Plantation Mayor Orders Youth Program Out Of City


It appears over for the Plantation Athletic League.

Plantation Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong has ordered PAL to leave city fields and facilities as of June 30.


She acted shortly after the “election last week of a new board connected to the old board. The new board was proclaimed victors without an actual vote.

The mayor had demanded a new independent board be elected if the non-profit group was continue its contract with Plantation to operate youth athletics at city fields and facilities.   

In a June 12 letter to PAL obtained by, Armstrong said the the way the new board was named smacked of “collusion and election fixing. This further creates a “black cloud” over the PAL organization.

Armstrong pointedly addressed the letter to “Dan Petrovich, vice president of PAL.  Petrovich had been elected president of the group in the contested “election”, but Armstrong refused to recognize his new title.

Here is part of her June 12 letter to PAL :

“The City:

1. Will require that PAL vacate the office previously provided to PAL within the
Central Park Administration Building by 4:30 PM on June 30, 2009, and remove all
of PAL’s belongings as of such date and time. Any belongings remaining within the
office after such date and time shall be discarded.

2. Will not issue any new permits to PAL for PAL activities which cannot reasonably
start and finish by June 30,2009. The permits currently issued for summer programs
that will finish by June 30, 2009 will remain active and may finish.

3. In order to avoid a disruption of services to Plantation’s residents who participate in
youth athletics, the City would propose that the football, cheerleading, basketball,
Dynamites and soccer recreational programs and other programs that have current
active registrations, as well as current permits for summer programs that cannot be
finished by June 30, 2009, be turnedover to the Parks and Recreation Department,
and that the City administer these programs. If the Plantation Eagles are an
independent legal organization, the Parks and Recreation Department will work with
such organization on an independent basis to permit field use. If this proposal is not
conceptually acceptable to PAL, I suggest that PAL cease its registration activity
within Plantation.

In a June 13 e-mail to PAL officials, Petrovich held out hope that “other options” would surface that would keep PAL in business.  He wrote he would be discussing the situation with Armstrong this week.



56 Responses to “Plantation Mayor Orders Youth Program Out Of City”

  1. PAL Friend says:

    PAL Truth – As a continuation of the other article blog, I have to say that you’re just like Bzdek. Looking to blame someone else.

    Bill Bzdek has pointed his fingers at everyone and has taken the position that he is proud of his work, blah, blah blah.

    Well, in case you didn’t notice, in his last blog about the consultants he hired, he blamed the commissioners.

    Let’s take it one step at a time.

    Bill admitted that he hired the consultants when he was president.

    1. Bzdek said he hired the consultants on a retainer basis. Not a flat fee. So, the more hours they worked to get the same job done, the more money they made. Wow.

    2. Bzdek said he was surprised that the consultants didn’t charge more because getting information from sports commissioners was like pulling teeth.

    The sports commissioners were board members who approved the contract supposedly and they didn’t cooperate? Let’s be real. Most commissioners don’t even know what the work was all about and none of them has seen the supposed delivered manual that Bzdek said was submitted.

    3. Joann Greenwood was VP when Bzdek was president, and when she took over, basically, took the $32,000, 3-year project and put it in the storage.

    The current PAL board that the guidelines that these guys did is online. But guess what? It’s not online, or not online where any commissioner can readily get access to it.

    So, Plantation Truth, before we blame the city, let’s hold this guy accountable first.

  2. PAL Friend says:

    Plantation Truth – I, for one, am happy that the mayor cancelled the contract.

    Bill Bzdek said in his earlier blog that he charged over $200 of his monthly cell phone bill to PAL as he did more PAL calls than personal calls. For crying out loud, why couldn’t he use his emails or home phone to take care of PAL business.

    Let’s be realistic the PAL work he was referring to was to find ways to fight with the city.

    Again – if you are a Plantation parent, your first concern should be that PAL lost $76,000 on 2008. Don’t you wish you knew how much they lost in 2007 and 2006?

    Don’t you wonder why it cost the kids about $100,000 to run the administrative portion of the PAL? The only real legitimate cost in that group is the administrative worker they have, who in fact, works hard for the program.

    So, stop blaming anyone else and first look at who actually ran the programs and got us into in this mess!

  3. PAL Friend says:

    Bill Bzdek – I would like to ask for the Nth time:

    When you were a board member, did the board find out that the treasure stole over $100,000 and that he was to repay it? And isn’t it true that in 2002, the board removed the payable from the books?

