi. Campaigning is a grind, it wears on not just you but your family and friends. Most candidates have to maintain full time jobs while campaigning.

    In my opinion to call the Rabbi’s comments a meltdown is grossly inaccurate. It was a real person expressing a real emotion. Maybe he was naive entering a race not understanding how time consuming it was, no one is perfect. Nobody knows what life is like as the candidate, until they actually file and enter the arena.

    Personally, I think the fact that a supposed Facebook “friend” leaked what was obviously meant to be private comment amongst friends to the media is pretty bad. That is life in politics it’s a full contact sport.

    No, I don’t support the Rabbi and I have no idea of his platform or that of his opponent. I just think to belittle the Rabbi labeling his comment a “meltdown” is unfair.

  14. Rage Against The Machine says:

    If you have no idea who the Rabbi is or what his platform is, why do you assumed you know his mindset when he made the comments? I only know he said he made the comments after a very long day. I did not know a Rabbi curses and did not know a Rabbi plays a Rabbi. Whether he thought it was a mistake to run that is none of anyone’s concern. Buddy and I were talking about a little humor at end of long race. I thought Stoner mailer had humor and I thought Rabbi’s comments had humor. cheers

  15. Rage Against The Machine says:

    Broward Politics
    Mysterious “Jedi” Plays Shady Role In Plantation RacesBy Bob Norman, Mon., Mar. 7 2011 @ 9:16AM Comments (19) Categories: Broward Politics
    Share6 0diggsdiggThere’s a mysterious force at work in the Plantation city council races — and they call him the Jedi.

    The Jedi is being blamed for a recent negative ad on council candidate Lynn Stoner, who is getting backing by certain Republicans. The ad, which attacks Stoner’s dismal voting record, comes with no identifying disclosure — which seems to run contrary to state law.

    The ad’s disclaimer says: “Printed and mailed under rights guaranteed by both the U.S. Constitution, Amendment 1, and Florida Statute 106.03.”

    The address is listed as 7027 W. Broward Boulevard, which is a mail drop at a shipping store.

    Don’t you love how those who want to buy political races always hide behind the Constitution?

    The Red Broward blog has made much mention of the Jedi of late. Ironically nobody knows who Red Broward is either. Throw Broward Cleansweep into the mix and you could throw one hell of a costume party.

    The Jedi, according to the scuttlebutt on the web, is backing one of Stoner’s opponent, Sheldon Harr, a rabbi. The’s mystery man is also backing the Luke Sykwalker of Plantation politics, Diane Bendekovic. The force is apparently with Bendekovic in Plantation. Currently a councilwoman, Bendekovic’s father is the late longstanding mayor Frank Veltri and she seems to be the city’s favorite daughter.

    But Jerry Fadgen, a Republican of the worst kind, is fighting hard for the spot. I think tomorrow’s vote is going to be tight.

    Speculation seems centered on two suspects, both of them somewhat notorious names from Broward’s past:
    Tom Armstrong and Scott Cowan.

    Cowan is of course the former county commissioner who sold out the county to the highest bidder before he was caught stealing from his own campaign coffers, kicked out of office, and convicted of a crime. Now he’s returned as a shadow-dwelling lobbyist in Davie (he kept a friendship with Ron Book after all).

    Armstrong is a former councilman and state representative who was the contractor on the Plantation Towne Mall renovation when it burned down in 1996. It was the largest fire in Broward history, destroying some 40 businesses. The kicker was that Armstrong used a loophole in the law to avoid installing a sprinkler system, according to a Sun-Sentinel report at the time.

    Armstrong has been out of politics ever since, with his wife, Rae Carol, taking the lead. She’s the retiring Plantation mayor who recently endorsed Bendekovic.

    I’m trying to get to the bottom of the Jedi mystery.

  16. Good Endorsement says:

    Buddy I think the Mayor was endorsing all along. It is the campaign that decides when a mailer goes out.

    When you speak to people on the streets, the majority are quite happy with the way Plantation has been run for the past 12 years and they like Armstrong immensely. It is a small minority that has been so vehemently opposed, most for political grudges.

    I think the Mayor’s endorsement will have a big impact.

  17. Plantation Voter Al says:

    Jerry Fadgen and Lynn Stoner are Republican stalking horses. If you like anti-choice, anti-women and pro-developer, vote for them.

