Plantation Candidate Covers Up Archbishop’s Name On Signs


Plantation candidate for mayor Warren Meddoff has covered up the Archbishop’s name on his campaign signs, heading off an election law complaint against him by the Archdiocese.

“We’ve reached a pastoral agreement, said Mary Ross Agosta, spokeswoman for the Archdiocese.

Warren Meddoff

Agosta said earlier in the week that the Archdiocese was on the verge of filing an election law complaint against Meddoff for the unlawful use of Archbishop Thomas Wenski’s name in his political ads.  My original post is here.

Agosta said no complaint will be filed.

Meddoff  contacted the Archdiocese and reached an agreement with them shortly after’s first story on the issue. He wrote me several long e-mails about the situation, but requested they be kept private.

The signs appear to have tape over Wenski’s name to obscure it.  All that can be seen is a quote from the Archbishop: “Combat the Forces of Evil.”

Meddoff is in a three-way race for mayor.  Long-time Commissioners Diane Veltri Bendekovic and Jerry Fadgen are the other candidate.

8 Responses to “Plantation Candidate Covers Up Archbishop’s Name On Signs”

  1. Resident says:

    It’s a two way race between Jerry and Diane anyhow.

  2. Tommie Plantation says:

    Broward Beat did Plantation a service by getting Meddoff to play by the rules. Religion has no place in a city campaign.

  3. Plantation Voter says:

    I think Meddoff comes across as a very reasonable man. Once a mistake was pointed out, he corrected it. Despite was “Resident” says, it is a three-way race.

  4. Seen it All says:

    Tommy Plantation,
    Thanks for pointing out that Rabbi Harr should not be running for council. There is no place in politics for an active Rabbi that has by Jewish Law pledged his loyalties to the members of his Temple over the rest of the residents of Plantation.
    It is also very wrong that Harr publicly condems inter-faith relationships. Harr stated that Jews should only marry Jews.
    Add to that, Harr’s involvement with Cowan and Armstrong, and you can see what a terrible choice Harr would be.

  5. shinninglight says:

    tommy plantation You are of course wrong about Harr making such statements.why don’t you provide evidence when you make such absurd statements.Perhaps you just can,t stand to see honest people put themselves out there for public service . shinninglight

  6. seen it all says:

    Here you go Shinninglight,
    Here is a link to show what an idiot you are.

    Read it; I will be expecting your appology

  7. So Nixonian says:

    seen it all
    I would like to send you a monogrammed white sheet and hood regarding you comments above. How sad for you that you define someone by their religious beliefs rather than their accomplishments.

  8. Seen it All says:

    Yoy better send that white sheet and hood to Sheldon Harr. He is the racist here not me. Harr is the one who said only Jews for Jews.