    Yes or No?

    “C’mon, c’mon. You can answer. We all know what the answer is.” Shakespeare.

    Oh sorry. Mea Culpa. That wasn’t Shakespeare. That was Joe Pesci as Vinnie in “My Cousin Vinnie.”

  4. Plantation Truth says:

    I am actually single, no kids and in my mid 30’s.
    Ive never had any dealing with PAL, only what i have been able to read and research on my own.
    What i definitly do know that today is a sad sad day for Plantations children.
    With no sports orginization, what do the kids do now.
    The letter stated that Parks and Rec will take over the programs.
    What i find amazing is that the city is crying poverty but now, we have enough staffing and personnel to run a sports program.
    The mayor must of taken the $ from one of the many accounts within the General Fund.
    By the way PAL Friend, I am not supporting, condoning or siding with Bill or anyone. Well let me rephrase this….i am more pissed at the city, namely the mayor and Jim Romano for not handling this matter YEARS ago and not letting it get to the level it is at now.
    i would love to know how much this is now going to cost all the taxpayers of Plantation. And it will cost because you know PAL will sue, the city will defend, there will be costs as to Parks & Rec employees running the programs.

  5. PAL Friend says:

    PAL Friend – Thanks for clarifying your position. But, if you have issues with Romano & the mayor, don’t assume that the PAL problem was caused by them. They’re not the ones who lost money and misspent PAL funds. Let’s identify the real culprits.

    The PAL board spent countless hours and large amount of cell phone bill fighting with the city. A typical board meeting last year went largely as follows:

    30 minutes – Have dinner.
    30 minutes – Spend about 1 or 2 minutes each for commissioners to update each sport
    5-10 minutes – Going over new business, a few minutes talking about parent complaints, if any.
    30-60 minutes – Going over old business usually about how bad the city is and how it is out to hurt PAL. Meanwhile, the commissioners have 3 or 4 separate discussions going on.

    As I said in my other blogs, the commissioners of the sports really only care about their sport. These are the really hard-working volunteers of PAL. The city also has a “Sports Supervisor” who has been actively involved the last 2 or 3 years.

    With this supervisor and the commissioners on hand, the sports can continuing functioning. In fact, each sport will DEFINITELY function better without the politics of old. I am certain that the mayor will later find a new non-profit organization that will run PAL.

    Finally, I doubt how PAL can sue. The contract expired. The city had no obligation to renew it.

    My prediction – there will be something that will happen that will allow “PAL” to continue.

  6. Pal Volunteer says:

    Let’s hope that if PAL does continue its mission is no lomger to carry on a vendetta against Parks and Rec and the Mayor . Also, if nothing else, the Eagles now known as the PFC (no mentioon of PAL) is required to pay field rental fees.

  7. PAL Friend says:

    PAL Volunteer – I think PFC stands for Plantation Futbol Club, or something like that. Let’s not attack any sport. This is about the executive board.

  8. Resident says:

    What I am amazed at was that PAL’s didn’t take the Mayor seriously. The Mayor runs the city and if she is willing to take the heat, which it seems she is willing to take, then PAL’s was stupid in thinking they could stop her.

    Actually I admire the Mayor in doing the right thing, and the residents of Plantation will greatly benefit in the long run. It was needed to be done.


  9. Well Done Mayor Armstrong says:

    Mayor Armstrong took the right action. PAL was not getting the job done right and were sending the wrong message to the kids. The Mayor was bold enough to put an end to it and I’m proud of her.

    Anybody can make an error and if PAL simply came forward with that kind of humility, it would be one thing. But their arrogance, their defiant attitude is not what we need. Mayor Armstrong was not looking forward to making this decision. But when the circumstances required it, she stood tall and did what was right for the city. That’s what we expect from our leaders.

    Well done, Mayor. I’m proud of you.

  10. PAL Friend says:

    I see that Bill Bzdek isn’t around to attack the mayor and the Parks people like he usually does.

    Maybe because he’s having a hard time justifying his actions regarding the $100,000 stolen money that was not fully recovered and removed from the books.

    Also, maybe he doesn’t want to address the $32,000 consulting fee issue.

    Funny, the successor board pointed to him about these two issues. I guess Bill will put the blame on his predecessor and the CPA who did the books. It won’t work.

