Who Dis Guy? Frm Soviet Prez Mikhail Gorbachev’s Weird Pix With Broward Commish Mark Bogen





Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev has met just about everybody who is anybody in his 86 years.

The Nobel Peace Prize winner has greeted a couple of Popes, the Delai Lama, movie stars and even Donald Trump.  He has shaken hands with Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela. 

And now Broward County Commissioner Mark Bogen. 

Bogen was in Moscow with his family, where he had a one-hour meeting with Gorbachev, who helped end the Cold War with Reagan.

The two “discussed issues and the activities of the Mikhail Gorbachev Foundation,” according to a county news release.  Bogen gave Gorbachev a key to the county.

The trip, financed by Bogen, was discussed at today’s commission meeting.

Check out this weird picture. Am I the only one who imagines that after the meeting, Gorbachev grilled his aide, “Who was that guy and why was I meeting him?”

Here is a younger Gorbachev enthused to shake hands with Reagan:


7 Responses to “Who Dis Guy? Frm Soviet Prez Mikhail Gorbachev’s Weird Pix With Broward Commish Mark Bogen”

  1. Communist Con says:

    Wasn’t this taken at Communist Con, the knock off version of Comic Con?

    Pictures with Gorbachev for $49.95, personalization with autograph 10 bucks extra?

    I hear you can get your picture with Brezhnev eyebrows for $19.95

  2. Too Funny ! says:

    The Russians are coming. I think the President was in collusion with the Commissioner or Commies??

  3. Ha Ha Ha says:

    In this photograph, Mikhail Gorbachev sits beneath a painting of his wife, Raisa, who in 1999 lost her battle with cancer.

    On 16 June 2009, Gorbachev announced that he had recorded an album of old Russian romantic ballads entitled Songs for Raisa to raise money for a charity dedicated to his late wife. On the album, he sings the songs himself accompanied by Russian musician Andrei Makarevich. … On 7 June 2010, Gorbachev gave an interview before “almost an annual pilgrimage” to London for a summer gala to raise money for the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation, which funds cancer care for children. The clinic in St. Petersburg can house 80 child patients. From the interview: “Her death, after several years of ill-health, left Gorbachev bereft. He lives in Moscow, has not remarried and finds solace with his daughter and grand-daughters. He would not be coaxed to talk about Raisa, except fleetingly in the context of the charity.”

  4. Charlotte Greenbarg says:

    What’s thevMG Foundation about and why is Bogen connected with It?

    Photo s hilarious

  5. Old Timer says:

    If we grant him immunity, will he tell us why he is there?

  6. city activist robert walsh says:

    Travel ,travel ,travel w/ these commissioners. I used to pull their travel(hotel, dine, car etc) and it was always a big hit. Also staff pay. Anyhow as long as the residents did not pay for Comm.Bogen, fine. If he used campaign monies are his donors aware of this. I mean what was the big concern w/ Gorbachev. Must be almost 100 yrs.old. I mean me, i would want to meet the Pope, the Dali Lama etc. Gorby would be last on my list. I just want to go on my cruise to Corsica…Ok so he went to Russia and you people that gave him money for his election footed the bill. I mean who else paid,certainly not Johnny Bench here…

    FROM BUDDY: The Commissioner paid for the trip himself.

  7. City Activist Robert Walsh says:

    Ok,so Comm.Bogen paid for the trip out of his own pocket.Bravo. Sorry for being suspect. Honestly,this trip was none of anybody’s business. Although i.m sure Mr.Bogen released the pic. As long as these county residents didn’t pay for him to “bs” w/ Gorbochev. Who cares. What concerns is the photo op. w/ Comm.Lamarca(thanks for your help) and Mayor Seiler(thank you for all u did for Alzheimer’s awareness). That being stated(i have a history w/ alot of these elected officals,the public shoul dbe made aware of that). W/ them both in DC(im sure we paid for hotel,car,flight,dine) meeting w/ Sen.Rubio concerning building new federal courthouse to replace the one thats there on Broward. Why should Ft>lau, residents pay one dime for a new court house. These residents will never utilize that federal courthouse. Never. Let the Feds pay for a new court house not on th ebacks of these residents. Both county and Ft>au(one in the same). No way. Yet again travel,travel, travel. We pay for it. Let The Feds pay. So they go up there,on our dime(there not stayin at Motel 6(nor should they)but come on. The residents would never go in to that building. Would Mayor Seiler all day long(the family shoul dnot get one dime from the pitche’s estate(they were all drunk and high on coke(yes). So i guess Mayor Seiler ‘s legal society etc is pressuring him to tell you Rubio good old ft.lau will contribute big bucks(oh no we won’t). Thi sis the travel stories i would like to see ,not Comm.Bogen bS w/ Gorbechev ,which he paid for the trip….As far as DC we paid for Lamarca and Seiler to go to DC….