Plantation General’s Move Challenged In Tally





South Broward’s Memorial Healthcare Systems and Weston’s Cleveland Clinic Hospital filed legal challenges in Tallahassee to block Plantation General Hospital from moving near the campus of Nova Southeaster University.

According to the News Service of Florida, the administrative challenges contend that allowing Plantation General to move from its location just west of U. S. 441 to a new facility in Davie would lead to unnecessary duplication of services, while reducing the number of patients and creating hiring problems at existing hospitals.

The two hospitals are challenging the certificate of need for a new 200-bed hospital tentatively granted last month by the state Agency for Healthcare Administration.

Memorial Heathcare, which is legally known at the taxpayer-assisted South Broward Hospital District, operates five hospitals south of Griffin Road.  Cleveland Clinic runs a Weston hospital.

Plantation General is privately owned by the HCA hospital chain.  Gov. Rick Scott was once chairman of the firm.

The goal Plantation General hopes to accomplish by the move is to expand its patient population, along with emphasizing medical research and education through Nova Southeastern.

The move from a neighborhood containing a substantial number of lower-income minority residents to the more upscale new location is controversial.  The City of Plantation is among those in opposition.



7 Responses to “Plantation General’s Move Challenged In Tally”

  1. Jacob Teal says:

    Idea has been around for years and never got anywhere. I can’t believe even Scott would do it today.

  2. Well Said says:

    White hospital flight……..

  3. Also There says:

    If Plantation General is going to close then Broward Health or one of the Memorial Hospitals should double as as a teaching facility for NOVA medical school. Those hospitals already exist and building a new one is really not necessary.

    Plantation General occupies a location that needs a hospital. If HCA wants to host NOVA’s medical school teaching hospital at a refurbished Plantation General that’s also appropriate. But closing Plantation to build a new hospital at NOVA that overlaps two already functioning hospital systems makes no damned sense.

  4. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Let me not upset anyone who reads this blog or Mr. Nevins or Mr Fields. I will give you an example from Muenchen, or more specifically a suburb of Muenchen that is part of the metropolitian Muenchen bus/subway/trolley system. A business associate of mine had a portfolio of 11 buildings in various suburbs and within the City limits when there was a real estate crash. He had to re-finance and was in such a bad condition he was bailed out by a wealthy college roommate who gave him “when the market turns around” loan. He recovered and by 2006 or 2007 was “back in the game” and growing.
    Two of the 11 buildings were in sections of suburbs with large Turkish populations. No matter how strong the Muenchen real estate market, these two relatively new buildings, mixed use, could never be made to pay because good retailers and tenants would not move into a neighbor that had gone “Turkish”. And my “Turkish” I mean securlar non-Arab Moslem, but a population whose women wear veils, whose men including school children speak their own dialect of German when they speak, and who rarely if ever go on to college or University studies. Germans, Italians who live in Germany, any European or wealthy Arab family will not live in such areas, where, yes, drugs are sold and there is a high crime rate.
    I assume only the death, dumb, and blind or MS-NBC viewers get the point. No one, ANYWHERE wants to invest or live in slum, poverty, poor people’s neighborhoods. It is not a Black vs White issue, it is not a Christian vs Moslem issue (there were foreign and upper income Moslem tenants in other buildings, commercial and residential) it is a wealthy and middle class vs poor people’s issue.
    Does anyone who complains a hospital wants to “dump a poor minority area” really, really think anyone should be burdened with the problems of poor people who don’t pay hospital bills!!!!!!! I mean if you only have enough to eat and pay the rent, how can you pay a huge hospital bill with the best of intentions????
    And, yes, how many White middle class families, and I mean my fellow Jewish Democrats, live in all White neighborhoods because they don’t want their children in the Black-dominated public schools in Fort Lauderdale and then blog here about this hospital leaving Plantation? Yes, Messrs Nevins and Fields, where do YOUR GRANDCHILDREN GO TO SCHOOL? Do they attend intregrated public schools? or perhaps they go to, say, Parkland? private schools? White Liberals, especially my fellow Democratic Jews, are totally hypocritical about “White Flight”, even when it applies to Hospitals (yeh, does Mt. Sinai on Miami Beach, which is PROFITABLE even open a money-losing clinic in poor Cuban-American areas or Black areas of Miami-Dade County? As a White Jewish resident of a majority Black neighborhood I am disgusted with the phoney “liberalism” of both the old LEFT and the new LEFT.

  5. Truth Still Matters says:

    It’s official. Count Chocula has flipped his lid.

  6. Broward Voter says:

    Hey ‘Count,’

    Majority black neighborhood? You don’t live on South Beach anymore?

  7. Skippy says:

    Part of a larger issue. Go to, store locator portion of the website. How many Publix stores are in the middle of the county?

    I’m sure Dale Holness will do for the center of the county what he did for Lauderhill.


    The reason: A lot of retail goes where residents have more disposable income.