  11. mustbecrazy says:

    I wish I had been able to be at that “election”; unfortunately I was out of town. I am glad the City has taken a stand; was it the right one? Only time will tell. I have always been under the impression, right or wrong, that the board was an “exclusive club”, very exclusionary. I have always wondered what their actual purpose is. In the by-laws I believe it says that to be eligible for an Executive Board position you first have to have served on the Board, to be on the Board you have to have been a Commissioner, to be a Commissioner you have to have been an Administrator, to be an Administrator you have to be appointed by a Commissioner. So if you do not know a Commissioner or another Board member I would venture to guess your chances of being appointed to anything are pretty slim. Again, the term “exclusionary” comes to mind. This policy leaves out a lot of people who may be very capable but may never have had the chance to show that. Hopefully with the current turn of events, more focus will be on the actual programs rather than arguing with the City. I am concerned as to how long the City will take to get a handle on things. Football starts in July, it would be a shame if the kids and the coaches would be prohibited from not only playing but playing on time.

  12. Pal Volunteer says:

    I’m truly amazed that no one has brought up the AAU Insurance fisco from a few years back when the Board recruited dozens of people to ride on a chartered bus to Miami for a surpise attack on an AAU meeting. The intent was to get all the PAL people elcted to AAU offices and take over the operation in this area. It was in a not so nice neighborhhod and one of the PAL people packed a gun. There was lots of money involved in this operation also if it has worked. I don’t think it really worked the way they planned. Kind of like the consultants.

  13. PAL Friend says:

    Mustbecrazy — There should be NO interruption in any sport, unless the current volunteers walk out on the last minute.

    The sport commissioners and truly care their sport and I am confident that kids activities will not be affected.

  14. JB says:

    Most PAL members do not understand the massive work and commitment the volunteers give to this program. These administrators, commissioners, boardmembers etc. give hundreds of hours a month to the program. I have seen no existence of an exclusionary atmosphere in PAL, the incredible demand of the program determines who steps up and who doesn’t. The process is simple, start as a coach, get involved as an administrator and get talked into the commissionership. This is the reality, there are no cliques or “in group”, no “exclusive club”, just a bunch of dedicated people trying to do some good for the kids and the community for as long as they can. I guarantee most commissioners would gladly hand over the reigns to someone equally dedicated to the program.

  15. Plantation Truth says:

    Now that the Mayor has kicked “those scoundrels” out….
    What now???
    What are the plans???
    Who is going to run the sports programs???
    Where is the city going to get the money to run said sports programs???
    How much money has been expended throught don Lunnys office on this matter???
    Who gets to oversee the citys handling of PAL???
    Will the upcoming sports season be scrapped???
    How come there is NO information about this on the city website???

  16. Pal Volunteer says:

    Plantation Truth…Boy, are you some kind of screwall or what?

  17. Pal Volunteer says:

    I meant “screw ball” I’m sure you knew what I meant

  18. PAL Friend says:

    Plantation Truth…..
    I’m just guessing, but…. SEE BELOW

    Now that the Mayor has kicked “those scoundrels” out….

    What now??? BUSINESS AS USUAL

    What are the plans??? BUSINESS AS USUAL.

    Who is going to run the sports programs??? EACH SPORTS COMMISSIONER WILL STILL RUN THE SPECIFIC PROGRAMS.


    How much money has been expended throught don Lunnys office on this matter??? THIS IS IRRELEVANT. THE MAYOR HAS THE FIDUCIARY DUTY TO DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE CITY. (Once again, you sound like your buddy Bzdek attacking Mr.Lunny)



    Will the upcoming sports season be scrapped??? NO – BUSINESS AS USUAL.

    How come there is NO information about this on the city website??? PATIENCE, MY FRIEND, PATIENCE.

    Once everything is in place, the Mayor and Mr. Lunny will get the job done. We’ll probably have to pay Mr. Lunny. He’s worth it.

  19. PAL Friend says:

    Plantation Truth – You can attack the city all you want, but the PAL boards were the ones who mismanaged PAL funds, so you really owe it to yourself to have these people answer some serious questions.

    Have you asked Bill Bzdek the $32,000 question and the over $100,000 question?

    I was told that his predecessor and the immediate past president said that, in reference to the stolen $100,000, the negotiations were done by “the old board” and that there was some confidentiality agreement signed.

    Can you imagine? Bill takes over as president a few months after it was discovered that the treasurer stole $100,000:

    o Instead of ordering an audit to make sure that there was no other money stolen;

    o And instead of getting the money back,

    o He negotiates to not get the full payment, if any,

    o Then improperly remove the amount from the books,

    o Then signs a confidentiality agreement.

