Plantation Candidate Once Involved In National Controversy


And you thought the elections were over.

There are three candidates already running for mayor of Plantation in next March’s election.  Only one of the three has played on the national political stage.

Businessman R. Warren Meddoff is the dark horse in the Plantation race.  He is running against veteran City Council members Jerry Fadgen and Diane Veltri-Bendekovic.

Thirteen years ago, Meddoff was all over the national media because of alleged discussions involving a $55 million donation to the Democratic Party and then a demand to shred a document related to the donations.

The U. S. Senate Government Affairs Committee held hearings in 1997 after Meddoff made his claim to the media, according to newspaper reports at the time.

Here is an excerpt from the Washington Post, September 20, 1997:

“A bizarre story involving a shadowy Texas businessman, an offer to donate up to $55 million to the Democratic Party and an alleged request to shred a White House document unfolded yesterday before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, where it was greeted with incredulity and growing hostility by most committee Democrats.

The allegations, which he made earlier this year to news organizations, were related by R. Warren Meddoff, who last July was fired from his job with the U.S. subsidiary of a Danish vehicle and parts supply firm.

According to Meddoff, he approached President Clinton at a October 1996 fund-raising dinner in Florida and gave him a business card saying that he had “an associate” who was interested in donating $5 million to the president’s campaign.

The “associate” was William R. Morgan of Richardson, Tex., a Dallas suburb. Meddoff said Morgan also was prepared to contribute another $5 million a month for 10 months to the Democratic Party in a “tax favorable” way that would eliminate any tax liability on a business deal he hoped to close around then.

Meddoff said his encounter with Clinton soon led to his being contacted by then-White House deputy chief of staff Harold Ickes, who on Oct. 31, 1996, faxed a memo to Meddoff from the White House asking him to contribute more than $1 million to the Democratic National Committee and three other Democratic-affiliated, tax-exempt organizations. Shortly thereafter, Meddoff said, Ickes asked him to shred the memo. Ickes has denied making the shredding request.”

Committee Democrats reacted to Meddoff’s charges with an attack on his credibility and by raising questions about the mysterious Morgan. But one Democrat, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.), said the Ickes memo was “outrageous.”

“You’re telling a story which, if true, is hair-raising,” Lieberman said. “This is on its face possibly a violation of the law. It amounted to a conscious attempt to circumvent what people are allowed to contribute to campaigns. This document alone, whether anyone asked you to shred it or not, ought to outrage us.”

The article goes on to detail how some Democrats on the committee didn’t believe Meddoff.

Sen. Robert G. Torricelli (D-N.J.) produced an e-mail message that Medoff sent earlier this month to Christian Haar, chief executive officer of Bukkehave Inc., his former employer. ‘Tomorrow you and your company will come under international scrutiny and scorn,’ the message said. ‘Prepare to face the [w]rath of an entire country foreigner.’

‘This appears to be an attempt at extortion of a former employer,’ Torricelli told Meddoff.

I asked Meddoff about the incident.

“I do not believe, unfortunately, that the events of my meetings with President Clinton and subsequent events will be a factor.  It is my hope that either my opponents or the media bring it up, in order that I may present facts, not inuendo, and political spin,  he e-mailed me.

When asked why he was qualified to be mayor, he answered like this:


Definition for qualified:
  Meeting the proper standards, requirements and training for an office, position or task.

Graduate Federal Aviation Administration Academy Certified Journeyman Air Traffic Controller – Air traffic controllers are generally individuals who are well organized, are quick with numeric computations and mathematics, have assertive and firm decision making skills, and possess excellent short-term memory and visual memory abilities. In addition, studies have shown that air traffic controllers generally have a degree of situational awareness that is much higher than the average population. Excellent hearing and speaking skills are a requirement, and trained undergo rigid physical and psychological testing. In addition they are generally assertive but calm under pressure, and they are able to follow and apply rules yet be flexible when necessary. Air traffic controllers must maintain some of the strictest medical and mental requirements for any profession. Teamwork plays a major role in a controller’s job.  They are formally trained in crisis and emergency management.

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If you’re are a voter, you’ll be deciding whether Warren Meddoff is qualified.  I already know that a race involving Warren Meddoff will be interesting.  

19 Responses to “Plantation Candidate Once Involved In National Controversy”

  1. No Nonsense says:

    Does he spell it Madoff or Medoff?

    FROM BUDDY: His name is R. Warren Meddoff.

  2. plantation resident says:

    He has been filing bogus ethics and elections complaints against other candidates to get publicity.

  3. Broward Lawyer says:

    Ain’t voting for him.

  4. Plantation Working Mom says:

    Plantation needs a candidate like Mike Ryan and nobody running so far is it. Come on Plantation residents, if our neighbor Sunrise was able to do it, why can’t we?