  18. So Nixionian says:

    Dear Rage
    it all ends tommorrow night,nice of you to quote pulp on this website. guess you don’t mind that meddoff was for fadgen(who he apparentely semi “endorsed” in an earler posting on this blog,or that Stoner lived here and never voted in alot of elections or took interest in anything until about a 18 months ago. all in all the city runs fairly well, could it be better yes it could. Should the Lunney deal be reviewed yes it should. Are both Mayoral candidates promising to review that deal… not really.. But the bottom line is when you examine the voting records of the mayoral candidates you find out pretty quickly that for at least one of them, what they say today and how they voted in the past don’t square up. So if you want to rage against the machine, why not rage against those that are less than candid with the electorate. That being said good luck to all those who have the courage to run and expose themselves to these blogs

  19. The Truth About Plantation says:

    Rage Against The Machine at 11:52 a.m. quotes The Daily Pulp. That blog is once again is half right if it is quoted correctly above.

    What was left out of the story was that sprinklers would have made no difference.

    Sun-Sentinel Oct. 30, 1996

    The Plantation Towne Mall fire , ignited by heat leaking from a pizza oven vent, turned into a self-sustaining inferno within minutes of burning into the ceiling above the restaurant, investigators said on Tuesday.

    Once in the roof area above CJ’s Pizza and Restaurant, “the roof then began to produce its own flammable mixture of melted tar and gases which drove the fire quickly across the mall,” said Joel D. Gordon, battalion chief and spokesman for the Plantation Fire Department.

    “At that point,” he said, “there was little that could be done to stop it.”

    Sprinklers would have had “very little, if any effect at all, because the fire is traveling through the air space underneath” the roof, Gordon said.

    The majority of the 131,000-square-foot mall was not equipped with sprinklers because they weren’t required when the center was built in 1968.

    Fire Chief Robert S. Pudney said: “We do support sprinklers 100 percent,” but they wouldn’t have been effective above the ceiling. To help extinguish the fire , sprinklers would have to be shooting water above the roof, not down into the stores.

  20. Machine Watch says:

    Ask yourself the question, “Why was a second roof put on without removing the flammable tar and tar paper materials from the first roof?” Leaving that first roof in place, trapped in the air space between the first and second roof was an accident waiting to happen.

  21. let me understand says:

    Interesting that Pulp and Red Broward (possiby Rage as seen on here) rail against how awful it was for the mail piece against Stoner to be anonymous yet doesnt Red Broward practice the same thing? This thread alone shows how “Red Broward” at worst makes up facts or at best fails to research its claims.
    Maybe Mr. Red Broward that may be a Mr.Louder will address the allegations below that he is Red Broward? Louder did interview Heather Moritas at the last BREC meeting which is on Red Broward, so he has some ties to Red Broward.


    lamaquina1968 11 hours ago

    Red Broward? Everyone at BREC knows it’s DiNapoli’s buddy Thomas Milo Lauder. The posts of Cleansweep and Red Broward read very similar. One in same?

  22. Rage Against The Machine says:

    good luck today to all the candidates. Some of you people need to lighten up a bit. red broward, plantation journal, new times, this site, pick your poision, everyones gets hit a little from time to time. good luck!1

  23. tom armstrong says:

    machine watch-3/7/11
    Although true isn’t something you seek,but untruth seems your constant companion I offer this so that you may still have some knowledge of truth in your life. there were in fact two layers of roof on the old roof. The new roof consisted of the removal of all layers and the placement of a completely new roof .That roof was NOT put on by the mall renovation contractor but by the owner of the center.
    There is an old saying “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinon still” . I would not have replyed but for Buddy Nevins propensity to seek the truth over the years,unlike most of the other pig pens that call them selves BLOGS . Enjoy the mud, then go home to the reality of the reality of what you are . Thomas H Armstrong

  24. Blogs for sale says:

    It is obvious, Red Broward and maybe Cleansweep both thought to be run by BREC guy Tom Lauder, is this years Javier/Shark Tank. Red Broward only bleeds red for Fadgen. No red for Jack Murphy in Miramar, Shari McCartney in Oakland Park, or any other registered Republican running for a city seat. Of course denials will be abound, but one has to wonder why Red only sees Red for Fadgen. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$