    So many follow-up questions, but no Bill.


  20. Plantation Truth says:

    PAL Volunteer,
    No….Im not a screwball…and why would you call me such…it seems that when anyone goes or questions anything about PAl that goes against the 4-5 that post here…we are screwbalss or have no idea what we are talking about!
    Im just asking questions as should every taxpayer.
    I get suspect when a multi millon dollar organization is kicked out…seems that the burden will be put back onto the taxpayers.
    Dont get me wrong, I dont know alot about PAL, and if they were corrupt and mismanganing the orginization, then kudos to the city.
    So I guess PAL Volunteer, what youre impling is that becuase I am asking some pertinent questions, like who what where when and why….I shouldnt????
    I pay my city taxes just like you and have a right to know
    And to PAL Friend, thanks for your repsonse, but why is there NO information anywhere about this.
    If the PAL program is such an important component of our city (which it most definitly is..I mean sports for kids), then there should be alot more info out for us…the public…..thats all im saying

  21. Plantation Truth says:

    PS – Im very sorry about the misspellings……it is not a refelction on me…was rushing to cook dinner…=)

  22. Pal Volunteer says:

    All that and your still a screw ball

  23. Plantation Truth says:

    PAL Volunteer
    And your an A__hole

  24. Plantation Truth says:

    PAL Friend
    I whole heartdly agree with you.
    If $100,000 was stolen/embezzled..then the Mayor needs to launch an investigation via the PD or State Attorneys Office. If money was stolen or embezzled, then those who did, should pay the price.
    I did pose that question to Mr. Bzdek on this forum and as you know, NO answer. I do not know him personally or have anyway to inquire myself.
    I hold both sides responsible…PAL and the city…they both need to work with each other for the greater good…the kids
    Im a simplist….if someone breaks the law, the police investigate…seems so simple to me…but hey…Im just a Screwball!?

  25. PAL Mom says:

    The Mayor is to be commended on her stength and smarts…. I’m sure she has a plan in mind.
    Thank you, Mayor!!!

  26. Pal Volunteer says:


  27. Plantation Truth says:

    So lets see how much they talk about this issue tonight at the Council Meeting……
    I hope the mayor has an action plan in place so the kids dont have an interuption in their sports

  28. PAL Friend says:

    Plantation Truth – I’m very curious myself. Did you go to the meeting? Did they talk about PAL and the game plan?

  29. Plantation Truth says:

    Plantation Truth
    I was watching it on Comcast when low and behold, right before Public Comments, the sound went out…
    I saw a # of PAL people speaking including Mr Bzdeck
    Seems suspect to me that the sound went “out” right at that time!

  30. PAL Friend says:

    Plantation Truth – I’m glad the issue came up. Of course, it had to come up.

    Bzdek was there too? Wow! I wonder why he hasn’t been here to answer our questions. I hope he shows up and tries to answer.

    I can’t imagine old-time censorship still happening, but could you make out what the game plan was?

  31. bill bzdek says:

    Dear PAL Friend , was at Webbys 8 pm Monday . Just like I said to you and PAL Volunteer and all of the other sad sacks . No Show , one and all. Pussies. Great wings , good beer.

    You my friend are a coward , live with it and yes for the 3rd time in my Life speaking in front of city council the audio or the picture went out. Fact .

    Was hoping at least Buddy might show up and ask some real questions.

  32. PAL Friend says:

    Hey Bill,

    I didn’t go to Webby’s because you didn’t answer the questions I asked. I want you to answer them before I give you a chance to call people names and divert attention.

    Nothing cowardly, I just need some answers first!

    So, for the Nth time+1, when you were a member of the board, did the treasurer steal over $100,000? And as president, is it true that you managed to remove the amount from the books improperly and sign a confidentiality agreement?

    What about the $32,000 consulting fee for doing the PAL manual, which took 3 years to do! 3 years of the consultants on retainer. WOW.

    According to the auditor’s report, Finding VIII – “There is no policies & procedures manual for the administration of PAL. Currently the corporate bylaws are the only governing document.”

    As for Buddy, why wait for him? Aren’t these 2 questions real enough?

    And just to let you know, the board that followed you was the one that pointed the finger at you. So you should be attacking them, my friend. Not everyone else!