    Instead, this is what we have? What a joke!

  5. R. Warren Meddoff says:

    Former Senator Robert Torricelli withdrew from re-election campaign in disgrace after it was shown he accepted illegal campaign donations from foreign entities.

    The Florida Ethics Commission has found probable cause to formally investigate ethics and elections complaints against one of my opponents.

    The Sprecial Prosecution Unit of the Office of the State Attorney is conducting a criminal investigation of one of my opponents.

    If the claims filed were bogus, why have the parties being investigated hired criminal defense attornies?

  6. Another resident says:

    Don’t most resumes includes names, dates, places etc.?

  7. Not Qualified says:

    He is not qualified to run a business like Plantation government. Meddoff is a joke.

  8. Plantation Truth says:

    Despite what Meddoff writes above, the Florida Ethics Commission has made no finding of probably cause in his complaint. He is not telling the truth.

    The State Attorney’s Office is not conducting a real, comprehensive investigation into his complaint. Prove what you write, Mr. Meddoff. Your history already shows that you are willing to say anything to get your name publicized.

  9. broward business guy says:

    This guy is a bad actor. He acts like he actually had “meetings” with Clinton. He is trying to create the impression that the job requirements he lists are his actual qualifications. Their is no proof he ever had any of the jobs he claims to have had. Actually, if he had been successfully invoved in all of these industries, he would have listed the companies, time frames, responsibilities, and achievments. Their is no proof he was affiliated with big time campaign donors. If he was involved in all of the ventures he claims, maybe he could provide you with a few references from legitimate local business people. My guess is the more exposure this guy gets, the more ridiculous he will look. Pathological liars are so prevelent in South Florida we might as well brand them with our own logos. R. Warren, you are so full of crap. Please go get some therapy, and stay out of public service.

  10. Hopeful Voter says:

    Hiring an attorney does not indicate guilt,as Mr Meddof insinuates. In fact, given the personal attacks and outrageous allegations he has made on other sites, it would seem the prudent thing to do ( I might even suggest the individual hire police protection, as he appears quite unstable).
    Hopefully, the voters will do their research-there is lots to dig up in Mr Meddoff’s past, all readily available on the internet.

    I am hopeful that the REAL candidates, Jerry and Diane, will run on their accomplishments and clearly present their ideas on how to take our city forward. Steer clear of the mudslinging,guys, because the voters are sick of it!

  11. R. Warren Meddoff says:

    The Plantation attack maching is geared up! Great! The next methodology used is to “quote” this article and comments and mail anonymously to select individuals. I intend to bring my opponents voting record to the voters. They both have voted for higher taxes, increased pay and pensions for city employees at a time of plunging property values and unprecidented economic hardship in South Florida. Plantation Truth is a known liar and compaign supporter of Jerry Fadgen.

  12. Diane V B says:

    I am qualified to be Mayor, my daddy was the Mayor, that’s all I need. Stupid voters!

  13. Councilman Bob says:

    I serve with both Diane and Jerry. We do anything the Mayor or Don tells us to do. As long as we get our little white envelopes each week we will continue to do what we are told.

  14. Diane for Mayor says:

    My mentor, Mayor Armstrong, has taught me how to steal better than my Daddy did.

  15. R. Warren Meddoff says:

    State investigating Plantation official’s campaign conduct
    By Lisa J. Huriash, Sun Sentinel
    6:04 p.m. EST, November 17, 2010

    Enough of the Plantation Political Machine attacks. This election, the voters will get a fair chance to decide who is best. Dirty Tricks, You will go to jail!

  16. Planation Truth says:

    Mr. Meddoff should know about investigations because he has been the subject of many of them as the election will bring out. He left out the following from the Sun-Sentinel story.

    ” The commission’s actions become public when they are concluded, or upon a finding of probable cause that the accusation is legitimate.”


  17. Diane for mayor says:

    Warren’s NFA Experience

    NFA 04BCC00015
    • SALES PRACTICE 11/07/2006
    • FINE $1000


    FROM BUDDY: I assume this purports to be a copy of a report from the National Futures Association.

  18. FedUp says:

    Being a resident of Plantation I have been wondering when the day would come that the Feds, someone, anyone would show up on the steps of city hall to begin investigating
    all the bullcrap that goes on here. Our elected officials think we are a bunch of stupid sheep and that they are pulling our own wool over our eyes. And maybe they are right in some respects because stupid sheep are voting them in year after year. Ever wonder why the elections are in March and not November? Wake up Plantation – we have been lead down the rose colored path for years. The DVB “investigation” may only be about campaign ethics, but maybe it is the catalyst to open the flood gates so to speak. Meddoff seems to be a nutjob, but a nutjob who makes a lot of valid points when he can actually get out of his own way. DVB and JF are both jokes. Our fair city is doomed if this is all we hae to choose from.

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