  33. PAL Friend says:

    Hello Readers,
    I just wanted you to know why the $32,000 question is critical.

    Consultants are hired to do a job and usually, when you hire them, you want results right away.

    In this case, the board said that under Bzdek’s presidency, the consultants were hired to prepare guidelines for each sport, “as per the request of the city.”

    So think about it. Why would anyone stand for having a consultant on retainer? THREE YEARS of monthly retainer, for something that theoretically should have been done in a lot less time and money.

    Bzdek was president from the start and finish of this consulting agreement.

    And to top it off, no one knows where the manual is and there has not been one commissioner who said that he or she saw such a manual.

    Bzdek says the manual was delivered, but he didn’t answer whether he actually saw it. AND HE BLAMED THE COMMISSIONERS FOR NOT COOPERATING.

  34. Interested Resident says:

    Wow,I had a lot of reading to do this morning to catch up on this PAL issue. Amazing, as a relative outsider what you can discern from these blogs once you cut thru all the nasty name calling.

    First, I was at the City Council meeting last night anticipating a rather mundane and quick agenda when Mr Bzdek (I feel as though I know him after reading all these
    blogs) got up to address the PAL situation (I wasn’t aware of the issue until last night, as my kids are gone from the program). Mr Bzdek kept mentioning Buddy Nevins which led me here this morning,providing me with the opportunity to catch up on months, maybe a year (?) of turmoil.

    Anyway, after Mr. B a lady in blue got up to speak, I didn’t catch her name, but what was most important was that she stated she was a “current” PAL parent. So she
    has a vested interest. I have to say, I was surprised in reading the blogs today that the man I saw last night was one inthe same, as
    the tone of his comments was vastly
    different. Mr B appears to have quite a love for PAL and evidently volunteered for many years. Very admirable. What I don’t understand is why he is still so tied to this organization? Why would so many people still be involved long after their children have moved on? It makes me curious.

    An organization of this type should defintiely have some experienced people, but should also be representative of its current participants. THere appear to be no term limits. The by-laws appear to change at someone’s whim.
    Why isn’t there financial openness?
    Even if there is no wrong doing, boy, it certainly doesn’t look good, especially when you are a non-profit.

    The lady speaker stated that the meetings are “contentious” and parents concerns not addressed (which is apparent after reading these blogs).
    Who knows what has transpired after Mr Bzdek left, but obviously this organization is presently
    not being run openly or effectively.
    Last night’s reference comparing the PAl election to the recent election in Iran sounded like hyperbole. Until I read the blogs and newspaper articles. Wow, sounds pretty on target to me now.

    It makes me glad my children are long gone from what used to be a fabulous sports program. I am sure there are still plenty of terrific
    volunteers doing the hard work. SOunds like a bunch of out-ot-touch egos are running the executive board, though,
    and the Mayor did the right thing in stepping in to make things right.

    My final thought. Mr Bzdek, while your speech was thoughtful and passionate last night and you have put some interesting information on this site , I must ask…why get involved? Just enjoy your retirement and let the current parents fight for their kids. Is it really worth the aggravation for a man your age?

  35. PAL Friend says:

    Interest Resident –

    Please don’t let what you read let you conclude that the program is not fabulous any more. On the contrary, the program is still one of best in South Florida, thanks to the hard work of the volunteers and commissioners.

    The issue was the board mismanaged PAL funds over the years, and instead of working to resolve them, the board takes the offensive approach. That’s why some people can’t let go.

    It was time for the old style politics of the previous boards to go away.

    If you saw the recent audit, you would be flabbergasted. Starting with the $76,000 loss for the year ended June 2008.

  36. Resident and PAL insider says:

    PAL Friend. You are right in every instance…It is always “Follow the money”. While PAL may have lost $76,000 this past year, the questions that begs to be asked is why do the Plantation Eagles (Travel Soccer), sopposedly part of PAL, have a rumored bank Balance of over $100,000? How and why does a non-profit sports organization need that much operating cash. If PAL is not scrutinized and the Eagles have an independent bank account, who is watching where their money is going? iS anyone interested in how much their head trainer makes? You would be shocked.

  37. Plantation Truth says:

    I just had a revelation….
    Why isnt the PAL Audit posted on the citys website or PALs website????

  38. PAL Friend says:

    Plantation Truth – Good revelation.
    I hope they post it. People can see for themselves.

    Accountants will have a field day. Ex-PAL board says the audit “passed with flying colors.” But if you read all the management comments, you will see how mismanaged it really was.

  39. Interested Resident says:

    PAl Friend – I apologize if you misunderstood me. I am sure the program is still fabulous precisely because of the hardworking people in the trenches and thankfully the kids don’t know what is transpiring in the boardroom. Having served as the former president of a multi-million dollar non-profit, I must say this has piqued my curiousity.

    Spoke to a few of my younger neighbors today and while their children play multiple sports, they have never seen the executive board members on the fields and tell me it is the sports commissioners and administrators who get things done. ALong with the coaches and team moms, THAT is the heart and soul of the organization and those are the people who should have a say in its operation, not people who long ago should have moved on.

    I agree that the financial aspects of this are most concerning. Do I understand correctly that several Board members are actually attorneys? Do they really not understand the legal aspects of running a 501c? I don’t know these people and don’t wish to pass judgement, but as an interested resident and someone who previosuly participated in this league, I have to say that there is a lot to this story that smells rotten. I have lived a long time, my friend, and I hate to tell you that what you know may just be the tip of the iceberg, as it so often is in these cases…somebody is hiding something or trying to protect their own skin. You know what Shakespeare wrote…the “lady doth protest too much”. There seems to be a lot of bluster in an effort to divert attention from the issues.

    Good luck to you and the current PAL members. I hope you get the improvements you seek and deserve.

    P.S. A final question, now that Mr. Bzdek provoked my interest last night..can someone explain to me how the travel soccer program relates to PAL? One of my neighbors has a son on a team and our conversation had me puzzled. Is it a part of PAL or is it now a separate business? I notice the signs around town seem to indicate just that, yet my neighbor considers herself a PAL member. Perhaps it is a non-issue, just curious.

  40. A PAL parent (currently) says:

    Interested resident – how refreshing to hear your intelligent observations! Many of us have wanted change for quite some time but have been frustrated over the years in our attempt to crack the glass ceiling of the handpicked PAL board. Most of us have given up and stay on the fields, far away from the ivory tower above the concession stand.

    The events of this past year, while at times the discourse was quite ugly, has given us hope that real change might happen before our kids leave the program.

    Funny that you should bring up the Eagles soccer program, as many people have been asking the same questions as of late. I believe they are represented on the board but their registration and fees are handled separately. What does PAL get from them? I understand it is nothing and most of the players are not even from Plantation, which I think there is a rule against. Do they pay for the fields or use them free of charge because they are a part of PAL?

    You may be right, there may be more revealed. I am glad the Mayor had the backbone to stand up to this regime and hope the transition, to whatever it may be, goes smoothly. It was a long time coming.

  41. jack white says:

    the pal board has forgotten that it’s supose to be for the kids not a personal mens club for thier own ego’s

  42. PAL Friend says:

    Interested Resident –
    I do also hope that the PAL members get the improvements they deserve. Especially for the kids!

    I’m pleased that you have noted the diversionary tactics by Bill Bzdek. He has attacked every single people around him and has put blame on the commissioners while refusing to give a yes or not answer to my questions.

    The stolen $100,000 that wasn’t paid in full and under his presidency was removed from the books improperly and how he can justify paying $32,000 to consultants on retainer and have no delivered report that any commissioner or board member knows about. The board members actually said that these two issues were actions taken and approved by Mr. B.

    On more recent activities, again, if you saw the 2008 audit, you would be flabbergasted, especially since you used to head a non-profit organization.

  43. PAL Friend says:

    Everyone, for the sake of fairness, I would like to give my penny’s worth on Eagles soccer.

    I do not know if Eagles soccer is part of PAL, though their website states “with cooperation and sponsorship of Plantation Athletic League.” It does not say affiliated with PAL, but that doesn’t mean it’s not.

    For the year June 30, 2008, Eagles soccer brought in $715,000 and the net loss for the year is $9,000. The loss isn’t necessarily bad. There might have expenses incurred for the next year that will be used in future years. This is overall not bad.

    They spent over $269,000 on coaches and trainers. Of course we don’t know how many trainers and coaches are being paid, so we can’t say that’s bad. This is not PAL policies, I understand, but the governing soccer body. So, the amount isn’t necessarily all bad.

    The joke around commissioners when the question is raised, why are soccer coaches paid, and not the other sports, the answer is “Because soccer is a communist sport.”

    The next biggest expense is tournament fees, $175,000, uniforms $50,978 and dues, $71,000. These all seem reasonable

    I do not find anywhere what the cash balance is, but that’s what we need auditors for. Having a big balance could be misrepresentative since registration fees are received before the season starts.

    I also don’t know what the residency percentages are. That’s a City Council and Eagles issue. Again, there are always justifications and more often than not, they are justified.

    One thing I know is that when the Eagles host tournaments, they bring in teams from all over the country for almost a week. Hotels are booked, groceries and restaurants benefit, etc etc.

    So this is my take on it. The underlying facts I have no knowledge of whatsoever. But again, if we’re thinking of the kids, let’s not jump to conclusions.

  44. PAL Friend says:

    Sorry – Misstatement. The coaches and trainers being paid are in accordance with PAL policies, but they follow the requirements of the governing soccer organization.

    Now I have to qualify my statement. Coaches are required. I don’t know about trainers. But again, trainers are a good thing!

  45. PAL Friend says:

    Jack White – You’re wrong to single the men out! The president of PAL circa 2005 to Sept 2008 was a woman! Equal treatment, please.

  46. Resident and PAL insider says:

    No one knows the Eagles residency vs non-residency percentages. That is part of the informnation that the prior administration refused to give the city. There are very clear residency requirements in the city-PAL contract.

  47. Plantation Mom says:

    I say good for the Mayor. She warned them and they didn’t listen. She stuck to her word. The PAL Board will not pull the wool over any more eyes because they’re done. I’m sure that the commissioners will work with the City and the new program however structured to ensure that the Plantation sports programs continue in a professional, fun and ethical manner. Sounds like we’re heading in the right direction here.

  48. PAL Friend says:

    I’m still waiting for the answers to my over $100,000 and $32,000 questions.

  49. Pal parent, too says:

    PAL friend….. I am afraid you may be waiting a long time. Seems Mr Bzdek has left the room. Guess his contrite appearance before the Council didn’t have the effect he desired ( kind of hard when you have made your hatred and lack of respect for the Mayor, Mrs. Bendeckovic and even poor Mr Tingom so well known)
    I am sure the paper trail has been shredded by now…. It was on the agenda at a past meeting, don’t you know? And the clueless board agreed… Sorry, I mean they are cluless to the the trangressions that have been hidden from them….amazing how info is shared with just a select few. Thanks for all the great info and pressing questions, PAL friend…. You seem to have stumped Mr Bzdek!

  50. Resident and PAL insider says:

    PAL Friend, You are well informed and have been bringing some valuable transgressions to light. Sadly, the things discussed to date in this thread is the tip of the iceberg.
    Hopefully, if it does resurrect from the ashes it will be in a form that serves the kids and not the reckless group of morons on spending spree with other people’s money.

  51. PAL Friend says:

    To everyone – I apologize if I seem to repeat myself and if you all think I’m overextending. It’s just that I’ve read all the Bzdek blogs,

    “I thought I did a good job…..”
    “I am proud of all the volunteers…..”

    Then he attacks everyone… From the mayor to the commissioners and everyone inbetween.

    So when I read the documents and it turns out that much of the problems that we are now uncovering, he had a lot to do with. Well….

    So I check my computer every opportunity to see if I can get the answers to the over $100,000 and $32,000 questions.

  52. PAL Curious says:

    Who were the vendors that PAL used? Was everything bought after competitive bids? The rumor was that kickbacks were involoved. Has Mayor Armstrong looked into that?

  53. football says:

    Will the PAL wildcats football be affected? They are part of PAL and season starts soon?

  54. Resident with suspicions says:

    Pal Curious…That would have beem part of a “forensic” audit. There are three main questions left on the table: the $100,000 question, the $32,000 question and the question why a forensic audit was not done when all of these questions and doubts and suspicions were out there. PAL would have crashed amd burned much sooner and more violently had a forensic audit taken place. It’s still not too late. Are you aware that every PAL member who was asked questions by the auditor, did so ONLY after being served with a subponea bt the Plantation PD? not one came in of their own free will. They all refused until served by the PD.

  55. mustbecrazy says:

    These posts are very enlightening. As each layer of the onion peels away more and more juicy tidbits are revealed. Can’t wait to get the the center of it all. I think despite all of our musings and speculations we will be very surprised by what we hear.

  56. urcrazy says:

    Enlightening, you can’t be serious. The only things that are enlightening are the things that are posted by people that are not afraid to post their name. Anything else you read should be used for entertainment value only.